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Pool of Radiance: Ruins of Myth Drannor Manual 9.5MB Download
The entire English version of the manual in PDF format.
PoR Frequently Asked Questions N/A Read
A long list of questions & answers about the game. Also includes a list of combat features, skills and feats.
Ubi Soft's PoR Support Page N/A Read (Ext.)
The official support center where you can read about various problems & solutions if you need help.
Pool of Radiance Cheats N/A Read
A short list of cheats for the game.
History of Myth Drannor N/A Read
An extensive look at the City of Song at the height of its glory, its relation with sister cities and a detailed chronological overview of the last years before its fall.
Mark Buchignani Interview N/A Read
An interesting interview, this time with the lead designer of Pool of Radiance. The last question reveals some of the game's secrets..

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