Infinity Engine Modding
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Newer Tools, Miscellaneous Utilities & Information

Infinity Explorer v0.8pre by Dmitry Jemerov [Official Site - More Info & Support] 604kb Download
Infinity Explorer is a game data browser for games built with the BioWare Infinity Engine, letting you take a look at the innards of the games' building blocks.
Near Infinity v1.32.1 beta 24 by Jon Olav Hauglid [Official Site - More Info & Support] 1.1MB Download

Near Infinity is a combined browser and editor for games based on BioWare's Infinity Engine. It supports both Baldur's Gate 1 & 2, Icewind Dale 1 & 2 and Planescape: Torment as well as the official expansion packs. Limited support for Neverwinter Nights and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is also included. The latest beta listed here has proven more stable (and has more features) than the previous full release.

NOTE: You need Java installed to start Near Infinity. To download and install Java, go to, and click "Get It Now". This site can also be used to check if you have the latest version of Java installed.

WeiDU v185 by Westley Weimer [Official Site - More Info & Support] 868kb Download
WeiDU is a dialogue compiler, string patcher and script and text file extender for Infinity Engine games. It is available (source code and all) under the GPL. It was used it to create the Solaufein mod and all the other WeiDU mods). It is quite useful for serious mod and translation efforts.
IESDP 1.4MB View (Ext.)
The IESDP (Infinity Engine Structures Description Project) is an effort to research the workings of the Bioware Infinity Engine, and act as a collective resource for those interested in such workings. Its goals are to provide all possible information and assistance for add-on /add-in/ Total Conversions authors/developers and editors that use Infinity Engine as the base, to provide information and assistance for tools programmers, and to research requested information.
GemRB: Infinity Engine Emulator 1.3MB View (Ext.)
An open source reimplementation of the Infinity Engine created by Bioware. GemRB is capable of running the original games based on IE, including their mods, as well as running customised engine variations and brand new game content. GemRB is basically a port of the original Infinity Engine to Linux/Unix, MacOs X and Windows with some enhancements.
DLTCEP by Avenger [Official Site - More Info & Support] 973kb Download
The DragonLance Total Conversion Editor Pro (DLTCEP) is an unofficial game file editor/checker/browser for Infinity Engine games.
  • Can remove or extract files from .SAV (savegame) archives. Good if you changed an area you already visited and don't want to restart.
  • Can import and export TBG and IAP files
  • Item, spell, EFF, and creature editing, with up-to-date effect descriptions.
  • Dialog editing, with an additional WeiDU interface (WeiDU must be downloaded separately). Contains syntax checker and scripting help.
  • Script editing, using WeiDU as a compiler. Contains syntax checker and scripting help.
  • Graphical area editing
  • Table-style 2DA editor
  • Allows BAM, MOS and TIS files to be displayed. It can create them from BMP files. For truecolor BMP's it uses a fast octree color reduction.
  • VAR editing for Torment, and able to simulate this file's effects for other games
  • A complete dialog.tlk editor
  • Additional editing support for GAM, IDS, MUS, PRO, STO, VVC, WMP and CHU
  • Searching of ARE, CRE, DLG, EFF, ITM, PRO, BCS, SPL, STO, VVC,  and CHU by fields such as resource, race, class, and so on, as appropriate
  • Advanced file checking of the following fileformats: ARE, BAM, CRE, DLG, EFF, GAM, ITM, PRO, BCS, SPL, STO, 2DA, VVC, WMP, CHU
  • BIF extraction and searching capability, and support for decompressing BIFs, CBFs and SAVs
  • Sound conversion: WAVC to WAV, WAV to WAVC, ACM to WAV, WAV to ACM
  • Special CFB file format for adding casting effects to spells
IELister by Avenger [Official Site - More Info & Support] 65kb Download
An Infinity Engine filetype lister plugin written for Total Commander. It currently lists item, spell, store, creature, user interface, effect, videocell, area, dialog, game and projectile files of all Infinity Engine variations.
Acm2wav Converter by Abel 23kb Download
A tool to convert ACM music files from Fallout 1 and 2 (as well as all the Infinity Engine games) to waveform-audio format (WAV).
Infinity Engine Savegame Editor 345kb Download
An editor for the BioWare Infinity Engine savegames. This tool supports Baldur's Gate I & II (addons included), Planescape: Torment and Icewind Dale I + expansions. Mods are also supported to an extent. Complete character sheet and extra savegame information (diary and game variables) editing is supported, as well as the ability to edit non-player characters (NPCs) and to switch NPCs to PCs and vice versa.
NOTE: The original website has gone down in 2008; we are now providing a mirror.
Cromwell's Smithy by Mindflayer (Submitted) 1.4MB Download
This utility allows the user to quickly create items of all kinds for Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn, and its add-on Throne of Bhaal. It includes a nice skin, a wizard, which allows loading existing templates from all weapon categories, armor and ammunition, a completely revised version of .dat files, used for effect descriptions (thanks to IgiTeamBG) and much more. Extraction from in-game files and bam viewing support are present as well. (VB 6 package required!)

