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Slowdown Fixes by Extremist & Quint (Submitted) 4kb Download
This is an unofficial fix for the annoying slowdown problems which some people are experiencing in some areas, like the Goblin Warrens level 2, where the game seems to pause every second and becomes almost unplayable.
Custom DLL Fixes & Changes v1.5.0 by MindChild (Submitted) Download
A modification of the standard way Icewind Dale 2 runs. It allows for changes not originally put there by the game creators, such as new limitations for classes, changing how feats work, etc. Current modifications:
  • Paladin of Mystra now gets Wizard & Sorcerer as allowed classes.
  • Allow Paladin of Helm to multiclass to Cleric of Helm.
  • Moved Multiclass Allowance check into included DLL. Now new Allowances can be set or disabled for paladins and monks.
  • Enabled Skill point saving on level-ups.
  • Moved Feat AB check to mod source.
  • Completely reverse engineered Feat Requirement checks.
  • Weapon finesse is now allowable for any weapon you are focused in (2+ dots).
  • Monks can wear robes and keep their Wisdom bonus to AC.
  • Monks retain their AB with fists when wearing robes.
  • Druids can cast Nature's Ally I-IX spontaneously as cleric's healing spells.
  • Rogues can now use multipliers instead of dice rolls for sneak attacks (feats modified to reflect necessary requirements).
  • Enable Cheat keys on load, with config file setting.
  • Remove "favoured" classes (set all to "Any").
  • Remove ECL penalties.
  • Change max level and exp.
Check this thread on our forums for more details. A version with the mod source (VC++ 6.0) included is also available for download here.
Level 40 XP Patcher by Avenger 27kb Download
This little program will patch your game to raise the XP cap to level 40. It will work only with the officially patched game.
Level 40 Extended Tables by TheMightySor (Submitted) 9kb Download
This mod does nothing by itself; it is only useful in conjunction with Avenger's patcher listed above. This mod extends the tables in 22 of the 2da files to lvl 40, allowing you to take advantage of Avenger's mod and level up to 40. The author notes that he has simply extended the tables trying to use the progression already there, so it most likely doesn't conform to 3e rules.
Improved Initiative Workaround by Grog 1kb Download
This is a workaround fix for those people who gave their character(s) the feat Improved Initiative (since it is bugged and does nothing). To use it, simply unzip the file into your override folder and import it into you game via the console. The item code is "ii_fix". From there, place the item in one of your quick slots to use it.
IWD2 Unofficial Item/Spell Patch by Gimble 2kb Download

All changes in this patch make a spell or item function more closely to its listed spell text description. To install the patch, just unzip the .itm and .spl files into the "Override" directory under your IWD2 install directory. Save your "Override" directory first, just in case you want to go back to what you had before.

Changed spells: Symbol of Hopelessness and Symbol of Pain.
Changed items: Winged Blight, Returning File Dagger +1, Selune's Blessing, Charged Short Sword of Wounding, BattleAxe of Decay, Mace +5.

(This patch was originally posted on the official Interplay boards by Gimble. The patch details readme has been included in the zip by SP.).

Icewind Dale II Character Helper by Archea.US 3kb Download
This small trainer allows you to have unlimited skills, feats, spells and abilities in the game. The effect can be enabled or disabled with a simple press of a button.
Icewind Dale II Plus 4 Skills Trainer by TEAM EyM 62kb Download
A nice trainer enabling you to have unlimited skills, feats, abilities and spells at your disposal for when you first create your character. Please note that this trainer is known not to work properly if you have the official patch installed.
NOTE: Use the password "sorcerers" to unpack as the file appears as a false positive to certain virus scanners.
MPIWD2 by HacKan, HacKan & CuBa Co. (Submitted) 2.1MB Download
MPIWD2 is a program capable of editing Icewind Dale 2 character (.CHR) files, as well as characters in the saved game (.GAM) files.
NOTE: Use the password "sorcerers" to unpack as the file appears as a false positive to certain virus scanners.
Dale Keeper 2 by Aaron O'Neil 282kb Download
The most current beta release of the latest of the Keeper family of IE game editors. Click here to view the latest status report on its development.
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