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Soul Hackers 2 - Devil Summoning and Combat

Posted on Aug 17, 2022 19:02 by RPGWatch

[​IMG]Take a crash course in Soul Hackers 2 battle mechanics:


Soul Hackers 2 - Devil Summoning and Combat | PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC

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RPG General News - Some hidden Gems

Posted on Aug 17, 2022 19:02 by RPGWatch

[​IMG]Tensor Gaming assembled a list of ten hidden RPG gems:


Top 10 RPG Games Hidden Gems on Steam - PC / Consoles

0:00 Intro
0:17 Orangeblood
1:29 Tenderfoot Tactics
2:09 Shadows of Adam
2:55 Long Gone Days
4:40 Eternal Radiance
6:30 Heroine Anthem Zero 2: Scalescars Oath
7:00 Heartbeat
8:58 Game #3
10:19 Game #2
11:28 Game #1

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Earth's Shadow - Gameplay

Posted on Aug 17, 2022 19:02 by RPGWatch

[​IMG]SplatterCatGaming checked out the Early Access game Earth's Shadow:


Earth's Shadow - Dark Sci Fi Deathworld Action RPG

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Roadwarden - Release Date: September 8

Posted on Aug 17, 2022 12:53 by RPGWatch

[​IMG]Morale Anxiety Studio and Assemble Entertainment shared a new trailer for Roadwarden. The game will be released on September 8. A demo is available now on Steam:


Roadwarden gets Release date! - New Trailer and new Demo on Steam available now!

Roadwarden will be released September 8, 2022! - New Trailer and new Demo now available here on Steam!

Roadwarden, our illustrated text-based RPG by indie dev Moral Anxiety Studio is hitting the old dusty trail on September 8, 2022, coming to Steam with support on Windows PC, Mac, and Linux.

Today, Roadwarden's release date announcement is accompanied by an all-new trailer and an official demo now available on Steam.

Roadwarden merges elements of high fantasy and medieval adventure and is punctuated by a distinct isometric pixel art style. Combining mechanics borrowed from RPGs, visual novels, and interactive fiction, Roadwarden tells the tale of an explorer hired by a powerful merchant guild, tasked with journeying to a mysterious peninsula to spread the guild's influence. With over 40 hours of gameplay, dialogue choices that branch into hundreds of thousands of text lines, and progressively upgradable character abilities, Roadwarden is a truly epic and unique adventure experience where no two playthroughs are alike.


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Sunday Gold - First Look @ TBL

Posted on Aug 17, 2022 00:42 by RPGWatch

[​IMG]The Turn Based Lovers checked out Sunday Gold:


Sunday Gold: Prologue | Single-Player Point-and-click Turn-Based RPG | Gameplay First Look

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Thymesia - Review @ Hardcore Gamer

Posted on Aug 16, 2022 18:33 by RPGWatch

[​IMG]Hardcore Gamer reviewed the upcoming action RPG Thymnesia:


Review: Thymesia

Something something imitation is this and that - I'm sure you know how that fabled saying goes. And perhaps there's a likely market - one with a sufficiently-sized community at its heart - to explain why we're bound to see year after year of these kinds of games release, regardless of scale, style and most importantly, lasting substance. At a time where the very studio responsible for bringing us this template have gone and altered (maybe improved, if such is your view) said premise all over again. Love it or loathe it, the Soulslike sub-genre is here to stay. Yet for every platformer or RPG with a desolate attire, translucent form of narrative and emphasis on getting one-over that annoying road-block that's put you down a dozen attempts prior, there will always be that burning question in the back of your mind: "OK, but what else is there?"


Closing Comments:

Even with these blemishes and moments where the admiration for what's come before gets in the way of basic consistency and much-needed fluidity, OverBorder Studio have at least landed in a much better position with a foundation that's challenging and entertainingly so. Indeed, Thymesia has no qualms with letting its inspirations show in blunt fashion, to the point OverBorder's creation for a time feels like it's all too worryingly becoming less its own unique take and more a greatest-hits compilation ready to implode in on itself at any moment. It would be easy to dismiss Thymesia as exactly this: references and call-backs but with none of the unifying vision - a slap-dash repackaging of the Souls series' high's in an attempt to see what sticks.

