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Arcadian Atlas - Has a Publisher

Posted on Apr 15, 2021 02:42 by RPGWatch

[​IMG]Arcadian Atlas has secured a publisher. Additionally a comment from the developer on the Kickstarter page suggests that the game maybe getting close to beta. You might want to check out the latest Kickstarter update from February to see some videos and general progress so far.


Becca BairCreator 8 days ago

Alrighty beta backers, we're about 1 month, give or take some change (might have feedback from the publisher next milestone turn-in we want to address) before we send yall your keys! Again, if you have not received your survey and you are in one of the $40+ pledge tiers, you should have received a Kickstarter survey from me. If you did not receive this survey, please shoot me a message here on Kickstarter and I'll get back to you ASAP!



What's Shakin'?

It's been an absolutely INSANE sprint of keeping our faces to our monitors, knocking out milestone after milestone with the publisher. We're on a very tight timeline, but I'm super pleased to say we are actually slightly AHEAD of schedule at the moment. Because of this, we are excited to share with y'all that we are jumping a bit forward in our milestones & starting the storyboarding for a new trailer!! It has been ages since we put out a video and we're pumped to show ya all the cool stuff we've been working on.

The trailer is going to be huge for us -- pitching to various consoles and major game events! The pitch is also a big time for us because it means it's almost time to reveal who we are working with (*cough* not Epic *cough*) via a big ol' announcement! So lot's of cool stuff coming down the pipeline there.


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The Forgotten City - Release: Summer 2021

Posted on Apr 14, 2021 20:42 by RPGWatch

[​IMG]The Forgotten City will be released this summer:


The Forgotten City has a new trailer!

Hello everyone!

We're extremely excited to share the latest cinematic trailer for The Forgotten City! Check it out below:

As you can see, we're now on track to release the game in Summer 2021, a few months later than we had hoped. We're really sorry to keep you waiting so long, but the pandemic has slowed our progress, we need a little more time to polish up the game so that you (as well as all the other users on Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Playstation 4 and Playstation 5) have the best possible experience. This game has been an absolutely massive undertaking for a small core team of 3 developers, and we're continuing to work as hard as we possibly can. Seriously. We're really grateful for your continued patience and support. Thank you! :-)

If you'd like to know the exact release date, please wishlist the game and you'll be the first to know!

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Drox Operative 2 - Early Access Month 10

Posted on Apr 14, 2021 20:42 by RPGWatch

[​IMG]Drox Operative 2 has changed a lot over the last ten months:


Drox Operative 2 early access month 10

Drox Operative 2 has now been in early access for over 10 months and is currently available on Steam and GOG.

As of this post, we've released 42 patches (10 since the last post) with 1,427 total changes (176 since the last post), which can be read here. This consists of a ton of small fixes and balance changes, but there have been a bunch of larger changes.

Weapons: We added 5 new weapon types (ballistic burst, plasma blast, manual beam, chaining beam, and plasma wave), improved many of the old weapon types (fighters, bombs, missiles, and special weapons), race ships can also use the new weapon types, and now race ships and monsters can fire their weapons from much farther away.

Cataclysms: These are massive sector wide events that can greatly change the balance of power. Some examples: Harvesters, Fanatics, Singularity, and Creeping Death.

Icons: Our artists added more icons for skills, services, defensive ram components, and offensive ram components.

Better Diplomacy Options: You can now buy planet data from the races, there is an option to sponsor diplomat & colony ships, beacons now work for all races, and planting spies is cheaper.

Improved Radar: Radar now tracks planets, gates, and allies much better.

Win/Loss: Subject races no longer count for diplomatic wins, the death cost has been decreased so it's harder to get an economic loss, win conditions now have priority over lose conditions, and diplomatic win rewards are much better.


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Vagrus: The Riven Realms - Faction Rewards

Posted on Apr 14, 2021 20:42 by RPGWatch

[​IMG]In dev-update #42 for Vagrus: The Riven Realms we learn more about faction rewards:


Devlog #42 | Faction Rewards

A devlog post about the state of Vagrus - The Riven Realms

With the arrival of Factions to Vagrus, you guys got a new way to specialize your comitatus. Up until the addition of Faction rewards, however, this meant some obscure (albeit very welcome - we're looking at you, road tax) boons and perks but then with claimable rewards, Factions quickly became our players' new best friends.

