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G3: Framed Mod Version 1.14 now available!

Posted on Jun 05, 2023 17:03 by Ancalagon

Gibberlings Three


The Framed mod provides 2 different versions of Chapter 6 and makes going to Candlekeep a possible side quest not involving the Iron Throne. If Candlekeep is visited before the Iron Throne Building is investigated, Eltan will have a different task for the group to be done in Chapter 6. To experience the new version, a work order will need to be obtained from Bentley (Friendly Arm Inn) or Scar (initial meeting only and only if PC admits to clearing the Nashkel mines) during Chapter 5.

Version 1.14 comes with a fix and some optimizations.


- Chapter change should not be initiated in Iron Throne Head Quarters if Candlekeep was done the normal way.
- Optimized patching of DELTAN.dlg (I_C_T instead of EXTEND_BOTTOM + added transactions).
- French translation revised (game.tra), by JohnBob.

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G3: EndlessBG1 updates to v17!

Posted on Jun 02, 2023 16:22 by Ancalagon

Gibberlings Three

Endless BG1

For the EE games, the main aim of this mod is to provide the possibility to remain in the BG1 "world" after Sarevok is defeated. Original progressing/ending of the game will be done by talking to Duke Belt inside the Palace.
For EET, it also adds the possibility to move on to BGII by skipping SoD completely. This was included because it was easy to add, not because I think it should be skipped. (Also note that there might be mods that expect SoD events to have happened in BGII).

For BGT, the main component of the mod adds some praise for the PC to Duke Belt's dialogue and removes some oversights with regard to references to Sarevok after he died.

There are several optional components that give more flavor to the situation and prepare for the SoD story events in all games. For most additional content I was inspired by how Baldur's Gate city looks in SoD. Three components are for SoD/EET only.

Version 17 comes with minor fixes and changes!


-Korlasz' Crypt in BG1: NPCs should always use their SoD scripts while inside the crypt.
-Duke Jannath should not ask for the tomes if Imoen already gave them to her.
-More cleanup after Sarevok: Delthyr in ThreeOldKegs, Sorrel in NBaldursGate.
-Journal entries that make no more sense after Sarevok's defeat should be closed or erased (work in progress).
-Added compatibility note to readme for "BG1 NPCs in SoD"-Mods and dlg/bcs handling for "Korlasz' Dungeon in BG1": NPCs get their SoD dialogue and script assigned. If BG1 NPCs do not have an original SoD script they would have to be patched accordingly if a mod requires them to have one.

Visit Modpage

Visit Forum

Download (GitHub)

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Kerzenburgforum: Brandock the Mage updates to v1.3!

Posted on Jun 01, 2023 16:03 by Ancalagon


Brandock the Mage NPC Mod

Brandock is a mage NPC for Baldur's Gate. He is friendly and helpful and very interested in magic books. While travelling with Brandock, the PC learns about why he is at the Sword Coast and where he is from - both deeply connected to well known locations of the BG games but I do not want to spoiler too much. Brandock talks a lot, and there will be several topics along the game's story that will keep his thoughts - and mouth - busy.

Brandock comes with friendship talks, own quests, and banters with some NPCs, and player initiated dialogues. The latter offers the possibility to ask Brandock a lot of questions to topics he mentioned or events in game.

Please note: So far, the mod officially contains no BGII content. Brandock can be met and join the group in BGII, reacts to the mage stronghold and sphere quest, and has an epilogue, but apart from that content for BGII is not done yet.

Version 1.3 comes with minor changes and fixes.


- Messenger from Elvenhair should come.
- Brandock's comment on being in prison should fire.
- Reduced Brandock's starting HPs to 10.
- More crossmod (Brandock reacts to libraries in mod areas from Breagar and Aajntis BGII).
- Brandock's remark about freeing the Nashkel Mines should not fire before mine is freed.
- Removed deprecated PID options.
- Removed empty sling proficiency effect from c#bran01.cre.
- Typo correction.

