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Portrait Manager by Andy Kelts 190kb Download
A very handy program for viewing, moving and copying portraits for use in the game(s). It was made for the original Baldur's Gate but works for Baldur's Gate II as well.
Temple of Elemental Evil / Circle of Eight Portraits by Gaear (Submitted) Download
  • 36 original ToEE PC portraits by Chris Glenn, converted for use in Baldur's Gate
  • 20 custom PC portraits done by Alejandro Cabral for Co8, converted for use in Baldur's Gate
  • 28 custom PC portraits done by Dean Adamo for Co8, converted for use in Baldur's Gate

Click here for a preview.

D&D 4e Portraits by Riggin Scheer (Submitted) Download
A collection of portraits taken from the rulebooks of Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition; contains 644 portraits for each and every race, and a section devoted to NPCs; this pack is compatible with finnJo's sub-race mod, with appropriate alternative NPC portraits.
Amdis' Portrait Pack (Submitted) Download
This pack adds several (27) portrait sets of which some can be used by either Assassin/Thief characters while others are for Paladins/Warriors or for Rangers or Mages. This pack came together because the author was looking for this kind of portraits and has compiled a pack from pictures found in the game Assassin's Creed and from art by various Deviantart artists.
29 Quinton Hoover Portraits by Kaucukovnik VI. (Submitted) 1.7MB Download
29 portraits for the Baldur's Gate series from art of one of the most overlooked fantasy illustrators, Quinton Hoover. He is probably well known to many players of Magic: The Gathering. The author has tried to cover as many classes and races as possible, so you should have no problem choosing faces for a whole custom party of six members.
14 Highlander Portraits by Nancy Taylor (Submitted) 568kb Download
A Highlander: The Series portrait pack containing some of the more memorable characters of the show.
6 Portraits by Caradhras (Submitted) 334kb Download
One female portrait and five male portraits. They are rather evil looking and are appropriate for some sort of heroic villains or unlikely heroes. The pictures used are from games (illustrations from D&D, pictures from Fallout and NWN).
Icewind Dale Male & Female Portraits Varies Male - Female
All male (33) and female (20) Icewind Dale portraits (including those from Heart of Winter and Trials of the Luremaster), extracted and resized to work without alterations in Baldur's Gate 1 & 2.
Moon Elf's Portrait Pack (Submitted) 1.7MB Download
A selection of about 40 female portraits, some of which the author has made by scanning in pictures from game manuals, newspapers and a few other places, or that have been made by other people and she has edited. They generally fit in with the BGII theme.
Ofelix's Dark Pack (Submitted) 347kb Download
This portrait pack (18 portraits in all; a few of them variations of the same portrait) isn't exactly high fantasy. It's made for those who think that there aren't enough good ''Noir'' portraits around. These portraits aren't necessarily evil, just dark, gloomy and somewhat scary.
Silverdawn Portrait by Tom (Submitted) 52kb Download
A generic male human/half-elven/elven portrait specifically designed to match Shadows of Amn's existing portraits in color and drawing style. Suitable for warriors, thieves and fighter-mages.
10 Final Fantasy X Portraits by Yammy Smith (Submitted) 433kb Download
A selection of Final Fantasy 10 portraits for BG/BG2. It contains Yuna, Tidus, Lulu, Auron, Wakka, Rikku, Kimhari and Seymour.
21 Aquanox 2 Portraits by Frank M. (Submitted) 815kb Download
A pack of 21 male and female portraits made from the art used in Aquanox 2: Revelation. This being more of a science-fiction game, the portraits may seem somewhat less 'heroic' and fantasy-based. It's simply that these are the kind of characters the author of the pack was searching for and couldn't find anywhere, so if there's anyone else looking for the same thing...
14 Fantasy Portraits by Mike Devitt (Submitted) 731kb Download
A pack of 14 male and female portraits, mostly made from fantasy art.
10 Evil/Monster Portraits by SleepleSS (Submitted) 328kb Download
A pack of evil portraits for BG players who want to play monsters or evil characters. Most of the portraits have been scanned and/or edited. The set includes portraits for Bodhi and Melissan, a female mindflayer, an ettercap, dragon, Jack Skellington (Nightmare before Christmas) and more.
5 Barbarian Portraits by Rastor (Submitted) 562kb Download
5 portraits of Conan made from scans of various illustrations.
8 Edited Portraits by Lady Luthien (Submitted) 439kb Download
A small collection of male and female portraits, made by editing various BG/IWD portraits.
54 (Mostly) Female Fantasy Portraits by Rastor (Submitted) 2.7MB Download
This is a collection of approximately 54 mostly female portraits collected from various sources.
32 Female Icewind Dale 2 Portraits by Dolch (Submitted) 870kb Download
This package contains all 32 female portraits from Icewind Dale 2 for use in Baldur's Gate 2.
51 Male Icewind Dale 2 Portraits by Dolch (Submitted) 1.4MB Download
This package contains all 51 male portraits from Icewind Dale 2 for use in Baldur's Gate 2.
150 Female Fantasy Portraits by Rastor (Submitted) 5.5MB Download
This is a collection of approximately 150 female portraits collected from various sources. They are all very high quality and will fit well into any game of BG2. This pack was intended primarily for modders, as not every portrait has an appropriate large/small pic (most do, though). Rastor notes that graveyardstars deserves a lot of the credit for this one, as she compiled most of the pics. He has merely repackaged them in an easier to use format.
130 Character Portraits by Valgar Bloodflyte (Submitted) 5.6MB Download
An excellent collection of character portraits you can use to replace your own. Most portraits were scanned from various fantasy novel covers so you can expect to see portraits of Drizzt, Bruenor, Wulfgar and other FR heroes among them.
21 Discworld Portraits by Nocturnal Nomad (Submitted) 1.2MB Download
A collection of portraits of various Discworld characters, scanned from the covers of the UK paperback releases of the novels.
Death Rabbit's Portrait Pack (Submitted) 7MB Download
A huge collection of over 130 portraits, male and female, mostly from Neverwinter Nights, but also from other various fantasy sources.
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