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Pillars of Eternity Online Walkthrough by David Milward

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World Map

World Map

Clicking on the map above will open a larger version of the map without numbering, and in a seperate tab.

  1. Cilant Lis The party will emerge from here after having gone through the Ruins of Cilant Lis.

  2. Valewood

  3. The town of Gilded Vale. Points of interest in the town include the Black Hammer Smithy, the Black Hound Inn and the Temple of Eothas.

  4. Esternwood

  5. Raedric's Hold. The Hold itself also includes the inner Keep, the Dungeons and the Sanctuary.

  6. Magran's Fork

  7. Anslog's Compass

  8. Black Meadow

  9. Madhmr Bridge

  10. I actually have two seperate sections for Caed Nua. One is for when you first come upon Caed Nua as an abandoned ruin and must reclaim it from the enemies within. The other section is afterwards when Caed Nua has become your stronghold.

  11. I do not have a page devoted to Yenwood Field as an area. It is simply the site of The Battle of Yenwood Field, a quest in which you must defend your claim to your stronghold against a rival Lord.

  12. Dyrford Village. One point of interest is the Dracogen Inn. It provides access to the Dyrford Ruins through Tyrgil's Curriery.

  13. Dyrford Crossing. The area also has entrances to the Grisly Cave and the Dyrford Ruins.

  14. Cliaban Rilag

  15. Woodend Plains

  16. Aedelwan Bridge

  17. Copperlane. Crossing the bridge and entering this district markes the start of Act 2.

    Points of interest include Admeth's Den, the Goose and Fox, the Hall of Revealed Mysteries, Lumdala's House, Purnisc's House, the Scriveners' Dormitory, and the Thieves' Hideout.

    It also provides access to the Copperlane Catacombs, which in turn provides access to the Temple of Woedica.

  18. First Fires. Points of interest include the Crucible Keep, the Ducal Palace, and the Vailian Embassy.

  19. Brackenbury. Points of interest include Hadret House, House Doemenel, Reymont Manor, the Sanitarium and the Charred Barrel.

  20. Ondra's Gift. Points of interest include the Salty Mast and the Lighthouse Ruin.

  21. Heritage Hill. Points of interest include the Heritage Hill Tower, Icantha's House, and the Valtas Manor.

  22. Searing Falls, which also provides access to the Searing Falls Cave.

  23. Pearlwood Bluff, which provides acces to the Pearlwood Bluff Cave.

  24. Stormwall Gorge. This area cannot be fully explored until Act 3 has started. Act 3 starts once you have made enough progress with the main storyline in Defiance Bay, which means the southern portions of the Gorge will no longer be flooded, and that in turn means you can start to explore the areas of Twin Elms.

    The Gorge also provides access to the ruins of Lle a Rhemen.

  25. Elmshore, which provides access to the Ogre Cave.

  26. Hearthsong. Points of interest include the Celestial Sapling, the Market, and the Passage of Six.

  27. Elm's Reach. Points of interest include Teir Evron and the Blood Sands.

  28. Oldsong. Points of interest include Galawain's Maw and Noonfrost.

    It is also from here that you can take a ship across to the Burial Isle.

  29. Northweald

  30. Temple of Hylea

  31. Burial Isle. Descending down a certain pit on this isle marks the start of the final act of the game, and access to the last two areas of the game, Breith Eaman and Sun in Shadow.

  32. Cragholdt Bluffs, which provides acces to the fortress of Cragholdt.

    These areas will not be available until Part 1 of the White March Expansion is installed. Also, your party needs to be high-level to have any chance of success here.

  33. Mowrghek Ien. This area will not be available until you have made enough progress during Part 2 of the White March expansion.

  34. Clicking on this point will provide access to the White March Map.

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