Discussion Thread at GibbrlingsThree

German Discussion Thread at Kerzenburgforum

Modpage at Kerzenburgforum

Direct GitHub Download

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Kerzenburgforum: Ascalon's Questpack updates to v5.0!

Posted on Jun 01, 2023 16:03 by Ancalagon


Ascalon's Questpack

Author: Ascalon; Current Maintainer: jastey

During the course of the game one is often inspired with smaller or bigger ideas for side-quests or stories that take place parallel to the story of the bhaalspawn. This modification is a collection of my ideas: Several quests or differing dimensions. Some are humorous, others of the tragic kind. There are puzzles and combat challenges. Several require a diplomatic touch. A few are race- and class-specific.
The mod adds quests to both BG1 and BGII. It can be installed dierectly to BG:EE, BGII:EE, EET, BGT, Tutu (w TotSC), and BGII.

Version 5.0 comes with several improvements. The main one is that the component Serpents of Abbathor now offers an install option with a real quest ending in BG1.

Russian version was updated by Arkie, thank you! The French version is worked on; Italian would still need the new translations!


-Component Serpenst of Abbathor has two install choices: Original version or Tweaked version. Tweaked version has closing of quest in BG1, including small follow-up in BGII for BGT/EET if PC helped Wostok to the end.
-Generally revised Serpents of Abbathor quest: more journal entries, no open quest ends, PC can change sides if agreed to kill Wostok, dialogue improvements.
-A short walkthrough for the component Serpents of Abbathor was added to AC_QUEST/docs/.
-Component "Jumper" has two install choices: original with Ugh&Jumper inside the cave and a compatibility alternative with them outside.
-Freed miners and Amnish guards should leave (Serpents of Abbathor).
-Removed wrong string refs from cres (Serpents of Abbathor).
-Taken mine should no longer contain contaminatd ore (Serpents of Abbathor).
-Removed wrong automap notes (AC4404.are).
-Removed leftover scripts from mod areas.
-Inserted unused journal entry if Tarash remained friendly (Serpents of Abbathor).
-Tarash should not spawn if quest was started with pamphlet (Serpents of Abbathor).
-Lugosch should drop the known Gundmagtor, not the unknown artefact (Serpents of Abbathor).
-Unified dwarven names (Lugosch, Tarash/Tarasch; Serpents of Abbathor).
-Gibberling Leather Armor should not be called Orc Leather (Home for the Gibberlings).
-Quest characters should not drop items in dialogue meant for the group but give it to the PC.
-Changed "diary" to "journal" (English version).

Mod Homepage

Discussion Thread at GiberlngsThree

German Discussion Thread

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Kerzenburgforum: Ascalon's Breagar updates to 12.2.0!

Posted on Jun 01, 2023 03:53 by Ancalagon


Ascalon's Breagar

This modification introduces Breagar of Clan Bardormar as a joinable NPC into Baldur's Gate 1 and II. Breagar is of lawful good alignment and comes with an own kit: "Dwarven Blacksmith". There are dialogues, creatures, items, and quests added for both BG1 and BGII games.
For BGT and EET, Breagar works as a continuous character all through the trilogy. There are three different ToB endings dependent on the player's choices.

For BG:EE, Tutu, BGII, and BGII:EE, only the according content of the game will be installed.

The mod is compatible but independent on the Worldmap Mod, i.e. the Breagar Mod will work with the Worldmap Mod independent on whether it is installed before or after, but the Worldmap Mod is not needed to see the new area added by Breagar on the games' worldmaps.

Version 12.2.0 comes with some new content and fixes. Russian translation of new lines from paladin84!


