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G3: Yoshimo's Remorse v2.0 is now available

Posted on Jan 14, 2020 00:32 by Ancalagon

New update for Yoshimo's Remorse! Version 2.0 now includes a Russian translation.

Was the event at the Asylum truly the ending to Yoshimo's adventures with the Bhaalspawn? Is there simply no way to redeem himself?
Yoshimo's Remorse is a mod for BG2:ToB that makes Yoshimo a playable character in Throne of Bhaal. However, he is not what you expect him to be... Prepare yourself for new adventures and talks with the infamous bounty hunter, a tormented soul that was left with nothing but regrets. Listen to him as this may be his last chance to find peace.

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SHS: DSotSC updates to 3.10 with native EET compatibility!

Posted on Jan 08, 2020 11:32 by Ancalagon

Spellhold Studios

Dark Side of the Sword Coast for BGT/EET

This is the BGT/EET version of the original mod for BG1 - Tales of the Sword Coast. New spells, items, 5 major quests, new areas, and 7 (silent) NPCs are available to your party. Most NPCs have quests. Quests include rescuing a child from vampires, saving a town from a dragon, and searching for missing people.

The new version 3.1 comes with additional native EET compatibility, restructured install structure, nerfed items, and a lot of bugfixes and improvements by k4thos!

Due to the changed item stats the language versions need to be updated. So far, the mod comes with English, Spanish, and Italian version (the last by ilot).

As an extra bonus, the mod is now available from SpellholdStudio's Official GitHub Mirror.

Read the Readme

Download at SHS

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SHS: Worldmap Mod and AddOns Update!

Posted on Jan 08, 2020 11:32 by Ancalagon

Spellhold Studios

BP-BGT-Worldmap Mod

This mod replaces the ingame worldmap with a large, new worldmap. It is used especially for the Megamodification (BGT, TDD, SOS, CtB, TS, DSotSC, NTotSC, SoBH, Drizzt Saga...) or partial installations of the Megamodification.

The mod is also compatible with BG:EE, BGII:EE, and EET.

It also includes a full set of coloured map icons. The mod offers the choice between two different worldmap sizes: large and huge. Either of these two worldmaps can be used for BG1, BG2 and ToB. Alternatively, a smaller, specially prepared worldmap can be used for ToB. The mod also offers optional, alternative travel times and area visibility. Lastly, the mod includes a savegame converter, which allows old saved games to be updated to include the new map(s). (The worldmap data is also stored in the savegame files. If you want to install this worldmap, run the savegame converter and you don't have to start a new game.)

Version 10.2.4 fixes wrongly (or not at all) named DSotSC areas on the worldmap and adjusts the area visibility from NTotSC to the ones in the mod.

Note: for this version, you also need the updated Language AddOns v9.0.0.

The mod is also available from SHS's official GitHub mirror.

Download from SHS Download Site.


- corrected area names for DSotSC areas (areas should be named correctly and should all have names on the worldmap).
- corrected area visibility for ntotsc (areas should have the same visibility on worldmap as in original mod).
- added changelog.txt file.
- renamed folder to "bp-bgt-worldmap".
- moved setup-bp-bgt-worldmap.tp2 inside mod folder.
- added bp-bgt-worldmap.ini with mod info meta data.

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Kerzenburgforum: Brage's Redemption - Brage NPC Mod for BG

Posted on Jan 07, 2020 23:22 by Ancalagon


Brage's Redemption - Brage NPC Mod for BG1

Author: jastey
Portrait Artist: Acifer
Languages: English, German

Brage's Redemption is a Quest Mod for BG1 and an NPC Mod for the whole Baldur's Gate Epic. It is natively compatible with BG:EE, SoD, BGII, BGT, BGII:EE, EET. No Tutu.


Brage is the captain of the Nashkel guard and went missing after killing his family.

The mod makes Brage a joinable NPC and introduces a quest extention to the Brage quest in the game (BG1). The quest extention to prove his innocence was originally published as the component "Brage's Sword" in the mod bgqe. To gain Brage as a joinable NPC, the PC needs to prove his innocence as well as give him back his real sword. After leaving the temple once after that, Brage can be visited inside the temple of Helm in Nashkel and will offer to join the PC.
The quest to make Brage a joinable NPC can be completed before clearing the Nashkel mines. See the spoiler section in the readme for information.

