Helping Sorcerer's Place

Here is the full list of ways in which you can currently help support Sorcerer's Place. If you choose to donate, you can be sure that any funds we receive will be put to a good use, since we are always striving to make SP even better than it already is.

The costs of running SP in its entirety amount to several hundred dollars every month. The ads that we display cover a portion of the expenses, but not nearly all of them. The costs include, among other things, paying for the domain name, hosting, server upgrades, software & hardware used in creating the site, forum software licences & upgrades, various custom coding jobs, etc.

Too many good sites have gone to the wall, victims of the current climate, and we don't want to join them in the website graveyard. Hopefully you feel the same way.

We know that the regular visitors who enjoy the community features as well as the huge amount of free content we have online will not be shy in making a small contribution to keep it going. A few bucks a month may seem like nothing, but if enough people contribute, it can make all the difference to the future of this site.

If you want to show your appreciation for all the hard work and thousands of hours invested into improving the site since 1999, please consider helping us in any of the ways listed below.

01  PayPal Donations / SPS Accounts
02 Wire Transfer Donations
03 Snail Mail Donations
04 Buying the SP Merchandise
05 Buying via Our Stores
06 Buying via Our GOG Links
07 Letting the Pop-up Ads Load
08 Displaying & Clicking on the Advertising Banners
09 Spreading the Word & Participating

01. PayPal Donations / SPS Accounts

We have introduced SPS Accounts with predefined donation sums, which you should check out if you would like to donate $15 or more. A PayPal account is not required in order to make payments -- you can simply use your credit or debit card of choice.

Of course, you can still donate less than $15 via PayPal - every bit helps. To donate a sum of your own choosing, click on the orange "Donate" button below. To show our appreciation, you will in turn be e-mailed the information on how to select yourself a custom avatar/portrait & title on our forums, should you desire this.

How do I add a note to my donation?

The option to add a note with your donation shows on the "review your donation" page, just before you finalize the donation. It looks like this: [+] Donation Notes (example circled in red below)

When you click on the [+] button or the "Donation Notes" text link, it expands and allows you to type a message to send with your donation.

02. Wire Transfer Donations

While you will be required to pay a certain bank fee for the service, you can also make a wire transfer from your own bank to ours. This option is primarily intended for those people who for some reason can't use PayPal, which is the fastest and easiest solution.

Please contact us for wire transfer details.

03. Snail Mail Donations

You can send us cash (USD/EUR) via regular mail, but do make sure to hide it well enough in the envelope so that the contents can't be seen through. Just drop an e-mail our way and we'll provide you with the mailing address.

04. Buying the SP Merchandise

We earn a small sum (usually in the range of a few bucks) from every item bought in our Sorcerer's Place Merchandise Shoppe. You get to buy some cool SP merch and support SP at the same time! Currently unavailable, sorry! Will return in the future.

05. Buying via Our Stores

We have set up extensive Fantasy Books, Games and Movies stores here at Sorcerer's Place. When you click on any store links provided on our pages and purchase something, we earn a small commission. You do not pay anything more than you normally would.

If you want to order something that is not listed in our stores, simply click the appropriate Amazon button below.

06. Buying via Our GOG Links

When you click on any Good Old Games ( links provided on our pages and purchase something, we earn a small commission. You do not pay anything more than your normally would, so this is an easy way to support SP without it costing you anything.

07. Letting the Pop-up Ads Load

The pop-up ads placed on some of our pages earn us a bit more money than the regular ads and consequently help pay the bills. You do not have to click or buy anything you see advertised in them, all it takes is letting them load fully before closing them. Otherwise (if they are closed before they load fully, or blocked in any way), they don't earn us anything.

If you are blocking pop-ups, please consider putting on the list of sites that you allow to display them.

08. Displaying & Clicking on the Advertising Banners

Regular advertising on Sorcerer's Place is displayed via several advertising banners. The banners are located throughout the site and our forums, and come in various sizes and positions. Some of the ads do pay simply for displaying (even if you don't click on them), but the majority are pay-per-click.

Your clicking any ads on SP does help support the site and does make a difference. Ads are the primary means of financing for us and the most important one, because everyone can help the site at no cost and no effort to themselves -- by simply allowing the ads to display.

If you are blocking the ads on Sorcerer's Place, please consider whitelisting or getting an SPS account instead.

Advertising is what allows us to keep all our content free and available to everybody - if you take that away, we have no way to pay the server bills at the end of every month.

HOWEVER (and this is important!), please don't go on a click-fest clicking various ads across the site several dozen times. All the ad providers have trackers that will discard large amounts of clicks coming from the same computer in a short period of time, so you aren't helping at all if you click too much. Clicking a few ads a day that interest you is plenty.

09. Spreading the Word & Participating

The more people who know about Sorcerer's Place and visit it regularly, the more successful the site will be. If you can support us through word of mouth, you'll be doing us a big favour. Link your friends to and invite them to check it out!

Finally, it's important to participate. Join in on our forums or hang out in the chatroom. The more people we have taking part, the better this site will be for everyone!

Thank you very much for helping us in any of these ways!
Sorcerer's Place is a project run entirely by fans and for fans. Maintaining Sorcerer's Place and a stable environment for all our hosted sites requires a substantial amount of our time and funds on a regular basis, so please consider supporting us to keep the site up & running smoothly. Thank you!

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