-Breagar will now use the energy cells from Irenicus' Dungeon to upgrade his silver arm (either in ID at the duergar forge or at Cromwell's if talked to); Russian translation by paladin84.
-BGII(:EE): Imoen's interjection to Breagar's remark about energy cells should fire, too (corrected wrong DV and dlg for Imoen in ID).
-Quest characters should take only one instance of items, not the whole stack.
-Quest characters should not drop quest items onto teh floor instead of giving them to the PC.
-Minor fixes (potential stutter, looping trap script)
-Added EE specific item descriptions.
-reworked compatibility with Tweak Anthology's "Two-handed axes".

Modthread at GibberlingsThree

Modpage at Kerzenburgforum

Modthread at Kerzenburgforum (German)

Download at GitHub

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G3: Ascension v2.0.24 now available with major update to...

Posted on Jun 01, 2023 03:53 by Ancalagon

The new version of the Ascension mod was released. It brings English proofreading of whitespace, punctuation and such, major update to French translation, minor updates for all other translations, fixes for 3 missing translation lines, compatibility with Stratagems "Start TOB with Watcherkeep" component, and some other minor changes and fixes.

One important thing that I want to mention is that the ability to translate this mod using tra files is restored, while also keeping the translation system: Infinity Engine/Ascension @ BGforge Hive. Now you can choose which method you want to use. In other words, for those who want to use .tra files, everything returns to how it was for the past 20 years, and for those who prefer the translation system, nothing changes.

Ascension 2.0.24

  • The ability to translate this mod using tra files is restored
  • Added compatibility with Stratagems component "Start TOB with Watcherkeep"
  • Fixed creation of imoslay2.spl on classic BG2
  • Fixed not existing spell name SPIN822b.BAM to SPIN822.BAM
  • Fix for msg2po regex not supporting double quotes
  • English proofread of whitespace, punctuation and such by Jazira
  • Major update of French translation by Jazira, Selphira and Machiavelique
  • Minor update of Russian translation by abalabokhin
  • Minor update of Czech, Chinese, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Swedish and Spanish translation

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WM: Dvaradime, Fhaugy, Faldorn BG2EE - EET updates

Posted on Jun 01, 2023 03:53 by Ancalagon

A small EET roundup has just happened: Dvaradime, Fhaugy and Faldorn BG2EE should all be EET compatible from now on. Let's treat those new versions as EET betas.

All these mods are available at Weasel Mods Downloads' -

Forum -

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G3: The Boareskyr Bridge Scene updates to v5 with Polish...

Posted on May 30, 2023 15:42 by Ancalagon


The Boareskyr Bridge Scene

The mod gives more impact to the important scene at Boareskyr Bridge in SoD. Like Gorion's letter and the PC's dreams in BG1, the transformation into the slayer in SoA, and the trials in ToB, this scene is an important part of the PC's journey to godhood (or rejection of it). This mod tries to place emphasis on this scene by giving it more depth as well as deeper inclusion into the story by reactions of NPCs and other game characters.

There will be more warnings before going to the bridge and NPCs will react to what happens on it, and depending on the installed components the actual scene will also be extended with description text and choices for the player how the PC will deal with the erupting divine energy including resulting stat changes.

The mod is compatible with Siege of Dragonspear BGEE and EET.

Version 5 comes with a Polish translation by GoForTheEyes!


-Polish version added, by GoForTheEyes.
-Updated link in readme to "Shai Huluds Text-Patch" (German version).

Project Page

Mod Forum


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Kerzenburgforum/G3: Jastey's SoD Tweakpack updates to...

Posted on May 30, 2023 15:42 by Ancalagon

Kerzenburgforum / GibbrlingsThree

Jastey's Tweaks for SoD and EET (and BGT)

This tweak pack is mainly meant for the SoD part of BG:EE and EET (except for the last component which introduces Imoen's SoD portrait into BGII). It deals with some tweaks that I found useful for my own game.

Please refer to the readme for install order - the mod is called tweakpack but should be installed with the quest mods for crossmod reasons.

The mod updates to v11 with a Polish version by GoForTheEyes!

Changelog 11:
-Polish version added, by GoForTheEyes.

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WM: Fyalvara is now available!