Note for compatibility: bgqe component "Brage's Sword" and Brage's Redemption are compatible if bgqe component "Brage's Sword" is installed first. If you want to use bg1npc Project, install component "Brage's Sword" from bgqe first and Brage's Redemption as an NPC mod later.

As a second, optional component, the mod's portrait and soundset can be assigned to the original game Brage, as well. This will not change his very first line if met while he is still under the influence of the curse.

German Discussion Thread at Kerzenburgforum

Modpage at Kerzenburgforum

Download at GitHub

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SHS: Djinni Companion v2.8 available with French...

Posted on Jan 04, 2020 22:52 by Ancalagon

Spellhold Studios

Afaaq, the Djinni Companion

Afaaq, the Djinni Companion is a mod for BG2, BGT, BG2:EE, EET and IWD:EE. It features the djinni Afaaq, a unique travelling companion who joins the party as your "seventh party member" and provides interesting dialogs, lots of quests and several new areas or area expansions.

Version 2.8 adds French translation to the mod (many thanks to Deratiseur).

You can grab the latest release from the download links below.


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G3 welcomes Grey the Dog NPC Mod for BG1!

Posted on Dec 31, 2019 22:13 by Ancalagon

Happy Holiday Mod Release at Gibberlings Three!

Grey the Dog NPC

Original idea for a dog companion, first kit draft with special abilities, first portrait: Rabain
Everything else: jastey

Grey is a full-fledged joinable NPC, but still a real dog. The only magic on him is his magically enchanted items.
He has sensible interjections (Woof!), NPC banters (mostly NPC dialogues about him with the PC), a click dialogue (PID) if the PC feels like playing fetch or just needs someone to talk to. There are dialogue options that reflect the game story and I'll promise: Grey will always listen to your PC's woes. Grey initiates no dialogues so there is no friendship track and - I am really sorry, but no romance. Not even for Shapeshifters.
In BG1 there are two small quests, both available in BG city. The quests are also available and solvable without Grey in party.
Where appropriate, Grey can be told to "search" for missing persons, in BG1 Brage and farmer Brun's son, in SoD the five missing refugees. This is realized so it doesn't spoil the quests too much, though, so do not expect too much help.

Grey can follow the group as a "7th party member". There are some quirks with this mode and also levelling up needs to be done by letting him join from time to time (please refer to readme), but it works great if you need the slot for another NPC without having to send Grey back home.

Please note: So far, the mod officially contains BG1 content only. Grey should already be fully functional in SoD (but only in English), but BGII content is not done yet.

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SHS: Skip Chateau Irenicus updates to v3.1 with Russian...

Posted on Dec 29, 2019 21:42 by Ancalagon

Spellhold Studios

Skip Chateau Irenicus

This is a mod for classic BG2, BG2:EE and EET that allows you skip all the boring details of Chateau Irenicus without losing potential equipment and items.

Version 3.1 provides Russian translation and fixes several bugs. You can grab the latest release from the download links below.


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SHS: Golem Construction for Spellcasters v6.1 available...

Posted on Dec 29, 2019 21:42 by Ancalagon

Spellhold Studios

Golem Construction for Spellcasters

Golem Construction for Spellcasters is a mod for BG:EE, SoD, BG2:EE, EET and IWD:EE. It allows you to build a great variety of different kinds of golems and provides several more golem-related improvements.

Version 6.1 adds Russian translation to the mod. You can grab the latest release from the download links below.


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SHS: IEP Banter and Friendship Mods updates!

Posted on Dec 11, 2019 18:42 by Ancalagon

Spellhold Studios

Christmas Updates continue!

IEP Extended Banters has been updated to v5.5 with a lot of fixes and optimised install routine!

The goal of this mod is to ensure that each Bioware NPC gets their fair share of banters with each other. We also intend to expand on friendships and relationships between the various NPCs; the friendship between Mazzy and Aerie, for example, or the peculiar relationship between Jaheira and Viconia. Currently, the mod includes banters mainly for Shadows of Amn, with two for ToB (between Minsc and Aerie). Read the Mod's Readme

Also, all IEP Friendship Mods have been updated: Cernd Friendship v1.2, Haer'Dalis Friendship v1.1, Imoen Friendship v3.4, Korgan Friendship v1.4, Mazzy Friendship v3.3, Minsc Friendship v1.1, Sarevok Friendship v2.5, Valygar Friendship v1.1, Viconia Friendship v4.4, Yoshimo Friendship v4.4!

