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The Temple of Elemental Evil Manual
1MB Download
The entire English (US) version of the game's manual in PDF format.
ToEE Item/Enemy Guide by Nerthing
15kb Download
A quite thorough listing of all Temple of Elemental Evil items and enemies, along with details on them.
Item Crafting in The Temple of Elemental Evil by Lord Plothos
7kb Download
A thoroughly detailed guide to everything about crafting in ToEE.
Become a ToEE Tactical Master - Tips for Combat Success and More! N/A Read (Ext.)
ToEE's robust turn-based tactical engine could prove daunting to those uninitiated with 3rd and 3.5 edition pencil-and-paper D&D. The author of this guide decided to start a post with some tactical tips (note: not spoilers) to help people survive in ToEE's oft-deadly world.
A Thorough Explanation of Combat: How ToEE's Turn-Based System Works N/A Read (Ext.)
This guide describes how ToEE's turn-based system works in terms of initiative, surprise round, turns and rounds, combat, attacks of opportunity and more.
ToEE Debug List (Cheats) N/A Read
A list of ToEE debug codes, some of which could potentially be used as cheats.
ToEE NPC Listing N/A Read
A detailed listing of all NPCs that can join you in the game, arranged by location. Originally posted by manscatha on the Atari forums, updated by SP.
ToEE Arcane Spells Vendor Listing N/A Read
A simple listing of arcane spells and the traders you can buy them from to help you plan your spellcasters in advance.
ToEE Cleric Domain Power Descriptions by Grey Magistrate N/A Read
Originally posted on our message boards, this is a list of all the game's cleric domain powers along with short descriptions and comments.
ToEE Spell List N/A Read
A simple listing of all spells that are implemented in The Temple of Elemental Evil. Note that this list has been released before the game's completion, so some spells might not be in the final game.
ToEE Issues & Solutions N/A Read
A list of possible issues you might have with the game, along with their explanations and solutions.

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