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The book ordering process at all the Amazon stores via Sorcerer's Place is simple. If you would like to order a single title, simply click on the appropriate link next to the book cover and you will be taken to Amazon's website where you can find more details about that book and place your order.

In case you want to order more than one book, simply click on the links at Sorcerer's Place in the same way as if you were ordering only one book. All Amazon's pages will open in a new window where you can choose to add the book to your cart. Amazon will store in memory any books you have selected in this way, so you can close the window once you have put a book in the cart and your order will not be lost. After you are done adding all the books to your cart, simply proceed to check out.

Buying anything through the Amazon links on Sorcerer's Place won't raise the price of the item(s) at all. It is the same as if you would order through any "official" Amazon page, only more convenient for you. Needless to say, you also help us this way at no additional cost to yourself!

If you would like to purchase anything that is not listed at Sorcerer's Place, but still give a bit of credit to us, simply click on the appropriate Amazon button above. Doing this will open a new window to the front page of the Amazon store and your shopping experience will be identical as if you had loaded Amazon's homepage, except that now the purchase you make will bring us a small commission.

By buying any books, games, DVDs or anything else (via the Amazon banners or buttons) at Sorcerer's Place, you help us keep the website up & running. Thank you for your support!

NOTE: Certain books might not be available at all of the Amazon stores. This is usually the case with books that haven't been reprinted in a couple of years, and books with a small number of copies printed. We regularly update these pages so check back from time to time to see if the book has become available since your last visit.
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