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Here is a list of the sites currently hosted by Sorcerer's Place:

RPG Codex

RPG Codex is a fan site for single-player PC RPGs. There’s no coverage at all of any MMORPGs or console RPGs on the site. They cover anything from more hardcore RPGs like Fallout or Planescape: Torment to action RPGs like Sacred or Diablo II to hack’n’slash games like Temple of Elemental Evil or Silent Storm (which is essentially a dungeon crawler set in World War II) and even a bunch of games they don’t even like that much. They're somewhat infamous for their nearly unique point of view on BioWare’s smash hit Neverwinter Nights, that point of view being that it sucks. They simply have more strict criteria for what a good RPG is than most sites out there.

Every day, they bring you as much RPG news as they possibly can. They scour the Internet looking for relevant and interesting newsbits to bring to their readers and also offer a healthy dose of commentary as well. If something big happens in the RPG world, you can read about it at the RPG Codex. Besides that, you can count on the Codex to bring you information about titles you’d never hear about on bigger sites. They’re all real big fans of the independent CRPG scene and are dedicated to supporting share- and freeware games by letting people know about them. If Jeff Vogel of Spiderweb Games has a new title out, they’ll let you know. If a hot Rogue-like just got a big update, you can read about it on the RPG Codex.

They feature a number of chunks of content ranging from traditional reviews and interviews to occasional developer chats and the odd contest. Their dedication to promoting indie games shows here, too. You’re just as likely to find an interview or review of a shareware RPG like Escape Velocity Nova as you are to find out what we thought of Knights of the Old Republic. Another great source of information is their forums. Some of the biggest names in the CRPG industry like to drop by their boards for a discussion, including people like Feargus Urquhart (Obsidian Entertainment), Tim Cain (Troika Games), David Gaider (BioWare Corp.) and J.E. Sawyer (Midway). They also get lower-profile (though no less talented) developers dropping by. For instance, they host forums for Zero Sum’s Prelude to Darkness and Wolf Mittag’s Teudogar and the Alliance with Rome where anyone can ask questions and have them directly answered by the developers. Not only that, their forum regulars are pretty darn sharp, too. Also, if you want to know anything about a given game, check out their extensive games database. They keep records on every game they cover as well as the companies who make them and some developers who particularly stand out--usually the ones who come visit their forums.

So if you want up-to-date dirt on RPGs and some intelligent and heated discussion of said RPGs, stop by the RPG Codex.

Circle of Eight

Circle of Eight is a veritable resource of information pertaining to the Temple of Elemental Evil, created by Troika Games, and the proud host of the Temple of Elemental Evil fan modification forums.

The forums serve modifications that not only fix known issues with the game, but also enhance the gamer's experience by offering new items, the ability to craft previously unseen items, quests and locations such as the Brothel, and the readdition of children, among many other significant improvements. The community is alive and vibrant, producing new features and tweaks for a very addictive RPG.

If you've ever played RPGs like Temple of Elemental Evil and thought that it could be better, join the Circle of Eight to meet likeminded individuals and discover new ways to expand your roleplaying horizons.

Duck and Cover

Duck and Cover is one of the two major Fallout fan sites on the internet, the other being No Mutants Allowed. As well as daily news on all things apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic, from books to films to games to current affairs, Duck and Cover is home to a very strong community. Fallout fans are notorious for being stubborn and uncompromising, and Duck and Cover is host to thousands of them.

The truth is that the community is passionate about the Fallout series of RPGs, and the fans produce a great deal of constructive debate about Fallout and what the future of the franchise should be. Duck and Cover also has a wealth of fan art, fan fiction, files and various screenshots and images. It hosts five other sites related to the community, Fallout, or similar games, and developers from companies associated with the Fallout franchise, past and future, often spend time in the forums to talk about their games.

If you're interested in the Fallout series of RPGs, or the post-apocalyptic setting in general, you should spend some time on Duck and Cover. It's an experience like no other.

Terra Arcanum

In 1998 Tim Cain, Leonard Boyarsky and Jason Anderson founded Troika Games. When their first title "Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura" was announced in 2000, Terra-Arcanum was established with the goal of providing as much information about the upcoming game as possible. When Arcanum was finally released, TA proved to be the number one resource for information about the game.

Today, Troika Games is no more but Terra-Arcanum still lives. While initially created as a fan-site for Arcanum and any possible Arcanum sequels, with the demise of Troika, TA has since moved on to provide information about all of Troika's games which includes Dungeons and Dragons - Greyhawk: the Temple of Elemental Evil, Vampire: the Masquerade - Bloodlines and Mystary! the post-apocalyptic RPG idea by Troika which sadly, never found a publisher.

Over time this content is always being added to with fan-fiction, fan-art, walkthroughs and other information. So if you're a fan of Troika's Games, come on over and pay Terra-Arcanum a visit. In particular, the forum community is still able to provide helpful hints and tips about Arcanum for anyone who's stuck.

The Pit

The Pit resulted from a merger of two Planescape: Torment fansites, The Mazes and Well of Torment. While The Mazes had a really nice design (and did quite well in IGN's Torment Fansite Competition), Well Of Torment was the only fansite at the time with an active staff, regular updates and a bunch of original content. The two were merged into The Pit, which was the biggest, baddest Torment fansite up until and right after the game was released. Of course, other fish soon appeared in the same pond (such as Sorcerer's), but The Pit remained the favorite for the old-school Torment community. While no longer updated, it remains a useful source of Torment info and a nice piece of Planescape: Torment community history. Infinity Engine Utilities and Mods hosts a number of popular Infinity Engine mods (for both roleplaying and tactical combat):
  • The Solaufein Romance adds a philosophical, joinable NPC to BG2.
  • The Valen Mod allows a popular and evil vampire to join your BG2 party.
  • Ascension changes the end of BG2's Throne of Bhaal expansion to feature extended roleplaying and tactical opportunities.
  • Ease-of-Use Mod collections for both BG2 and IWD2 eliminate annoyances and make replaying easier (e.g., by removing annoying sounds or allowing unlimited item stacking).
  • The Tactics Mod contains a number of components that make the game more challenging.
  • The Item Upgrade Mod allows many BG2 items to be enhanced for convenience, roleplaying or power.
  • The Underrepresented Items Mod fleshes out certain item groups (like two-handed axes and darts).
  • The Spell-50 Mod extends a number of priest, druid and mage spell effects to greater effects at higher levels.
  • The Undead Targos Mod changes the opening area and initial quests in IWD2. Information about IWD2 items, skills and quests is also available. is also the home to WeiDU, an infinity engine dialogue compiler and module distribution utility. WeiDU is useful for packaging up mods, viewing game text and searching for resources.
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