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Movies, Sounds, Screensavers...

Latest Trailer 8MB Download (Ext.)
A short avi movie posted near the end of July 2001. It mainly shows off pretty spell effects and a bit of gameplay.
Fancy Trailers 30MB Download (Ext.): 1, 2
The trailers posted on April 26, 2001. Neither require any special players like Bink to run. Again we get to see Elminster speak, but also actual gameplay, spell casting and the dracolich!
E3 Trailer 26MB Download (Ext.)
A nice presentation of the game. It starts with Elminster's dramatic speech and continues with the movie showing some actual gameplay and parts of in-game movies. You will need the Bink player to view it.
Portal 20MB Download (Ext.)
A movie showing the awakening of the Pool of Radiance, followed by a ride through some portals. You will need the Quicktime player to view it.
Speculum 20MB Download (Ext.)
The first part of this movie is identical to Portal, but the second part shows some character animation, a ride along the roof of Speculum and some static screenshots. This one is also in Quicktime format.
E3 Trailer (lower quality) 4MB Download
The same E3 Trailer as above, though this one was shrunk down to a much smaller size. The movie is in ASF format, so any new version of Windows Media Player should be able to run it.
Pool of Radiance Audio Files <1.8MB Download (Ext.): 1, 2
Two mp3 audio files with some in-game music. The first download is the opening theme and the second is generic fight music.
Pool of Radiance Screensaver 6.6MB Download (Ext.)
A nice screensaver featuring plenty of images and art taken from the game.


Pool of Radiance Official Patch v1.1 170kb Download
The Pool of Radiance 1.1 Installer Patch fixes a problem of not being able to install Pool of Radiance onto drives other than the C Drive. It also provides a new uninstall program.
Pool of Radiance Official Patch v1.2 2.2MB Download
The Pool of Radiance 1.2 patch fixes various save game corruptions, an IP address problem in multiplayer play and a minor bug in game play at the end of the game. It does not contain the fixes contained in Patch v1.1. You do not need to have Patch v1.1 installed before installing Patch v1.2.
Pool of Radiance Official Patch v1.3 6.2MB Download
The Pool of Radiance 1.3 Patch fixes many game play bugs and game balance problems in both single player and multiplayer. The 1.3 Patch is compatible with Pool of Radiance 1.0, 1.1 and 1.2. However, the 1.3 patch does not include the 1.1 installer/uninstaller patch. It is recommended that you use the 1.1 installer/uninstaller patch to uninstall 1.1 and 1.2 versions of Pool of Radiance.
French (6.3MB) and German (6.75MB) versions of the patch are also available.
Pool of Radiance Official Patch v1.4 6.4MB Download
The Pool of Radiance 1.4 Patch fixes many gameplay bugs in the single player game. The following bugs have been fixed:

- Beriand failing to heal parties after returning his staff.
- A crash at the Trapfall area of the Glin Gardens.
- Chests in Dwarven Dungeons opening and missing items.
- Ancient Iron Key missing.
- A few crashes in the Elven Catacombs

French, German and Spanish versions of the patch are also available.
Pool of Radiance Demo 89MB Download (Ext.)
The playable demo includes RPG adventuring in the opening level of the game, The Still Water Ruins. Players will control 4 pre-generated characters in single player mode and complete quests for treasure and combat non-player characters.
Pool of Radiance Chat Log #1 N/A Read
We have prepared an edited log of the Gamespy Arcade chat with the developers. Although at first it seemed that the chat was going nowhere, it picked up later so that a couple of interesting questions were answered.
Pool of Radiance Chat Log #2 N/A Read
Here you can read another edited log of the Gamespy Arcade chat with the developers. This one is generally more interesting than the one above.
Carrie Bebris Interview N/A Read
A very interesting interview with the author of the Pool of Radiance: Ruins of Myth Drannor novel. Contains some very very mild spoilers, but I doubt anything you would actually remember while playing the game.

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