Lost Party Members Fix
by Platter for Planescape: Torment
Download (2kb)
This is an after-the-fact fix for if you can't find or talk to some of your party members in one of the following situations (SPOILERS);
     A) When you get out of your tomb in the "Drowned Nations."
     B) When you finish using the Dream Machine in the Foundry.
     C) When you get back to Sigil from being Mazed, if you were Mazed while you were leaving the "Alley of Dangerous Angles" (which is what happens if you become a disciple of Aoskar from Aola). This should be okay to use if you were Mazed from a different area, but that may cause problems. If it works then there should be no problems.
1. Extract the zip file into Torment's override folder.
2. Start up Torment and load your save game.
3. Go to the appropriate area as it applies to you;
     A) the "Drowned Nations."
     B) the Foundry (the first part of it, with the forges).
     C) the Alley (or whatever area you were Mazed from).
4. Make sure Party AI is on and that Nameless One is selected.
5. Wait a few seconds without doing anything.
6. Then press Y on your keyboard.

You should then be standing next to all the party members that were in your party when you entered your tomb/entered the Dream Machine/got Mazed.
That should do it, as long as you don't have Y set to do anything else in Torment.
Remember to delete PCNAME.BCS from the override folder afterwards.