The Name of the Game

In its core, the system is well-known in video games: build more reputation by doing repeatable, procedurally generated Tasks as well as unique stories, unlock higher tiers of Standing with a Faction by doing so, and receive your rewards. The higher the Standing, the better the rewards - it is that simple. Or is it? Of course, staying friendly with a Faction might be a challenge of its own, seeing how they tend to hate each other so passionately. This means that gaining reputation with a Faction will reduce reputation with their enemies, albeit not with the same intensity. It was deliberately implemented this way so that you can not get all the goodies in a single run - a balancing act, a tool of immersion, and a factor in replayability.


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Non-RPG General News - Gord announced for 2022

Posted on Apr 14, 2021 20:42 by RPGWatch

[​IMG]Gamespot reports that the Adventure Strategy / Survival RPG mix Gord has been announced for 2022:


Gord Is A New Dark Fantasy Survival RPG With City-Sim Gameplay

This new dark-fantasy RPG inspired by Slavic folklore blends survival gameplay with city-builder mechanics, and it's coming to PC in 2022.

Coming from new developer Covenant, Gord is a dark fantasy RPG that centers around a growing village and the many threats they face while trying to survive. First teased on April 8 via the game's official Twitter page, we now have the first gameplay elements and plot for the upcoming survival-sim and city-builder, which is coming from Stan Just, a former developer from CD Projekt Red and 11-Bit Studios.

The main story of Gord follows The Tribe of the Dawn's struggles and growth while surviving a fantasy world inspired by Slavic folklore. Throughout the game, you will decide how you want your village to evolve, how best to defend your community from threats, and how to use your limited resources to keep your town prosperous for the future.


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Lost Eidolons - News Roundup and Coming to Kickstarter

Posted on Apr 14, 2021 08:33 by RPGWatch

[​IMG]Lost Eidolons has some new Feature Spotlights on both Combat Gameplay & Unit Customization. Additionally Ocean Drive Studio have announced that the game will be coming to Kickstarter April 21st.


Lost Eidolons is coming to Kickstarter on April 21st!

Greetings everyone!

We're excited to officially announce that Lost Eidolons will be coming to Kickstarter! You'll be able to support the project and follow its development closely starting on Wednesday, April 21st next week! You can also bookmark the page now at our project page: http://bit.ly/LostEidolonsKS

For us at Ocean Drive Studio, Kickstarter is another way (in addition to our existing community channels) for us to get to collaborate with our community on creating our game. It will allow us to continue to grow a foundation of supporters who wish to see Lost Eidolons succeed by helping shape the finished product with ideas and feedback. Our goal is a game that players can heartily recommend to their friends, or one that years from now people will fondly recollect (we're aiming for raving Steam reviews!).


Lost Eidolons Feature Spotlight: Unit Customization

Greetings everyone!

Last week week we talked about the story and outgame of Lost Eidolons. For this feature spotlight we'll be discussing how you can customize units in your army!

Before we get into that though, we want to make it clear that customization in Lost Eidolons refers to how you set up each character for battle, and what the composition of your battle force will consist of. It does not refer to a character creator of any sort. Each of the units that you can recruit have a preset look and backstory specific to them. The greatest degree of change you can make to these characters' appearance is by changing their class which will accordingly change their visual armor.

As always, the contents of the blog are early development and aren't representative of the final product. We'll keep improving and polishing things as time goes on!

To understand the extent in which you can customize the units, we'll overview the following mechanics and user interfaces:
  • Status Window
  • Equipment Window
  • Skills & Magic Spellbook
  • Job Changing/Unity Ceremony

Lost Eidolons Feature Spotlight: Combat/Gameplay

Greetings everyone!

Earlier this week we discussed how you could customize your units that you'll be able to utilize throughout your campaign in Lost Eidolons. For this blog, we'll be covering the meat and bones of your gameplay experience-the combat!

As usual, we must leave a disclaimer that visual media shown is not representative of the final game! We're still polishing everything!