But perhaps the biggest surprise coming away is that against all odds this synergy of a literal decade-plus of ideas somehow manages to be as compelling as it is. And while Souls series veterans will get the most out of recognizing and respecting the impossibility of OverBorder's approach here, Thymesia above all else still asks new, fresh and strategically-minded questions as to how to tackle the eventual onslaught. A rarity among this overly-saturated market. But it's that small yet critical tweak to the formula, despite its familiarly-decrepit backdrop and far-from-grandiose stature alike that makes Thymesia one of the more memorable and mechanically-satisfying Soulslike's of the bunch.

Score: 4/5

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Frail Hearts: Versicorae Domlion - Released

Posted on Aug 16, 2022 18:33 by RPGWatch

[​IMG]The tactical RPG Frail Hearts: Versicorae Domlion has been released:


Frail Hearts: Versicorae Domlion

Frail Hearts: Versicorae Domlion is an old-school JRPG with a deep and mysterious storyline placed in a fictional dark city of Gris. Explore the story of four troubled souls and kill the abominations that threaten the existence of reality itself.

Experience the four individual stories of characters knee-deep in madness. Being completely different people, they have their own burdens to overcome in order to be able to see the greater picture and play their part in this tragedy. The gangster, the nun, scholar, and a bookworm: how could they be connected when they've never even met each other? Just pull one thread and watch the whole web come into action.

You will have to kill a lot of strange and terrible creatures in your way. They are here to consume you so there is not much of a choice really. The comfort of turn-based combat allows for a tactical approach: take your time, find the enemy's weakness and strike. Except you'll never face the same enemy twice, so make sure to utilize all the abilities of your party members if you wish to prevail.

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Book of Travels - Update

Posted on Aug 16, 2022 12:32 by RPGWatch

[​IMG]Might and Delight posted a little update explaining how the story and lore are presented to the player in Book of Travels:


The scribes are hard at work, chronicling the world of Braided Shore

Dear Traveller,

Today we wanted to talk about how our work looks in regards to the story of Book of Travels. We're thinking a lot about how we want to present the larger story of the game to the player, and how to expand it over time while still holding true to our original vision and design philosophies
about not wanting to hold the player's hand too tightly or spoon feed them.

When it comes to story in the world of Braided Shore, there is much to do. We are both looking to introduce more lore details to the world, and to expose the intrigue of the Prologue so that more players have the chance to find and play through it.

We're introducing new lore both through item descriptions and, eventually, new encounters and events. We want the storytelling of Book of Travels to feel intuitive, and like something you unveil as you travel
. With every item in the game world telling you bits and pieces of information, we're hoping to add another layer to your roleplaying and immersion.


We also want the world to feel alive, whether you're wandering through the deep woods or bartering in a bustling town. Ensuring that interactions with NPCs feels worthwhile, and that the world highlights the quests and events available to you, is also a major focus of our current work.

When looking at the steam achievements, and talking to the community, we can tell that the main intrigue of the Prologue is incredibly hard to find, and that many players simply have not played through it. We want to expose this story to the player, and ensure that the way we tell the story is in line with how the game is played; what if there wasn't a one singular path to the great city of Kasa? What if there was a way for Travellers to find many clues that point to the city, and the cause of its peculiar lockdown?

This autumn and winter, you can expect hundreds of new item descriptions in-game (our story team has already written over 15 000 words of new lore in the past two weeks), many new dialogues and small encounters, as well as a mystery that seems to permeate the lands of Braided Shore.

For a behind the scenes peek at what we're up to, you can find our work on the Beta, where it will be featured alongside bug fixes, polish of features, and experiments with new gameplay mechanics.
We're hoping that, from the very start of the game, you'll feel the call of the open road, and that the stories you encounter along the way will not only entertain, but stay with you whenever you brew a soothing cup of tea, or when you walk past a grassy field and feel like you might spot omin hiding amongst the underbrush.

You'll hear more from us in the coming weeks. As always, we encourage you to sound off in the comments and on the forums about what you think of any new information we put out.

Until next time, Traveller. May your tea never grow cold...

Best wishes,
The Might and Delight team

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1428: Shadows over Silesia - Release postponed to October 4

Posted on Aug 16, 2022 12:32 by RPGWatch

[​IMG]KUBI Games postponed the release of 1428: Shadows over Silesia to October 4:


Announcement of new release date

1428: Shadows over Silesia will be released on 4th October

Hear ye, hear ye, brave adventurers! I bring important news from the battlefield.

