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Level 40 rules for Icewind Dale by TeamBG 22kb Download
This .zip file contains modified rules files (.2da files) that go into your Override folder in order to allow you to go up to level 40 in Icewind Dale.
Level 8 & 9 Mage Spells by TeamBG 31kb Download
Included in this archive file are replacement files for the 8th and 9th level mage spell scrolls. Simply run this and point it to your IWD "Override" folder and unzip the replacement spell files within this archive into your IWD "Override" folder. This makes the 8th and 9th level mage spells capable of being written into your spell book.
Ease-of-use Pack by Tioma 298kb Download
1. Ammo belts - There are 6 (bottomless*) ammo belts available in stores in Easthaven, Kuldahar, Severed Hand, Lonelywood, Gloomfrost and on the burial isle.
2. Improved bags of holding - They can now contain armors, shields and miscellanea (hopefully, everything).
3. Two new bags of holding (5000gp) available in Kuldahar and Lonelywood.
4. Bottomless gem/potion/scroll bags.
5. Higher (500 items) stacks for gems, missiles and potions.
6. Higher stacks for normal missiles in stores - You can now buy normal arrows/bolts/bullets/darts by packs of 100, throwing daggers by packs of 25 and throwing axes by packs of 10. Throwing axes are lightened (wt=1). If you install ease-of-use pack while playing, there will be no changes in stores that you've already visited.
7. Happy dual-classing - The only requirements are minimal prime stats (relative to dual-classing) of a new class. For example, in order to dual-class to a fighter, you'll need only STR>=9, no other requirements.
8. Flawless spell learning for mages/bards with INT>=15.
Icewind Dale Tweak Pack 663kb Download (Ext.)

This is a collection of tweaks that have been assembled for Icewind Dale. It is a compilation of fixes, cosmetic changes, and tweaks. Some of these were fan requests, others are needed fixes, and others simply make dealing with the more irritating aspects of the game engine easier. Each component can be installed separately so the player can pick and choose only which ones they wish to install.

Features: Unlimited Ammo Stacks, Unlimited Jewelry and Gem Stacks, Unlimited Potion Stacks, Unlimited Scroll Stacks, Bottomless Bags and Cases, Weapon Animation Tweaks, Force All Dialogue to Pause, Identify All Items, Remove Helmet Animations, 100% Learn Spells, Stores Sell Larger Stacks of Items, Universal Clubs, Allow Stealth and Thieving Abilities in Heavy Armor per P&P, Allow Arcane Spellcasting in Armor, Restore IWD Loading Screens, Staff, Club, and Sling Sellability, Wear Multiple Magical Protection Items Together and other assorted fixes.

Grog's Custom AI Scripts 32kb Download (Ext.)
A collection of smart scripts for Icewind Dale: Smart Mage Script, Smart Cleric Script, Smart Druid Script, Cleric/Mage Script, Smart Cleric/Ranger, Smart Paladin Script, Smart 'Generic' Script, Fighter, Anti-Caster, Cleric, Anti-Undead, Smart Bard Script, Singing Bard Script, Sneaking Thief Script.
Pseudo 3E Conversion Pack v5 by Grog [Official Site - More Info & Support] 342kb Download

This Conversion Pack was designed specifically for IWD and (any or all) its expansions. It is compatible with Auril's Bane. DO NOT INSTALL the Happy Dual-Classing component of the Ease-of-Use if you intend to use this conversion pack. What you get:

* 3E Racial ability bonuses and penalties.
* 3E Starting Gold calculations (based on class)
* 3E Alignment Restricions for: Rangers, Bards, and Druids
* 3E Stat Based Class Restrictions (basically none, which allows for easier dual-classing)
* SOME 3E Stat Bonuses and Penalties. They are:
** Converted STR Table - affecting THACO, DAMAGE, and Weight Allowance
(note: there are no longer bonuses for "exceptional strength" [18/xx scores])
** Converted DEX Table - affecting AC, Missile Adjustment, Reaction Adj.
** Converted HP (CON) Table - affecting HP Adjustments from CON
** Converted Reaction Table - affecting NPC Reactions (adj. from CHA)
* 3E Experience tables
* 3E Bonus Spells for Wizards (INT)
* 3E Bonus Spells for Bards (CHA) [note: see below]
* 3E Spell progression for Bards, Clerics, Druids, and Wizards
* 3E HP progression (normal progression no longer stops at level 10)
* 3E Style Healing Spells (Xd8 +Y)

Auril's Bane 1.2MB Download (Ext.)
Auril's Bane combines both Chosen of Mystra IWD mods into one unique package. It contains Project Auril and Winter's Bane. The mod features dozens of new items, spells, scripts, custom PCs, one new quest and one new encounter, as well as a number of various tweaks and fixes.
No Credits Patch by Grog 1kb Download

Install this "patch" to keep the End Credits from playing after completion of Icewind Dale and/or Heart of Winter (simply copy the included files into the Override directory).

Planescape: Torment Portraits 1.5MB Download
A collection of 33 different portraits of characters from Planescape: Torment. You can choose among all of the NPCs that can join you (Annah, Dak'kon, Vhailor etc.), then there's the Nameless One and many others. Excellent if you want some change in your game.
BG1 & BG2 Portraits compiled by Ólafur J. Straumland (Submitted) 1.9MB Download
32 portraits of various NPCs & characters from Baldur's Gate 1 and 2. Among them are Aerie, Edwin, Jaheira, Keldorn, Viconia and many more.
Werewolf & Dragon Characters by DemonGavo (Submitted) 128kb Download
Two extremely strong custom characters (HoW required), along with portraits.
Lord Draco Vlasavius, 14th level fighter 1kb Download
Human, lawful neutral male with -11 A.C. and 176 H.P.
Strength - 21, Dexterity - 19, Constitution - 18, Intelligence - 10, Wisdom - 14, Charisma - 11
An entirely legal character with some nice magical items, weapons, armor and the like, ready for importing.
6 Pre-Made Characters by Piotyr (Submitted) 9kb Download
A small collection of 6 character files. They are all moderately high in level (10-11), except one which is at level 1. They come equipped with some pretty good items. More details about each character are available in the txt files included in the zip.
Cleric, Mage & Mage/Thief AI Character Scripts by Tsumari Shiranai (Submitted) 7kb Download
Three scripts instructing characters which spells & abilities to use automatically, when a given situation requires it.
Icewind Dale Cheat Script by Simon Jorgensen/Godslaw 1kb Download
An interesting script giving you a ton of cheating options. Among others: cast some spells without having to memorize them, give party 5000 gp, grant experience points etc.
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