The battle begins before you even take your first turn. The moment you're able to see the battlefield scenario-the enemies, the terrain, and the hazards-you should be thinking to yourself which of your units you'll field to tackle the encounter. Picking the right units with the right skills and items will be the key to winning any combat in Lost Eidolons.

Player Actions: Make Your Move

Players will levy combat orders against the opposing force in phases. You'll issue commands to your units all at once, followed by your allied guest AI if they're present, followed by the enemy army. A phase ends when all units in a team have taken an action and a round ends when all three phases have ended cycling back to the player.


Actions include attacking, using skills, incanting magic, using an item, exchanging an item from the storage, defending, or waiting. A unit's turn has ended after taking an action. Units can move before taking an action, however they cannot move after taking an action (there is a skill to allow movement after action however).

There are also certain commands units can perform that won't end their turn. Such actions include swapping their primary and secondary weapons or mounting/dismounting a horse.

Additionally, sometimes there are special contextual actions that are available for a unit to perform depending on the situation and environment. For example, if they come across a treasure chest, they may use a context action to open and loot it.


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Hobo Tough Life - Released

Posted on Apr 13, 2021 20:13 by RPGWatch

[​IMG]The survival RPG Hobo Tough Life has been released:


Hobo: Tough Life - Release Trailer

Hobo: Tough Life is an urban survival role-playing game where you play as a homeless person. Play alone or team up in online co-op. Explore the streets of Praslav, scavenge for food and supplies, beg, steal, and do whatever else it takes to survive the forthcoming winter.

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The Life and Suffering of Sir Brante - Review

Posted on Apr 13, 2021 20:13 by RPGWatch

[​IMG]Worthplaying reviewed the visual novel/choose-your-own-adventure RPG mix The Life and Suffering of Sir Brante:


PC Review - 'The Life and Suffering of Sir Brante'

The Life And Suffering Of Sir Brante is a narrative-driven RPG that comes to life on the pages of the protagonist's journal.

The Life and Suffering of Sir Brante is a mix of a visual novel and choose-your-own-adventure RPG. During its 8-10 hours of playtime, it establishes an intriguing and deep fantasy world and follows the life of its protagonist Sir Brante from his birth until his inevitable demise. The game promises that you can forge your destiny as Brante, from humble beginnings to a soaring career or maybe an even faster decline. While its writing and atmosphere are surprisingly excellent, its execution of the branching narrative doesn't always feel as free or rewarding as I had hoped.

In visual novel style, each page turned means that time is running down the protagonist's earthly clock. Text usually appears on the left-hand pages, with slightly animated sepia imagery to set the scene on the right side. It's a subdued and minimalist approach, and it reduces what you're doing to reading a book, except it peppers in some crucial decisions over time. It also decides how well you'll like the game; think of Disco Elysium without the gameplay and much fewer dialogue options and choices. The game usually presents you with a full scene or event and gives you the reins for a moment to choose the direction you want to head in. While it might bother those who would rather not read on a screen (or at all), it strikes a nice balance between reading a book and playing a video game, and a lot of that is due to the sound writing.


The Life and Suffering of Sir Brante is one of the better games of its kind I have played in recent memory. The world-building and writing are enthralling, and the prospect of guiding your character from life to death is a fun and challenging exercise. I would have loved more interactivity, especially in dialogues, and some decisions seem predetermined and stacked against you a few too many times to truly feel open. In the end, that doesn't detract from the otherwise fun RPG adventure novel. If you're yearning for a good RPG adventure that is heavy on the reading side, I'd highly recommend The Life and Suffering of Sir Brante.

Score: 8.5/10

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Divided Reigns - Review

Posted on Apr 13, 2021 20:13 by RPGWatch

[​IMG]Oathbound Gaming reviewed Divided Reigns:


Divided Reigns - *NEW* An Instant Classic RPG!

A Classic RPG experience that is a MUST for fans of the genre!

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Phoenix Point - 2021 Roadmap

Posted on Apr 13, 2021 14:12 by RPGWatch

[​IMG]The 2021 Roadmap for Phoenix Point discusses upcoming DLC and a console release.


Phoenix Point Roadmap for 2021 - DLC, Console Release and More!

