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Planescape: Torment Fix Pack by Platter 242kb Download
This Fix Pack fixes many bugs in Planescape: Torment that were not fixed by the official 1.1 patch. Also check out the Lost Party Members Fix.
Planescape: Torment Fix Beta (v.1.37b) by Platter 3kb Download
These files by Platter are not part of his Fix Pack v1.37, but are individual bug fixes done after 1.37 came out. The fixes address issues with Hargrimm & The Silent King and repair the Mar's Ornate Box Quest bug, Nordom's Optix lens and Ingress's Teeth +3. Platter has no plans for any more updates to his Fix Pack, but has confirmed the validity of these files, so everyone should install them after the main Fix Pack.
Font Mod by Platter 71kb Download
This modification changes the game interface's background color and the font to make it easier to read game text (screenshot included in the archive). To use the mod, extract the zip file into Torment's override folder. If you just want one of the changes, simply extract the appropriate file:
fontdlg.bam - font
WMMOSDP.MOS - black background
Restoration Pack by Cilantro 3.2MB Download

The Restoration Pack was created by Vengeance's Lead Designer, Cilantro. It reintroduces several spells, items and so forth that were removed from the released version of Planescape: Torment. These should be extracted directly into the folder you installed PST into, remembering to keep the folders intact!

This is a list of most of the restorations included in this release:

  • A bestiary entry for the Alu-Fiend added, specifically for Vrischika
  • Extra journal descriptions for all main characters, as well as the Dustmen, Dhall, Lothar, and Trias
  • Many, MANY text typos fixed
  • Fix for Death.2DA comments
  • A lost salesman added to Curst
  • Several item restorations, including Devil's Due, Chaos Feather, and Lockpicks
  • Asleep and Frozen anims now appear correctly
  • Lost dialog blocks restored, mainly little things, but some major (such as one instance with Emoric)
  • Justifier behaves correctly
  • Mortuary now has an alarm system put in.;)
  • A few character comments restored
  • More correct bestiary picture for Deionarra
  • Character name corrections
  • Spell keys now available in game, save Baator's
  • Able PonderThought will now be able to do his research
  • Githerzerai tattoo previously unavailable can be bought if you do things right
  • Morte's original intro added!
  • Tome O' Cheats and Sword of Whynn are purchasable
  • Eye of Vecna can now be bought as well!
  • Lothar will buy your skulls
  • Spell casting time corrected
  • Neck cracking sound restored
  • Many bugfixes
Armors and Robes for Planescape: Torment by Razfallow 370kb Download
This mod adds a few armors and robes into the game. They can be found in stores or in possessions of enemies. Magical armors occur in the game only once.
G3 Planescape: Torment Tweak Pack 390kb Download (Ext.)
The G3 Ps:T Tweak Pack is a WeiDU compilation of fixes, cosmetic changes, and tweaks. Some of these were fan requests, others are needed fixes, and others simply make dealing with the more irritating aspects of the game engine easier. Each component can be installed separately so the player can pick and choose only which ones they wish to install. A short list of components: Higher Stacking, Including Rings/Earrings/Bracelets, Identify All Items, Explore City Areas, Max HP On Level Up, Rest Anywhere.
BG1/PS:T Max HP on Level Up by Grog 1kb Download
This "patch" will allow your characters to gain Max HP when they level up. It will work with either Planescape: Torment (PS:T) or Baldur's Gate 1 (BG1). Simply extract the archive into your "Override" folder.
Armor by Platter (Submitted) 421kb Download
This adds five armors to Torment that Nameless One, Dak'kon, Annah and Ignus can wear. They are items that you can buy. Equipping them changes your appearance to the appropriate armored figure and alters mentioned stats.
No Battle Music by Platter (Submitted) 1kb Download
This gets rid of the battle music, except for in the final part of the game. No music will play during battle.
Tome o' Cheats by Platter (Submitted) 18kb Download
This is a book that you can 'talk' to. It has several options, like changing your character's stats, alignment, class, money, experience, health status, location and available party members. It can give you many useful items including some items that were not included in the game, and all of the game's spell scrolls from levels 5-9.
Cities Explored by Platter (Submitted) 6kb Download
This mod removes the black Fog of War from the main outdoor city areas, like in Baldur's Gate 2.
Convert Torment to English by Platter (Submitted) 1.9MB Download
If you have a non-English version of Planescape: Torment, installing this mod will allow you to play Torment in the original English it was written in. This does not change any sounds, only text.
Lost Items by Barren 280kb Download
A minor mod that restores the Rat Charm (from Barking Wilder) and the Eye of Vecna (from Vrischika). Both can now be obtained in-game.
NOTE: The Rat Charm is also restored in Platter's Fix Pack.
The Candlestick Quest by Platter 9kb Download
One of the many lost quests of Planescape: Torment, this one happens in the Buried Village, so you won't be able to play it if you're past that area.
Power Action Leprechaun Annah 1.9MB Download
A modified Annah for your game. It replaces the animated sprite for her with a new one where she has two clovers instead of punch daggers, a leprechaun hat and green leather armor. You have too see this ;).
Leprechaun Annah N/A Click on the screen size
Leprechaun AnnahA nice wallpaper of Leprechaun Annah for your viewing pleasure.

640×480 - 800×600 - 1024×768 - 1280×1024
Easter Egg Morte 4.6MB Download
Due to the popularity of the previous "Leprechaun Annah" patch for Planescape: Torment, the Torment Team put together another spiffy bonus for all us Torment fans. Yes, now you, too, can have your very own custom Easter Egg Morte in Torment! Not only does he have a new look and feel, but he has new sounds as well! Another must for anyone playing Torment ;).
Easter Egg Morte N/A Click on the screen size
Easter Egg MorteAnd for additional viewing pleasure, a nice wallpaper of Easter Egg Morte.

640×480 - 800×600 - 1024×768 - 1280×1024
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