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General News - Will The CRPG Genre Die Again

Posted on Jun 13, 2021 18:42 by RPGWatch

[​IMG]You know it's summer when this topic is discussed again - Mortismal Gaming:


Will The CRPG Genre Die Again?

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Solasta - Patch 1.0.22

Posted on Jun 13, 2021 00:22 by RPGWatch

[​IMG]Patch 1.0.22 for Solasta: Crown of the Magister:


Solasta 1.0.22 Patch Notes & What's Next!

Hi there folks!

We're back with Hotfix 1.0.22 and a little preview of our what's coming up next, as well as some solutions for folks who are having issues!

Known Issues & Work Around
I have a high end GPU (GTX 2070, 3090...) and Solasta keeps overheating my computer!
We found out that the game does not perform properly above 60 FPS :( The solution is to go to the graphic setting and either switch VSync to Double, or if that doesn't work switch VSync to none and to cap your FPS at 60, and to lower your resolution to 1080p

My main quest is stuck even though the patch notes says it's fixed!
Most of the time if you sequence break (aka you manage to bypass a trigger that would make the quest move on), a patch won't fix your save retroactively. This means you will need to load a previous save file and re-do the level - for example, if you're stuck in Dark Castle, you will need to load a save from the start of Dark Castle (or before you arrived at Dark Castle).

I used to be stuck in a weird screen with clouds when I started a new campaign
This was an issue primarily with Windows 7 configs where Microsoft removed a certain codec that prevents Unity videos from working. We should have implemented a work-around without having to delete the movie in your folder, but if you are still stuck please make sure to let us know (at worst, the old work-around still works)

For some merchants, trying to open their shop just doesn't open anything
You simply need to save again and load that save, it should fix the issue.

Patch Notes:


What's next?
For now we're done with our first round of Hotfixes, and we'll disappear for some times in order to prepare... The Sorcerer Update! As those of you who followed us since Kickstarter already know, we promised the Sorcerer Class as a free post-launch DLC - and we intend to follow up on that promise!

Working on a Sorcerer will take some time, which is why we can't afford as a small team to keep testing and releasing hotfixes while doing so - but worry not, we will still be working on small improvements and fixes while getting the Sorcerer ready. Things such as the Tome of Understanding not working will be properly fixed with the Sorcerer Update as well!

So... the next question is when? We're happy to say that the Sorcerer Update should drop in the upcoming weeks, so keep the game warmed up in your library as you may want to do another run soon!

... Also, know that there will be a little something in that update for our Russian and Brazilian fans :)

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Witcher - What if CD Projekt RED Remade it

Posted on Jun 12, 2021 18:12 by RPGWatch

[​IMG]PCGamesN asks what if CD Projekt RED remade The Witcher and what would it look like?


There's also the game world. TW1 is far more like TW2 in that it doesn't feature a completely open world; instead, we've got world zones for each chapter and very little backtracking between them. It's probably expecting too much to add a full open world, not to mention the restructuring of the story that would be required to support one, and in any case the zonal system works pretty well for the game's opening and concluding chapters. You don't need a lot more choice, but what if there were a compromise for TW1's main chapters?

Vizima, across its different segments, hosts most of the game's chapters. It's the capital of Temeria - a fortified city nestled safely in the middle of a lake, and built on the foundations of an ancient elven settlement. This doesn't really come across in the original because of its small-scale zones, lifeless streets, and unremarkable landscape.

But what if Vizima opened up into one huge world space, with buildings that reflect Temeria's culture and history, and the opportunity to go dungeon-crawling through those elven ruins? What if we could travel through all of the city's regions (including Old Vizima and and the swampy areas beyond) without being hamstrung by loading screens or story progress? What if Vizima's simple streets were replaced by a labyrinthine network of passageways and shortcuts to explore, each packed with people from all walks of life?


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The Last Oricru - First Screenshots

Posted on Jun 12, 2021 18:12 by RPGWatch

[​IMG]DSOGaming reports on an upcoming action RPG called The Last Oricru which is a blend of medieval and science fiction. Screenshots are at the link.


Prime Matter has shared the first screenshots for its upcoming action RPG, The Last Oricru. The Last Oricru will put a strong emphasis on storytelling and player choice, and will have a sci-fi medieval world.

As the publisher claims, the game will have a massive decision tree in which your decisions can lead to a different outcome, affecting story, characters, game endings but also visuals of levels or the gameplay flow. Moreover, every action, sub-quest or death can affect your reputation with each faction.



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General News - Top 5 upcoming CRPGs

Posted on Jun 12, 2021 18:12 by RPGWatch

[​IMG]Mortismal Gaming picked his top 5:


Top 5 Upcoming CRPGs Of 2021 & Beyond

Spoiler! the games are, from #5 to #1: Dark Envoy, Colony Ship, Gamedec, Encased and Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous.