TeamBG Tools & Utilities

NOTE: All files listed below were created by members of the now-defunct TeamBG. Descriptions of some of the tools courtesy of Clan DLAN.

TeamBG VB6 Package 1.9MB Download
DLL and OCX files required for the utilities written in VB6. You will need to download and install this before you can use any of the utilities made with VB6.
EFFMaker v1.5 by Maltanar 382kb Download
EFFMaker is a tool for creating or editing Infinity Engine Effect files, or EFF files for short, which can be called from spells or items. EFFMaker is written in Microsoft Visual Basic 6, and it needs the TeamBG Standard VB6 Runtimes to run. EFFMaker is designed to be used with Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn or Throne of Bhaal, but should be compatible with any Infinity Engine game using EFF files.
IETMC (Infinity Engine TBG Mass Converter) v1.0.1 by Todd 163kb Download
A mass conversion tool to be used with Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn or Throne of Bhaal.
IEEP (IE Editor Pro) v109 Build 40 by Todd 2.3MB Download
Combines store, item and spell making and still has its uses for those new to IE modding since it has a user friendly GUI. Also required to install many older mods.
IETME (IE Tileset Map Editor) v2.2.2 by Theo 1.4MB Download
A tileset-based area map editor. This program allows full area editing, including doors and overlays. Newer features include zooming, cloning (including walls) and multiple tile editing for the map editor. There's also a new tutorial included in the package.
WinBiff v1.2.2 by Theo 578kb Download
This tool allows for extraction from biff files or making new biff files and has been tested with BG2, BG1 and IWD (it should also work for PST). Using this program for anything other than extracting data files from biff files is an advanced activity and you should be sure to make backups before trying. The biff creation and editing functionality is meant for MODs and NOT item packs or other minor downloads (as there still needs to be a way for people to get texts... thus use TBG and IAP files for this still). Now you can add replacement files in new BIF's as well as extract from CBF or BFC files. Additionally there is a BIF sharing file format that can be distributed with a new BIF to allow another user to use WinBiff to import the new BIF index data into their KEY file.
IAP SFX Creator v1.1 by Theo 62kb Download
This utility allows you to create normal IAP's as well as self-extracting IAP's. IAP's can be loaded or created from scratch and can then be converted to a self-extracting archive. There's no need for another program anymore to import them into a game install. Everything needed will be done by the SFX program.
Infinity Dialog Workshop v1.1 by Theo 79kb Download
With this program you can create dialogs for use in the Infinity Engine games. Using a multiple document interface, more dialogs can be edited at once, which makes it for example very easy to create links to other dialogs files which is used for dialogs with multiple persons.
VVC Utility by Daxziz 264kb Download
This is a tool for editing VVC files for BG2, the files necessary for larger spell animations and looping animations.
BamWorkshop II by Andrew Bridges 1.8MB Download
Graphics editor designed to handle Infinity Engine BAM files. It comes with a wide variety of advanced tools (e.g. magic wand selection and clone brush), combined with features such as the BAM previewer as well as the various frame/sequence management facilities such as importing and exporting to BMPs, PNGs etc.
BamWorkshop I by Glenn Flansburg 1.4MB Download
Graphics editor designed to handle Infinity Engine BAM files. It can create BAM sequences based on many different image types and allows to make changes using various tools like pencil and text tools. With the included preview mode you can check your BAM animations without having to put them in the game.
MOS Utility v1.0.0.1 1MB Download
A simple to use utility to load and save many graphical filetypes, including MOS.
MOS Workshop v1007 1.2MB Download
Utility alike to BAMWorkshop, but for MOS files. Loads and saves many graphical formats including MOS and has a wide variety of tools for making adjustments, like a pencil and an airbrush.
KitEditor v1.5B1 367kb Download
A tool for creating and editing kits. It can also import and export kits.
BG2KitCreator v1.0.0.3 1.6MB Download
A tool for creating Baldur's Gate 2 kits.
2DAEditor v1.1 269kb Download
An intuitive editor for 2da (2-dimensional array) files. This editor makes it easy to edit 2da files with a user friendly interface.
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