All mods are compatible with all BGII games: BGII, BGII:EE, BGT, and EET. And on top, all IEP Mods are now also available from the official SHS GitHub Mirror!

Visit the Mods' Forum

Download the Mods from Spellhold Studios

Download the Mods from official SHS GitHub Mirror

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SHS: NTotSC v3.2.0 with Italian and Polish versions!

Posted on Dec 11, 2019 18:42 by Ancalagon

Spellhold Studios

Another Christmas Update at Spellhold Studios!

Northern Tales of the Sword Coast (BGT, BG:EE, EET)

The mod adds several quests to the BG1 part (with TotSC) to the game and is compatible with BGT, BG:EE, and EET. Some are minor encounters with no further impact, but some are larger quests that are also partly connected to each other.
One large quest is given to you by Duke Eltan (before you go to Candlekeep). One of the longest quests also starts before Candlekeep: Talk to the lady outside the Sorceror's Sundries. One quest can be started by talking to Yness in Ulgoth's Beard.

Version 3.2.0 comes with minor bug fixes, more tuned down fights, and a revised Italian version by ilot, and a revised Polish version by Roberciiik!

-Completed and revised Italian version by ilot
-Completed and revised Polish version by Roberciiik
-Map Note to Fire Leaf Forest added (entrance to pass to Cloud Peak)
-Map Note added to AR80PB.are (Entrance to Cave)
-description of Shocking Flail adjusted to real stats
-Draagis' staff should have correct damage effect
-all keys tagged as keys so they fit into the key chain
-Nadalin recognizes whether he brought PC to island before (should not give his first dialogue every time after quest is finished)
-AR9001.are: trap at desk should be removable/reachable
-AR25PB.are: removed original fire slamander references, also from dialogues (replaced with mod ones)
-journal entry for elven bow will also be added if PC gets quest without any of the items already in inventory
-assigned fighting script to Demon Knights (should not stand idle)
-nerved fire slamander fight: for level PC lower 4 or game difficulty lower NORMAL, number of fire slamander will be halved.
-nerved fire slamanders: less HP, no immunity to nonmagical weapons, less damage
-Lesser Tanar'ri nerved: lower XP, immunity to slashing, crishing, piercing set to 0, nerfed Tanar'ri spell script.
-fight with Lesser Tanar'ri nerved: number of Lesser Tanar'ri depending in game difficulty
-removed elven chain mail +1 from Haebal
-Haebal cre nerfed and corrected: is now mage with legal stats
-Hasdar cre nerfed: has now legal amount of HP
-nerved Knights of the Grave: reduced HP, nerved undroppable flame blade
-monster count in AR02PB reduced depending on game difficulty. For INSANE, all monsters will still be there.
-DSotSC ressources: Holy Water effect should work on undead, Holy Water can be bought in almost all Temples.
-put a note into the readme that Will is a rather silent NPC.
-German version: corrected description of Studded Leather of Resistance
-German version: effects description of Armor of Black Swan corrected

Download at SHS (all OS)

Discussion Thread at SHS

Download NTotSC latest Release from GitHub

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SHS: Edwin Romance updates to v2.09!

Posted on Dec 02, 2019 17:02 by Ancalagon


Spellhold Christmas Updates continue!

Edwin Romance

This is a Weidu mod for Baldur's Gate, Shadows of Amn, that allows the player to carry out a romantic relationship with Edwin Odesseiron, that insulting Thayvian wizard wearing red.

An additional optional component for the romance is a new epilogue for romanced and redeemed Viconia, of a less tragic kind than the original one. Note that this will in no way affect the Edwin romance in itself, so if you prefer Viconia's original epilogue, simply bypass this component upon installation.

This package includes the entire Edwin Romance (SoA+ToB), and is compatible with BGII, BGT, BGII:EE, and EET!

The Edwin Romance mod updates to v2.09 with a completed Russian translation by Staylos, and a bugfix.

Read the Readme

Visit the Forum

Download at SHS

Download from official GitHub Mirror at SpellholdStudios


-Russian version completed, by Staylos.

-Morning after drunk talk should fire after wakeup, independent of romance timer.

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G3/Kerzenburgforum: Imoen 4 Ever Mod v2!

Posted on Dec 02, 2019 04:53 by Ancalagon

Gibberlings Three / Kerzenburgforum

Imoen 4 Ever

More Happy Holidays Updates!