Attention Phoenix Operatives! We know you've been awaiting news about what's next with Phoenix Point, and we're excited to be able to share some details! Here's what we have planned for Phoenix Point for the rest of 2021:


Right now, we're playtesting and optimizing our next DLC, FESTERING SKIES, which features new missions and enemies, alongside an air combat interception mini-game that hearkens back to the original X-COM. FESTERING SKIES releases on May 25th. We can't wait to see how the Behemoth, our largest enemy ever, shakes up your campaigns! We'll have more to share on FESTERING SKIES soon; be sure to sign up for our Newsletter to be the first to know and get regular alerts.

We also are in the midst of designing and developing another DLC to release later this Summer. CORRUPTED HORIZONS, introduces a new class, enemy, and an even more dangerous threat. DLC 5, which is still in the early stages, will be more focused on vehicles and will release before the end of the year.

We also had to make the tough decision to move our console release to early Q4 2021, so that we can ensure we deliver the best possible experience for console players. We know many of you are eagerly awaiting console release, but the truth is: we just weren't happy with the state of the ports at this time, and we know it's going to take some more work to get them where we need them. The good news is that the console versions will include all of our available DLC prior to its release.

Please share your feedback with us as to how we can improve the game, and consider leaving us a review on Steam to share your experiences with Phoenix Point so far!

Thank you again for your continued support!

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Knights of Frontier Valley - Coming to Early Access

Posted on Apr 13, 2021 14:12 by RPGWatch

[​IMG]Adamant Studios has announced that Knights of Frontier Valley will be coming to Steam Early Access at the end of 2021.


Greetings, venerable Knights of Frontier Valley!

Hi All,

Thanks for checking out this game.

I'm working as fast as I can on a playable Early Access release which will be a sandbox. This means you'll be able to explore the wilderness, enter some of the towns and dungeons, find treasure, beat up monsters, and more.

The world, dungeons, and to a large extend also the towns are procedurally generated, so each new game will be very different.

Everything you can see in the trailer is real game footage and the following things are working today:
  • Creating your character
  • Exploring the entire world map and zoomed-in wilderness maps
  • Entering all dungeons and towns; however, most are still empty, so I'll leave those out of EA
  • Using the inventory (most items that will be in the final game are already there)
  • Some player character status - he can get tired and injured, rest and recover
  • Ambience features including day/night-cycles, weather, and seasons
  • Saving/loading the game
  • Basic combat workflow (no AI yet)
  • The lockpicking mini-game
  • Some Cutscenes
A lot more will be added for EA, but the following will likely not be included in the first release:
  • A real story and the 10 chapters the final game will be divided into
  • Factions
  • The ability to enter most buildings, dungeons, and towns
  • Most (maybe all) quests
  • Magic
  • A tuned NPC-AI for combat and day-to-day behavior
  • Two more mini-games (jousting and sniping)
  • UI eyecandy
About the timeline... you probably know this - it will be done when it's done. With the exception of freelancing artists there is only one person working on this game (me), so please bear with me while I'm working on the design, programming, art and music spec/review/integration, testing, code building, social media, the website, campaigns and more. I absolutely love doing all of it but it just takes a bit of time. That said, without being able to make any promises, I'm aiming for something still this year.

It has been an incredible four and a half years coming to the point where it is now. The game is running on its own engine, so everything is done from scratch, plus, this is my first game, so there was a lot to learn too. But it has been tremendous fun, and being able to follow your dream is extremely rewarding.

If you'd like to learn more about the development process, please check out the dev blog on the website. There's also an FAQ page with some more info.

I'd love to hear any feedback and will be happy to answer any questions. You can find me on various social media platforms (see links on the store page, most updates are on Twitter), but I'm not posting all that often because this can get very time-intensive - I'd like to focus on finishing the game.


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Vagrus: The Riven Realms - Patch 0.5.30.

Posted on Apr 12, 2021 19:53 by RPGWatch

[​IMG]Vagrus: The Riven Realms got a new patch:


A New Build is OUT - Patch 0.5.30. - Codename: Brimstone and Bones

Hey Folks,
the time has come to revisit the region that featured in Pilgrims of the Wasteland, the tutorial/prelude of Vagrus. We opened up that very zone for the open-world campaign, albeit we are 10 years in the future compared to that prologue story, so expect some changes. There was a bit of a switcheroo involving several patches in the works and eventually the choice fell onto pushing this out in part to fix a game-breaking bug from the previous patch. For this reason, expect a smaller update in the near future that irons out a few things regarding the currently added content, although we might end up merging that with Mercenary Tasks, the next larger addition.