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Rising Mist - Announced

Posted on Jun 12, 2021 00:02 by RPGWatch

[​IMG]Rising Mist is an upcoming Adventure-RPG:


Rising Mist

The balance between light and darkness in the land of Occoterra is upset and Eshudell's last rebels are brutally defeated. And where the light perishes, evil intensifies and grows ever so rapidly. The world awaits the rise of a hero who will take the fate of magical forces into his own hands and without hesitation embark on a thorny journey for a brighter future.

In this fantasy game, you play the role of a heroic rebel. You embark on a journey from city to city in which you search for your allies, gradually revealing the forgotten struggle of the last standing Eshugards and discovering the power of repressed magic that is only mastered by few.

On your journey, you have to deal with gangs of bandits and evil magical creatures. Danger is also posed by intruders who try to infiltrate among the rebels. So choose your allies wisely!

Ensure faster progress in your mission and develop as many skills as possible to finance your trip. Resource management will be key to your progress. Master fishing, farming, cutting down trees, etc. or connect with other artisans and gain knowledge from brewing potions, making curing drops, and crafting magical amulets. Develop trading skills to secure a better status that can help you with allies who are hard of trusting.

Occoterra needs your help, are you ready to take on the challenge?
  • 26 different Cities, Towns and places you can visit
  • Multiple storyline endings
  • Multiple difficulty levels
  • Gorgeous hand-painted high-resolution sceneries and characters
  • Discover legends, mythical creatures and dragons
  • Restore peace in Occoterra and travel the whole land
  • Resource management
  • Find the Lost Legend of Occoterra
  • Discover the secret of Eshudell
  • Potion crafting, farming, herbalism, dragon slaying and much more needs to be done

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Encased - New Trailer

Posted on Jun 12, 2021 00:02 by RPGWatch

[​IMG]A new trailer for Encased:


Encased Summer Game Fest 2021 Gameplay Trailer

Encased is an old-school sci-fi post-apocalyptic RPG in development.

It's a tactical sci-fi RPG set in an alternative 1970's, where an enormous and inexplicable artifact - the Dome - is discovered in a remote desert. Fight enemies, explore the anomalous wasteland, level up your character and join one of the forces in the ruined world.

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Solasta - New Studio Talyon - New Game

Posted on Jun 12, 2021 00:02 by RPGWatch

[​IMG]A new game studio called Talyon will develop a new game in the Solasta universe:



Talyon Opens its Doors in Lyon, France to Develop a New Game Set in the Solasta: Crown of the Magister Universe

French Independent videogame developer Tactical Adventures is proud to announce studio expansion through the creation of a new subsidiary development team, Talyon, a new studio based in Lyon, France.

Lead by Julien Millet, Talyon's first project is to build a team of developers for its first game, a new tactical RPG set in the same universe as Tactical Adventures first game, Solasta: Crown of the Magister.

With over 19 years of experience in the videogame industry with renowned studios (Quantic Dream, Eugen Systems, Wizardbox...), Julien Millet fully masters the production process thanks to his artistic, creative, and technical skills.

Julien joined forces with the talented and passionate team at Tactical Adventures in 2019 to help develop its first tactical RPG Solasta: Crown of the Magister, where he actively contributed to the game development, specifically working on narrative and level design aspects.

The Talyon team currently consists of two additional developers who also worked on Solasta: Crown of the Magister, and are actively recruiting more passionate and talented staff to join their studio based in Lyon, France.

"A beautiful journey lies ahead of us," said Julien Millet. "This new studio will take the Solasta universe to uncharted territories that we are eager to develop."

"It has been almost two years since we started working with Julien and his team, and their contribution to the development of Solasta has been crucial," said Mathieu Girard, Founder, CEO and Creative Director of Tactical Adventures. "It's a privilege to be able to create this new studio with them, and to keep expanding the Solasta universe together!"

Solasta: Crown of the Magister released Steam version 1.0 on May 27 and has seen positive user reviews on all platforms the game is sold on including, Steam, GOG, Gamesplanet, Humble Store and the Microsoft Store, Xbox Game Pass for PC catalogue.

Tactical Adventures wishes to expand upon the Solasta universe creating a rich and unforgettable tactical RPG with the new project that Talyon is developing. Talyon will benefit from the technical innovations that helped define the genre and success of Solasta: Crown of the Magister.


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Elden Ring - Gameplay Trailer and Release Date

Posted on Jun 11, 2021 05:44 by RPGWatch

[​IMG]The release date for Elden Ring has been confirmed as 21st January 2022. Also check out some gameplay footage.


From Software's completely new work "ELDEN RING" is an action RPG title that explores overwhelming unknowns and threats in the world of full-scale dark fantasy.

Release date: January 21, 2022 (Friday)

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Non-RPG General News - Strategy Game ZEPHON announced...

