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Thanks go to TBR and to Darien for writing neat short descriptions of some of these early tales, and to Lokken and TBR for digging up the story urls. Please note that since these stories were posted on our forums, they might contain comments irrelevant to the story, posted by other forum members.

If you happen to write a story on Boards o' Magick that you think should be included here, let us know. You're also very welcome to send us any stories that you would like us to publish on these pages.

Disclaimer: All characters appearing in these stories are purely fictional. Resemblance to any persons (living or dead) is purely coincidental. If some stories seem out of line, blame their authors. ;)

Death of Thaxll'ssilya (BG2)
This retelling of a Baldur's Gate 2 game event recounts how Keswyn Skymane the Swashbuckler and his motley crew defeated the black dragon Thaxll'ssilya (or Thax for short).
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Paladin Saga (Fantasy)
As Shura yet again puts his virtual pen to the virtual forums that are the Boards o' Magick, yet another valuable tale is constructed.  This time a paladin named Mikealus Blek-Lance (a companion of Shura) lives his life as a paladin and champion of Good.
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The Book of Twelve (Fantasy)
This original fantasy story by Satiana Fearbringer follows the journeys of a young girl named Orinia Celestine, who is joined by a silver stallion named Rainar on a most extraordinary path.
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Child of Bhaal (BG2)
Acclaimed author Shura adds his own particular twist to the oft-told story of Baldur's Gate 2, putting his own character Sol in the lead role. 
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Solo Adventure: Isabeau d'Anjou (BG1-ToB)
Earl Grey reports on the progress of an enterprising elven fighter-mage named Isabeau d'Anjou, who will journey from the sanctuary of Candlekeep to the Throne of Bhaal by herself. 
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Brawls with Bhaalspawns (ToB)
A very funny tale of one Shadow Chick's experience in the wide, wide world of ToB. 'Brawls with Bhaalspawns' features noted forum members like Lokken, Extremist, Kitiara, Wildfire, and Sniper accompanying SC.
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Lasting Impression (ToB and beyond)
What happened after 'The Big M'?  The author, Istari, tells her own story of the journeys of her protagonist Aquila after M went down. A long, and wonderful, story.
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A Gnome and his Vampire's Revenge (BG1)
In a humorous romp through the original Baldur's Gate, a gnomish fighter named Ceveren is cursed to wield the malignant Vampire's Revenge all through his search for Gorion's killer.
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Dawn Glory (FR fantasy)
This fantasy story tells of the adventure of a young man named Yerril, who after the death of his parents is sent on a journey to fulfill his purpose in life.
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From Darkness to Light and Back Again (Fantasy)
This epic tale follows the dark travels of Shura the Swordsman as he sells his sword as a mercenary, adventuring with the Black Crow, Kuroi Itezuru, and pledging his service to the enigmatic Duke Cypher. Along the way, Shura discovers that there is more to life than darkness and evil.
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Solo Adventure: Slappy's Possible Journey (SoA)
Follow the adventures of a barbarian dwarf through BGII, whose no-magic philosophy might end up being more trouble than the character can handle.
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Solo Adventure: Solo with Gloin (SoA)
Gloin Bonehead, a Lawful Good Dwarven Wizard Slayer, sets off to solo the game, exploring what is (in the author's opinion) one of the worst kit/class combos in the game.
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Solo Adventure: Solitude, Swords and Silmire the Solo Shapeshifter (SoA)
Another soloist, this time a druid shapeshifter, takes up the challenge. The author includes a lot of observations of the strengths and weaknesses of the class, in the midst of an imaginative story.
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Solo Adventure: The Rage of Retsnimle (SoA)
This time the solo wizard slayer is a half-orc, Retsnimle, and his path is marked with a trail of enemy blood.
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Solo Adventure: The Days of Duharrel (SoA)
This well-written story chronicles the life and times of a half-orc named Duharrel (pronounced duh-ha-rel of course). Reader input and character motivations are also included in the author's narrative.
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Solo Adventure: Whatever Happens... Happens (SoA)
Marcus Dirago, charismatic bard extraordinaire, has decided to grace us with his personal tale of trials and romance. The random fates (ie. the dice and the flip of a coin) have decreed his path, and as for the rest of his adventure... well, the title says it all.
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The Saga of Learning Imoen's Story (SoA)
Rumours of the heroic deeds of a female child of Bhaal send this bardic group on a quest for the true story.
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The Adventures of REAL Man (SoA)
This tale of a human barbarian with the stats to prove it (Int 3/Wis 3) is an amusing example of Brawn over Brains.
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Insanity Vs. The Realms. An Untrue Story of Menace and Magic (BG)
A menace to the realms. Soon to be freed from his cage in Candlekeep. This is the story of "Bad Mojo".
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Lerrahud - 966666 (SoA)
The fast-paced recital of a poor excuse for a fighter on his way through The Shadows of Amn. He's not smart, strong, or charismatic... Good thing he can run fast.
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The Quest of Celestine (SoA)
Rotating between vivid storytelling and descriptions of the gameplay, this tale follows a solo cleric on a quest to save her childhood friend, and ultimately, herself.
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Once More Unto The Breach Of Etiquette (ToB)
In this sequel to "Idle Musings About Etiquette," Wally, the obnoxious halfling, takes whats left of his spineless party onward through Throne of Bhaal.
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The Adventures of Darth Gnomer (ToB)
This bloodthirsty gnome leaves a trail of broken kneecaps and crispy corpses behind him in this short battle-oriented tale.
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A Collection of Poetry
Various members of Sorcerer's Place have shared some original poems on a variety of subjects. Authors include Satiana, Shralp, Lokken and a lot more. Additional works are always welcome.
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Muzyka - 966666 (SoA)
Another hero with less than heroic traits tries to make his way through the magic and mayhem of BGII.
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Folko Brandyback & Friends (SoA)
A halfling fighter and his two companions keep a diary of their adventures in this excellent (unfortunately unfinished) narrative by Modjahed.
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An Ode to Brave Adventurers (Poetry)
A different sort of fare, this time a poem extolling the various virtues and vices of the characters in BGII.
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The Imoen Story (SoA)
Poor Imoen, abused and unappreciated by her half-brother, the evil sorcerer Tal, looks to the other members of her party for help.
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Planescape: Torment Story (PS: T)
A thrilling sequel to the story of Planescape: Torment by a collaboration of SP regulars.
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Paladin Hall: Who Would Join Me? (Fantasy)
Another collaboration by several members of SP. Beginning with a discussion of paladins, the thread rapidly takes the shape of an epic tale. The mighty fighters, including Sir Dargorn and Mathetais, are set upon in their own stronghold by the evil Shura.
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The Tavern of Infinity (Fantasy)
This epic saga begins with good intentions, then rapidly descends into the biggest multiplanar barfight in the history of SP. It's full of characters from long time regulars of SP, and definitely worth the read.
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Warriors among the Reddened Planes (Fantasy)
Another planar adventure involving Shura and others, this one is a good beginning to a classic battle between Good and Evil.
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The Legend of Shura (Fantasy)
An excellent collection of short passages which offer a glimpse into the life of Shura the Swordsman.
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The Azardu Story (Fantasy)
A story of love, lust and betrayal: Starring SP notables Taluntain, Lokken, Marnix and Extremist, with a special guest appearance by our own Elminster.
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