Important Note
Considering the extent of these improvements there is little to no chance that we broke nothing in the process. Assume that we did not want to make anyone's life harder. If you see something amiss, please flag it to us using the usual channels, like the inbuild reporting tool (F1 button), forums, and our Discord server.

Now let's jump into the details:

Patch 0.5.30 - Codename: Brimstone and Bones

New Content
  • The Smolderbone region is finally open, as well as a new part of the Searing Plains
  • They include five new points of interest: the city of Avernum, Omphalat Outpost, as well as the tribal settlements Vitrar and Utvorar, plus the dreaded Writhing Oasis.
  • A number of stories and quests that lead to this zone continue, and a lot of new ones begin here, too.
  • A new companion , the veteran warrior and former kingpin Skornar can be recruited in Avernum.
  • New/Updated Features
  • Defender, Diehard, and Marksman Perks implemented.
  • Skill dependencies implemented for Burrow, Eviscerate, and a number of other enemy Skills. In some instances, these Skills appear as new (like Eviscerate) but mostly they got more restricted in their use by the tweaks.
  • Considerable changes to market prices.
  • A number of fixes/design changes to Trade Offers.
  • Enemy Mounts and Beasts gained through Crew Combat are now turned into supplies when your comitatus uses the Yrg beast type.
  • Enemy combat resistances nerfed all across the board.
Bug Fixes
  • Most Event UI crashes/bugs fixed - not all of them, though
  • Various smaller fixes and Event script tweaks
Known Issues:
  • Skornar's Guard Stance retaliation attack upon successful block may not always trigger. We are investigating the reason.
  • Load times are getting higher and higher. We plan to address the issue closer to the final release.
'Is Vagrus properly balanced now?'
- Nope.

'Was it a step in the right direction?'
- We think so. Please let us know how you find it.

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Divided Reigns - What's Next

Posted on Apr 12, 2021 13:52 by RPGWatch

[​IMG]The latest update for Divided Reigns talks about what comes next.


What's Next for Divided Reigns

Achievements, new end-game dungeons, seasonal events, and more!

To everyone who's purchased and reviewed Divided Reigns so far, we want to thank you! Every sale and heartfelt review means the world to us! It really does!

Working Achievements

It's been a huge sore spot that our achievements haven't been working correctly. That is now fixed! Visiting the world map will grant you any achievements you have previously earned.

Huge shout out to the developer of Killer Gin which you can find here:

In a moment where they could have been competitive and said, "lol, sux to be u" to us, they instead took the high road and helped us get our achievements working. If you haven't already, we highly encourage you to go check out Killer Gin, another recent great RPG maker game on Steam!

Big Update
  • Achievements are now working!
  • Customizable keyboard controls (Go to the options menu
  • Fixed fullscreen/windowed modes
  • TONS of bug fixes

What's next for Divided Reigns

We have a lot of content we are planning, but up first is our two (yes two) huge, extra hard end-game dungeons! We are planning on release of these dungeons sometime summer 2021.

Also, our first regular seasonal event will be Halloween. All seasonal events, additional content, dlc, etc. will ALWAYS be free. No microtransactions EVER!

If you are enjoying Divided Reigns, please take a moment to review it. It helps us tremendously!

Thank you and enjoy!
Happy Adventuring!

-Andrew Ryan Henke
-Adam Dover

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Anority - New Screenshots

Posted on Apr 12, 2021 13:52 by RPGWatch

[​IMG]The last update for turn based science fiction game Anority posted some new screenshots.


Many improvements and changes have been made in this update.

Posted by Faeton on Nov 17th, 2020

The following is added:

-a system of random encounters on a global map (according to the time of day and habitat of the creatures)
-new storage system - up to 10 slots (use of bed)
-added characters selling tools and parts for armour and weapons
-added doctors - they sell medicines and treat for money (a doctor at the Condirriens base treats for free)
-several new locations
-a new enemy
-a new type of weapon
-slightly improved graphics
-bug fixing




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