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Baldurdash Bugfixes by Kevin Dorner Varies Download below

Baldur's Gate and its Tales of the Sword Coast expansion may be a lifetime old in software years, but this immortal classic resurrected the CRPG from oblivion, and still captivates thousands of fans worldwide. Since its final patch is long-ago released, these fixes are intended to resolve issues that were missed by it. All files have been thoroughly tested; some the author has played completely through the game with just to ensure they worked and didn't cause further problems. Other than the Game Text update, all the fixes may be installed with or without the Tales of the Sword Coast Expansion present. Please make sure to read the ReadMe files included with all of these archives!

Baldur's Gate/Tales Of The Sword Coast English-Language Game Text Update v1.1 (2001 - July - 07) vastly improves all the game text: gives hints to hidden outdoor objects in the game that were nearly impossible to find without spoilers, corrects the effects and descriptions of many items, provides greater consistency in many elements and corrects hundreds of typos/grammatical/punctuation errors. Self-installing, 1.11MB. Do not install this update if you have TeamBG's Dark Side Of The Sword Coast MOD expansion installed.

Baldur's Gate English-Language Game Text Update v1.0 (2001 - July - 07) is exactly as above, but for those who haven't installed the Tales Of The Sword Coast expansion. Self-installing, 1.03MB. Do not install this update if you have TeamBG's Dark Side Of The Sword Coast MOD expansion installed.

FixPack v1.1 (2001 - July - 07) contains all of the fixes from the Baldurdash website in a self-installing executable that will find your Baldur's Gate Override folder. This will be updated as the author creates more fixes. 105KB. (Note that only one of the files fixed: TRAPDIS.BCS, was changed by the patch. It will be backed up to the main BG folder, but if other files happen to be present in the Override folder they will be overwritten. This is the same thing the patch does.) This update may be installed with or without the Tales Of The Sword Coast expansion present. It hasn't been tested with TeamBG's Dark Side Of The Sword Coast unofficial expansion, but the author sees no reason why it shouldn't work properly with it.

NOTE: All of the fixes included in the FixPack are also available as individual archive downloads on this page at Baldurdash.

Felinoid's BG1 NPC Remix Pack (Submitted) 13kb Download
-Alora: Thieving proficiencies evenly distributed, missing weapon proficiencies restored.
-Branwen: Now her level 5 version has the Spiked Weapon proficiency that it should.
-Coran: Adjusted thief skills to be more appropriate to his profession as an adventurer (first ten points into stealth, rest into OL and DT).
-Imoen: Adjusted thief skills to be more appropriate to her sheltered upbringing in Candlekeep (PP and OL with minor emphasis on stealth).
-Quayle: His level 4/3 version now has Blunt Weapons like it's supposed to instead of Large Sword.
-Safana: Adjusted thief skills to be more appropriate to her profession as an [weaker] adventurer (evenly distributed between OL, DT, and stealth). Also, you have your pick of third proficiency for her to replace the erroneous Spear proficiency she gets. Bow is default, with Large Sword and Blunt Weapons variants being in labeled folders (or paths, if you're still using WinZip). Just make sure that the ones (4 & 6) that you want end up directly in the override folder. Anything in deeper folders gets ignored.
-Skie: Adjusted thief skills to be more appropriate to her "profession" of sneaking out of the house (everything in OL and stealth).
-Tiax: Adjusted thief skills to be more appropriate to his profession as future god (first five points in stealth because 15% is just ridiculous, and everything else in OL and DT).
No Wear Limitations Mod by Daephon (Submitted) 1kb Download
This little file will allow you to wear magical armor, cloaks, necklaces and rings at the same time. It makes the game easier.
Filipe_FR’s All NPCs at the Beginning 812kb Download
This mod changes the location of most of the NPCs so that you can recruit them at the beginning of the game. Included in the download are the BG/TotSC and DSotSC versions of the mod, as well as a readme with screenshots of the new NPC locations.
The Vault Item Pack 379kb Download (Ext.)
These new and improved items will be distributed in the various encounters in Baldur's Gate: Tales of the Sword Coast. Take note, however, that these groovy new items, being in the possession of the enemies, will tend to make the game significantly harder.
The Fields of the Dead by Echon 11MB Download (Ext.)

The primary aim of this mod is to correct as many aspects of the game as possible according to AD&D 2E rules. This affects the NPCs, creatures, items, spells and rules of the game. The AI of the entire game has been given a massive overhaul in order to increase the difficulty. Specifically, enemy NPCs use unique scripts instead a few shared scripts. As the XP cap has been raised, a couple of fights towards the end of the game have been made harder to provide a challenge for the party. This mod also features new content in addition to changes to the existing game. New spells for wizards and priests, new magical and mundane items, and new creatures are all fully integrated into the game. The enemies you meet will make use of the new spells and items and you should expect to encounter new creatures in the existing areas.

Although the quests and the plot of the game remain the same the environment has undergone some changes to prevent metagaming. Expect traps to be relocated, new traps where none were before, magical items to appear in different parts of the game and so forth. Finally, the mod adds a new area to the worldmap. It can be visited at any time like the other wilderness areas but is geared towards an experienced party. You should expect a challenge.

BG1 Slime Quest by jastey 533kb Download (Ext.)
This a mini-mod for BG1 and BG1Tutu, adding approx. 10 min of gameplay. The mod adds a quest located in Beregost. If you pass one of the houses in the north-west, a woman dressed in red should approach you. There are some strange things going on in the house of her neighbour and she wants your help...
Herbs & Potions Add-in by Baronius 533kb Download (Ext.)
5 new herbs, 15 potions you can brew by combining the herbs, items with random fine enchantments, herbalist with potion store.. all these in Nashkel, try them out!
The Gray Clan Episode 1: In Candlelight 3MB Download (Ext.)
- Two editions are available: one for BG1 (TotSC is required), another for BG1Tutu
- WeiDU-based installer: full compatibility with other normal mods
- First episode of a trilogy: its story is an aspect of the Clan's world and background
- Solid expansion: does not mess up your game with miscellaneous modifications and additions
- You don't have to start a new game, you can install this mod at any point of the game
- Brand-new quests: one main quest, with several subquests
- Hard battles: some battles are extremely challenging
- New items: magical weapons and armour
- Enemies: bandits, undead, golems, sorcerers, wizards... one of them with a brand-new soundset
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