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Baldur's Gate II XP Cap Disabler by TeamBG 30kb Download
An alternative to an experience cap remover, this program sets the experience cap to -1 and therefor disables it. Simply run the program and point it to your BGII "Override" folder.
Baldur's Gate 2 XP Patcher by Avenger 18kb Download
This program can be used to change the starting XP of your character.
BG2 & ToB Level 50 Patch & XP Cap Remover by TeamBG 33kb Download
This patch does several things. First it disables the experience cap allowing you to reach the higher levels. Second it modifies the class tables to match the standard AD&D rules for all classes up through level 50. A warrior for example will now gain all warrior advantages. The special abilities have also been modified to allow for the kits to get all of their level based perks.
'Safe' XP Cap Remover for Throne of Bhaal by Kevin Dorner 2kb Download
Allows single/dual/multi-class characters to progress to level 40 in all of their classes, eliminating the problem where allowing a character to progress beyond level 40 could wrap their abilities (such as spell allowances) around to those for level 0 or 1, as all ability tables and engine parameters do not go beyond level 40.
Shadow Keeper by Aaron O'Neil 298kb Download

Shadow Keeper is an application that allows you to edit your Baldur's Gate II (and ToB) saved game files. How the editor is used is really up to you. Some people use editors like this for beefing up their characters, some use them for recreating actual D&D characters to play in the game and some just to goof around. The point of the editor is to allow you to have fun playing the game however you like it best.

One thing to keep in mind, if you haven't already played through the game and you plan to make supermen out of your party members, you will most likely kill most of the fun of the game. A game without challenges grows boring fairly quickly.

The source code of the editor is also available. Pay the home of the Shadowkeeper a visit in order to learn the ins and outs of this editor.

Infinity Engine Miscellania by Cirerrek Varies Download (Ext.)
A substantial collection of excellent party AI scripts, mostly for SoA/ToB, but also a few for other games covered on SP. This is the home of the eSeries, gMinion, Sequencer Memory, tSeries, iSeries and many other mods, scripts, fixes and tweaks.
Baldur's Gate 2 AI uScript (Universal Script) by Rich Martel (Submitted) 84kb Download
This is a Baldur's Gate II/Throne of Bhaal AI script for player characters that can be used with any class. Features:
- Individual AI toggle for each character
- Smart Targeting system
- Move to Combat routine (no more idle characters)
- Detect Traps, Turn Undead, and Battle Song
- Help requesting (assisting injured)
- SoA Class Abilities
- ToB Spells
- ToB Class Abilities
- Performance Saver (script cutoff)
- TimeStop target switching
- "Stay in melee range 2 rounds then run" routine for Casters, Archers, and Injured
- Efficient healing system
- Wand & Potion usage
- Shapeshift abilities for druids
- Intelligent Simulacrum
- Summoning Item usage (Efreeti Bottle, Black Spider Figurine, etc.)
- Improved Nymph, Planetar, Deva, & Moon Dog (Cerebus) scripts
- Dynamic Party Protection
- Cast & Attack
- Intelligent Simulacrums, Projected Images, & Misleads
- Healing potion hand offs
BG2 aiscripts by Tapio Kivikkola 221kb Download

Similiar to original Blucher's scripts (of which this is a modification), but usage of scrolls, some items and most of area spells are removed.

In short, the party will use its spells and attack. It works better than the original scripts that came with the game or Blucher's scripts, which were using Cloudkill on an area with peasants and own party.

The most important reason for making these scripts was that that Blucher's scripts were loading for a long time and original ones were not working.

Godlike Script by James Bradbrook (Submitted) 1kb Download

D = Instantly casts the following spells - whether you have them memorized or not: Bless, Protection from Evil, Negative Plane Protection, Luck, Globe of Invulnerability, Spell Turning, Absolute Immunity
F = Fires a series of magic missiles (a la Gorion) at the nearest foe.
S = Calls down lightning instantly killing your nearest foe killing them outright. This one is not useable in all map areas - not sure why yet.
G = Casts Prismatic Spray at nearest foe
K = Summons a Skeleton Warrior to fight for you.
L = Uses the demon death gaze against your nearest enemy.

Also, if you get badly wounded, you'll automatically cast heal on yourself.

Baldur's Gate 2 Scripter by Brent Knowles 263kb Download

A front-end to the Baldur's Gate 2 script compiling program. This is just a freebee to help those of you who plan on making your own scripts.

Installation Instructions:

1) Create a folder called c:\ScriptW
2) Uncompress BGScripter into the c:\ScriptW folder
3) run Script.exe
4) Go to Tools|Properties

Fill in the following fields (the defaults should be fine, but if you installed BG2 other than default then these need to be modified)

Script Compiler Path: enter the path, such as c:\bioware\ScriptCompiler\

*This is the location to the Aicompile.exe file*

Script Location: (script compiler path + 'source')
Override Location: location to the override subdirectory in BG2 install
Extension: should be .bs

5) copy the compiled file from the override into your scripts directory.
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