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Baldur's Gate Manual by Interplay 6.6MB Download
The official game manual in PDF format.
Baldur's Gate FAQ by BioWare N/A Read
A list of frequently asked questions about the game along with answers. The FAQ also includes a brief description of the game and reveals the story synopsis.
NOTE: This FAQ was written by Bioware in '98 and minor inaccuracies in it have never been fixed.
Tales of the Sword Coast FAQ by BioWare N/A Read
A list of frequently asked questions about the Baldur's Gate expansion pack along with answers.
NOTE: This FAQ was written by Bioware in '99 and minor inaccuracies in it have never been fixed.
NPC Fighter THAC0 and Damage Tables by Bard (Submitted) 2kb Download
This document lists the THAC0 and damage values for the various NPC fighters available within the game. Separate lists are given for melee and missile attacks, for ease of use, and also include values for Gauntlets of Ogre Power and Gauntlets of Dexterity.
Bards with Wands: An Uber Solo Recipe by Har (Submitted) 10kb Download
A guide to creating a soloing uber-bard in Baldur's Gate 1. It explains a specific way of handling the Bard in BG 1, which turns the Bard into a true power-house of both Magic and Melee.
PLEASE DON'T FIGHT! BG1 edition by Felinoid (Submitted) N/A Read
A short but very handy guide listing all the possible conflicts between Baldur's Gate NPCs.
Felinoid's BG1 NPC Proficiencies List (Submitted) 3kb Download
A complete listing of NPC weapon proficiencies and thieving skills they will have when encountered in the game at various character levels.
Baldur's Gate & TotSC: The Guide of Cheese by IronmanCal2131 (Submitted) 7kb Download
It's all about cheese. This guide explains ways to exploit the game's rules in your favor, without cheating.
Baldur's Gate Monsters Spreadsheet by Slappy (Submitted) 5kb Download
An annotated list of common monsters encountered in the game, sorted by both experience and hit points.
Character Creation Guide by Tazar 7kb Download
A very basic guide on how to make a new character. It deals with race, class, alignment and similar.
Tricks and Hidden Stuff by SP N/A Read
A list of tricks, some special items & tomes, compiled by Sorcerer.
Table O' NPCs by SP N/A Read
A table of NPCs that can join you, complete with their stats and other info.
BG1 NPC Locations List by Baronius (Submitted) 17kb Download
A pdf list of all the NPCs along with their precise coordinate locations on the area files (AR).
Baldur's Gate NPC Listing by Dan Simpson 19kb Download
A good guide to all NPCs you can find in the game. Stats, history and their evaluation are what this guide will fill you in on.
The Great Book of Baldur's Gate and Tales of the Sword Coast by Baronius (Submitted) 481kb Download
This application can be very helpful to inexperienced players of Baldur's Gate or Tales of the Sword Coast, but may show new tricks to advanced players as well. Its Advice section contains tons of information and hints, and several effective combat tactics. The Appendix section tells you how to use CLUAConsole in Baldur's Gate, and contains a full list of BG and TotSC areas, with descriptions (using the CLUAConsole and these area filenames, you can visit any area of the game). Most of the information given in this program (except the Appendix section, which is BG1-specific) can also be used in Baldur's Gate II and Throne of Bhaal. This program was planned to be greatly expanded, but, for various reasons, the development has stopped at the beta stage, so the author removed all unfinished sections and released this version as final.
The Baldur's Gate Soloing Guide by Mystra's Chosen (Submitted) 5kb Download
This is a short guide that tells you some tricks to beating the game solo (meaning with only one character. You.) and isn't a walkthrough. If you don't know the locations of the items mentioned here and you aren't familar with all the spells, then you're probably not ready to solo.
The Pockets To Pick in Baldur’s Gate by Elvenblade (Submitted) 2kb Download
In this guide you will find out what most of the more important NPCs in the original game have in their pockets that is worth stealing.
Baldur's Gate Cheats List by Icingdeath45 (Submitted) 13kb Download
A listing of all non-expansion items along with their item codes, plus all the cheat codes and how to enable them.
Librarius Ex Balduran by Yuri Bushin 327kb Download
Information about all sorts of melee, ranged (and ammo for it) weapons, armors, amulets (which have useful abilities), spell scrolls, rings and other stuff.
A Few Hints and Pointers by SP N/A Read
A list of hints on how to solve some problems and complete solutions of others.
Unofficial and somewhat opinionated BG/TOSC FAQ by Jonathan Kelley 51kb Download
Very informative, deals with questions regarding playing evil etc.
Baldur's Gate Creature List by Dan Simpson 14kb Download
A complete list of all creatures from the game and its expansion. Included are the instructions how to create them from the console.
Character Generation Guide by Corey Armstrong N/A Read
A very simple reference on how to create a character according to your preferences.
Baldur's Gate Books by chocomog 40kb Download
Mostly the same as the guide below, only organized into separate sections and including every piece of writing with the BOOK item code, whether it's actually a game "book" or not. Also covers Tales of the Sword Coast.
Baldur's Gate Adventurer's Companion Guide by Nickolas Landry 2.7MB Download
Text from most if not all of the books you can find in BG. Also available online from our Fantasy Worlds/Forgotten Realms section. The zip contains the original version of the document, an apparently later version and a spell-checked version.

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