Posted on Jun 10, 2021 23:43 by RPGWatch

[​IMG]The strategy title ZEPHON will be released in 2022:



Grimdark survival strategy from the creators of Warhammer 40,000: Gladius
Humanity emerges, hesitantly, into ruination. Almost nothing is left of the world as we knew it-settlements, forests, seas, mountains - all have been blasted into unfamiliarity. Horribly mutated animals hunt in packs through deformed woodland. Decrepit military robots stumble unknowingly through the ruins, sensors and logic centres blown. Alien soldiers, once impossibly powerful, cower in the wrecks of their ships, praying to heedless gods for rescue.

On the planet Earth, that was once a cradle of life, the extinction of humanity is at hand.

What will you do to survive?

Next-generation survival wargame set on a destroyed world
Choose your past and wage war to ensure humanity's survival between the abominations of the Voice and the automata of ZEPHON. Select a leader, gather your allies and choose your actions wisely-or suffer the consequences.

Key features:
  • Unique tactical battles. Let's face it, 4X combat is often boring or shallow-not Proxy's. Our complex, nuanced battle system means victory is a matter of skill, not brute numbers.
  • A complete 4X. Diplomacy, research, exploration, city-building-we've taken the fundamentals of 4X and shaken them up. Drop the assumptions you have from other games in the genre.
  • Post-apocalyptic horror survival. Drag your civilization through a grimdark future-survive unexpected events while eldritch horrors and cyberpunk monstrosities derail your progress. Because that's the game we wanted to play.

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King Arthur: Knight's Tale - Patch 0.0.4

Posted on Jun 10, 2021 23:43 by RPGWatch

[​IMG]A new patch for King Arthur: Knight's Tale:


Content Update for Knight's Tale - Patch v0.0.4 | June 10

Knight's Tale's newest update is out now, containing numerous changes, new additions and more
Knights, patch v0.0.4 for King Arthur: Knight's Tale is now live! This update is focused on Act 1 of the story, and contains new side mission maps, new playable heroes, all the remaining buildings in Camelot, new character management systems (Loyalty, Traits, an extended Morality Chart), and many various new additions. Some systems and layouts got revamped and further polished, combat and gameplay got further balanced and a lot of bugs got fixed. This is our second and by far the biggest update since King Arthur: Knight's Tale went into Early Access.

Due to the massive amount of changes - like the alteration of the story campaign and many more - your previously saved progress won't be compatible with v0.0.4.


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Mercenaries Blaze - Released

Posted on Jun 10, 2021 23:43 by RPGWatch

[​IMG]The Strategy-RPG Mercenaries Blaze has been released:


Mercenaries Blaze

A story about a corrupt kingdom and a fight for equality -
Mercenaries Blaze is the 5th fantasy tactical simulation RPG by Rideon.

Turn-based battles are carried out on an isometric map. Attack and defense results vary depending on the direction you face, distance and elevation, making gameplay challenging enough to satisfy the even pickiest strategy lovers.
Skillpoints are used to acquire and level up various skills and also to change job classes, allowing character growth customization.

Character design is by Masayoshi Nishimura, a talented dot-art artist and illustrator known for his beautiful artwork. Characters are expressive and diverse, breathing life into a compelling storyline.

Blaze exceed
By filling the gauge at the top corner of the screen, characters will be able to unleash a powerful skill called "Blaze exceed". This skill is unique to each character - it could be a high damage blow or a life-saving party heal strong enough to change the tide of battle.

3D Battle Maps
For the first time in the series, the battle map is in 3D. You can switch your camera viewpoint to each unit and swivel the camera around to view your surroundings - you may even find hidden treasure while using this function!

More freedom
Characters can "Move" after an action during battle. Being able to move either before or after an action increases strategical choices by twofold!

More options
Choose to display or turn off grids, shorten skill animations and speed up "Move" commands. These options will not only help control the pace of battle, but will also be useful for multiple playthroughs.

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Edge Of Eternity - Review @ PC Invasion

Posted on Jun 10, 2021 23:43 by RPGWatch

[​IMG]PC Invasion has reviewed Edge of Eternity:


Edge of Eternity review - I'm on the edge of glory

Edge of Eternity is an RPG from developer Midgar Studio and publisher Dear Villagers. After being part of Steam's Early Access program for a couple of years, it's finally ready to launch. Previously, the game only had six chapters during the Early Access period. Now, the release build completes the story, boosting your adventure to eight chapters.

What follows is a long and arduous journey for your characters. There are a few highs and also some lows. It also bears mentioning that Midgar Studio is only comprised of 10 developers. As such, an indie RPG of this magnitude is bound to be a little rough around the edges.


An RPG that mixes fantasy and sci-fi themes. It's set in a world threatened by an invading armada and a destructive plague.

Ambitious in size, scale, and scope, Edge of Eternity offers a somewhat enjoyable romp that could last you over 40 hours. Sadly, it's also very rough around the edges, and poor pacing can be detrimental to your experience.

Score: 7.5/10

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