Imoen 4 Ever aims at making Imoen a steady companion throughout the whole BG-Saga. Imoen-related story content is being considered, therefore Imoen will be out of party temporarily to reflect the most crucial original game events. This mod makes her rejoin the party after such incidents, so that she can be seen as an actual travel companion in SoD (not finished yet) and BGII. Note: The SoD part is not finished yet.

Version 2 comes with a Polish translation by memory, bugfixes, and two optional components for BGII and SoD parts for those who want to install them seperately in EET.

Thank you to memory for the Polish translation!


-Polish version by memory
-BGII and SoD contents splitted into two optional components
-reply options Nalia, Hendak referring to Imoen missing disabled
-remark from Bodhi about captured Imoen removed
-Anomen will not refer to Imoen if she is in party (romance dialogue)
-SoD part installs correctly
-typo corrections

Mod Page


German Discussion Thread at Kerzenburgforum


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G3 Welcomes Balduran's Seatower Mod in Progress!

Posted on Dec 01, 2019 16:52 by Ancalagon

Gibberlings Three

Citizens of Baldur's Gate!

Let it be known that by edict of the Grand Dukes the famous Seatower of Balduran is henceforth open to the public! Donate in Sel√Ľne's Temple, seek shelter in Ilmater's Monastery and enjoy the famous Golden Dragon Ale in Roryn's tavern. But be warned:
There are rumors of some hidden danger beneath the surface and the waters are unusually calm this year.

Duke Eltan,
Hammer 1368 DR.

We continue G3's Happy Holiday Updates: G3 is happy to welcome Balduran's Seatower, a mod in progress!

Balduran's Seatower is a quest mod for BG:EE, BGT, and EET that adds a new area to the city of Baldur's Gate, accessible via the south-west corner of the Docks District.

It includes numerous new quests:

  • Clear the catacombs from the evil that nested inside!
  • Find a missed monk who vanished with the Ilmater's alms for the poor!
  • Help a soldier's brother who got into trouble with smugglers... and more!
  • Protect the Seatower Commander against a doppelganger invasion!
  • Follow the stray Sahuagin into the secret tunnel and explore the sea cave beneath the tower!
  • Retrieve a godly artifact from the Old Temple Island!
  • Help Inn master Roryn to catch all 11 rabbits inside the tavern!

The mod is still in development, alpha testing is progressing. There is no ETA but we hope to be able to present a beta in the not-too-distant future.

Presented to you by the BS Company, the mod now has an official home at G3 with Modpage and Forum.

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G3: Corthala Romantique updates to v3!

Posted on Dec 01, 2019 16:52 by Ancalagon

Gibberlings Three

We continue our Happy Holidays Updates with a bugfix update for

Corthala Romantique

This mod introduces a romance and additional content for Valygar Corthala and is available for BG2, BG2EE, BGT, and EET. Originally a part of the TeamBG mod 'Tortured Souls', the romance had a short-lived history as stand-alone part of said mod. It's since been reworked with lots of additional content and revisions and is now ready as a separate download. The Corthala Romantique adds a romance for female PCs (no short races) of good or neutral alignment (no chaotic neutral) or female druids. To proceed with the romance, the reputation has to be above 13. The mod also adds friendship talks for the SoA part of the game for PCs that do not fulfill the romance criteria. For ToB, all dialogues added are for romance, only.

Version 3 comes with a bugfix.


  • prevented the "Merella is dead" dialogue to fire sooner than first LT (no NVLOR in first LT if Merella was already dead upon joining)

Project Page


Discussion Thread


Download at GitHub

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G3 Welcomes Jastey's SoD TweakPack

Posted on Dec 01, 2019 16:52 by Ancalagon

Gibberlings Three

It's Time for G3 Happy Holiday Updates!

Jastey's SoD TweakPack

This tweak pack is mainly meant for the SoD part of BG:EE (except for the last component which introduces Imoen's SoD portrait into BGII).
It deals with some tweaks that I found useful for my own game.

The SoD TweakPack has an official home at G3 now.

1 Ending Independent on PC Replies
2 Do Not Miss NPC-PC Dialogues
3 Skip Korlasz's Dungeon
4 More Dialogue Choices & Prevent Dead Ends
5 Use Imoen's BG1 and SoD Portrait for BGII in EET&BGT
6 Restore scripted Abduction Scene Fight

Visit the Modpage

Visit the Forum

Download at G3

Download at GitHub

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