Posted on May 30, 2023 03:33 by Ancalagon

There is another NPC mod available at Weasel Mods!

The mod adds a new companion to BG2EE: Fyalvara, a human warrioress from the distant land of Rashemen. Upon install, she can be a kitless fighter, a wizard slayer, or a totemic druid / fighter dual-class (may only level up as a fighter).

Fyalvara can be found in the docks district.

Special thanks to Llewren and Luc Valentino for their help with this mod!

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WM: Lhannd, the fallen ranger is now available!

Posted on May 28, 2023 15:23 by Ancalagon

There is a new mod at Weasel Mods! Meet Lhannd, the fallen ranger.

He hails from a once-noble Athkatlan family who lost their legacy and drowned in problems. Will you lend a hand in breaking what others perceive as a curse, or will the chain of unfortunate events continue?

The mod comprises quests that expand Athkatla's Government District, including the addition of the Valdove Estate, situated above the local prison. If you are open to offering Lhannd a sympathetic ear, you may embark on a friendship or romance path that will help you get to know him even better, and... perhaps see his other side. Both men and women may romance him, however, the player character can't be of chaotic evil alignment for the romance to start.

To find Lhannd, venture into the Crooked Crane tavern located at the City Gates. The initial encounter serves as the starting point for his first quest.

Special thanks to Skitia, Ozan, ZaramMaldovar and GoForTheEyes for their support!

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Kerzenburgforum: Brage's Redemption updates to v8.2 with...

Posted on May 28, 2023 15:23 by Ancalagon


Brage's Redemption

Brage's Redemption is a Quest Mod for BG1 and an NPC Mod for the whole Baldur's Gate Epic. It is natively compatible with BG:EE, SoD, BGII, BGT, BGII:EE, EET. No Tutu. Brage NPC is fully functional in SoD and BGII but content is not finished.

The mod introduces a quest extention to the Brage quest in the game (BG1). Brage is the captain of the Nashkel guard and went missing after killing his family. The quest extention to prove his innocence was originally published as the component "Brage's Sword" in the mod bgqe.
To gain Brage as a joinable NPC, the PC needs to prove his innocence as well as give him back his real sword. After leaving the temple once after that, Brage can be visited inside the temple of Helm in Nashkel and will offer to join the PC.

Portrait and promotion art by Acifer!

v7.1 comes with corrected detection for EndlessBG1 so installation of crossmod is not attempted for Transitions if EndlessBG1 is not present.


- Adjusted check for EndlessBG1 so it doesn't try to install crossmod for Transitions mod.

Discussion Thread at G3

Discussion Thread at Kerzenburgforum (German)

Discussion Thread at BeamDog's

Mod Page

Download the Mod (GitHub)

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G3: Road to Discovery updates to v1.3 with a fix!

Posted on May 27, 2023 15:12 by Ancalagon


Road to Discovery (RtD)

A mod for Siege of Dragonspear in a BGEE or EET setting.

Authored by jastey with one component from Lauriel's Themed Tweaks mod, RtD opens up roleplaying by allowing the player to discuss and reveal what they learn about Caelar Argent and her crusade with allies in the coalition and other NPCs throughout the campaign.

Version v1.3 comes with a fix of a looping script block that could cause problems with game progress.


- Fixed a looping scriptblock in the journal handling script.
- Link correction: "Shai Huluds Text-Patch".
- Removed recommendation to install Themed Tweak's "Add Stat-Based Observations and Quest Options" because personally, I prefer a more subtle approach.

Learn more from the project page or readme, join us on the forums, or download RtD.

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New place for discussing Near Infinity!

Posted on May 26, 2023 15:02 by Ancalagon

Since SHS is currently unavailable and not everyone has a Beamdog Forum account I have set up an additional place directly on GitHub for discussing anything related to Near Infinity.

Feel free to ask (or answer) questions, discuss new ideas or feature requests, or have a general conversation about anything related to Near Infinity.

Link: Near Infinity Discussions

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