This year has been a very busy one for me, but since January, thanks to the money from the crowdfunding campaign, I've been able to not only finish most of what I had planned, but also add a number of new ideas to the game. I'm well on my way. There are just a few small steps left to take to make it happen.

Unfortunately, due to extra content (such as the Farkle mini-game), blind accessibility, and the preparation of the physical edition, I've been delayed and need more time. I might have made the original release date of September 6, but I'm sure the game would have contained many bugs, imperfections and you simply wouldn't have enjoyed it as much as I would have liked. So I have a tough decision to make.

Release date postponed to October 4, 2022.

Some things are best not rushed. I want the game to come out in the best possible quality, and the extra few weeks will allow me to polish and fine-tune it. I believe you'll understand. As a small consolation I'm attaching some new screenshots.

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Wantless - Interview @ RPG jeux video

Posted on Aug 16, 2022 12:32 by RPGWatch

[​IMG]RPG jeux video interviewed developer Theo Maudet about the upcoming tactical RPG Wantless:


INTERVIEW - Drop Rate Studio's Theo Maudet talks about Wantless

Back in May, we presented Wantless to you, a dystopian turn-based tactical RPG in which you face nightmares in the minds of tortured patients.

And since this production is French and since we like putting the spotlight on our own country's developers, we tried to know more about this game, the people involved in Drop Rate Studio in charge of it, which seems to be as dark as it comes and which topic is new and innovative in the world of tactical RPGs.

Theo Maudet, studio developer and founder, kindly answered our questions with patience and good will.

RPG JV: Hello Theo Maudet. It's a pleasure to be able to talk with you. First of all, could you introduce yourself? What is your role in Wantless?
I'm Theo Maudet, game designer and developer for Wantless, and founder of the studio creating it, Drop Rate Studio. I've studied videogame production management and have been working in the industry since 2016, principally as a producer.

RPG JV: How did the idea for the game appeared in your mind?
Theo Maudet: The gameplay concept actually came before the universe.

On one hand, I've always been fascinated by the characters' growth potential and customization offered in action-RPGs and MMORPGs. I'm deeply attached to the perspective of forging a character after my preferences and "invent" it, and afterwards invest my time to develop it's capacities to a point where they'd explode.

In the other, I love the turn-based gamefeel. They might be less spectacular than their real-time alter egos, but I like the experience based on preparation and planification they propose, more than reflexes and instincts. Their gameplay is often just, clear and particularly rewarding.

Even if counter-examples exist, we don't often see these two aspects merged into one game, and they're not exploited to their full potential. I think it's partly because it's rare to see a turn-based game where you only control one character, and that it's harder to propose deep customization options and vast gameplay opportunities when you control multiple characters.

As for the universe, it's objective is to propose things different from our inspirations and what we usually know, and to make you think. I wanted to talk about grief and anxieties coming from a silent world without wars or any other cataclysm, where the battles that remain are led into the people's minds, where the enemies are our own limits, our own weaknesses.

RPG JV: Why the title 'Wantless'? Why an English title?
The game is developed en designed in English before all else, even though a French localization is planned. The game is not aimed at the French market, but more a worldwide one.

In the game's universe, your patients use the transposition method to get their desires extracted, which they see as unmet and frustrations. When pushed to extreme levels, the repetition of this process leaves them without any desire, any will, any want: Wantless!


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RPGWatch Feature - Knights of the Chalice II Review

Posted on Aug 15, 2022 00:03 by RPGWatch

[​IMG]RPGWatch's Forgottenlor reviewed Knights of the Chalice II.

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General News - Project Relic Gameplay Trailer

Posted on Aug 14, 2022 11:53 by RPGWatch

[​IMG]@DSOGaming The new gameplay trailer for Dark Souls inspired Action RPG Project Relic.


As always, this trailer showcases a game that is in development, meaning that its visual style, graphics and levels may change. In other words, this trailer does not represent the quality of the final product.

We should also not forget that Project Cloud Games is a small team. Therefore, you should temper your expectations, and you should not expect a Dark Souls 3-quality game.

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Star Ocean: The Divine Force - New Character Trailers

Posted on Aug 14, 2022 11:53 by RPGWatch

[​IMG]Two new character introduction trailers for the J-RPG Star Ocean: The Divine Force have been released:


Character Introduction Trailer: Elena

Character Introduction Trailer: Albaird Bergholm

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