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Relevant to the NWN Final Version

Invisible Cloaks Download (Ext.)
Can't stand the visible cloaks in the 1.68 patch or having other issues with them? Well, here is the modified 2da file; just download it and put it in your override directory and all the cloaks will be gone.
Feat & Ability Icons: Colorized 145kb Download (Ext.)
From the same overworked mind that brought you the Colorized Spell Icons and the more recent Colorized Class Icons, here is the next batch of color for your NWN gaming experience. Included are all of the PC feat and ability icons that can be placed on the quickbar or that appear in the radial menu.
Class Icons: Colorized 45kb Download (Ext.)
From the guy that brought you the Hall of Fame worthy Colorized Spell Icons, here is a set of icons that will bring color to any menu that uses the class icons. Each of the 22 class and prestige class icons is included here, from Neverwinter Nights, Shadows of Undrentide, and Hordes of the Underdark.
Spell Icons: Colorized 600kb Download (Ext.)
Are you an evoker that wants to be able to quickly pick out your favorite spells of flaming death? Are you a helpful cleric that needs to easily fling out healing spells? Are you a druid that wants to make magic for the animals and plants a priority? Don't fit into these groups but still want to have highly visible differences between your spells?

You are in luck! This is a collection of 345 custom colorized spell icons to help you keep track of common types of magic.

Every spell in the game is accounted for and broken down into one of 19 roughtly themed color categories. These range from the more obvious ones such as fire spells (orange) and acid spells (bright green) to the less common divination spells (blue and yellow) and epic spells (orange and yellow).

Mega Weapons Override 1MB Download (Ext.)
Put this file in your override-folder and all weapons double in size! It's the mod that Freud would have loved.
CharacterBuildCalculator (CBC) 1.5MB Download (Ext.)

The CharacterBuildCalculator is an Excel Sheet that allows you to create builds very fast and easily. You just select your race, your class (or classes) and the order of leveling. Then the CBC calculates at which level you gain a feat (regular/bonus) and what class feats you get. Also the CBC calculates your hitpoints, your BAB, your attacks/round, your saving throws, skill points, spell casting, bard song and many more things. Finally the CBC generates a text output of your build ready to post everywhere you like.

The CBC covers races (feats, skill points, ability modifiers), hitpoints (constitution bonus, toughness, epic toughness), BAB, attacks/round, feats (regular, bonus, class, feat prequisites), saving throws (CON/DEX/WIS modifiers, feats), skill point selection (forbidden skills, cross-class skills, class skills) bonus skill points (human, INT modifier).

Spetznaz_ADMIRAL’s Online Character Creation Extender 900kb Download (Ext.)
Client side tool that allows you to create both SERVERVAULT and localvault characters with wings, tails and lets you set hidden textures for tattoo/hair/skin. Until now features like wings/tails have been lying dormant due to NWN’s outdated in-game character creator, and to top it off Bioware neglected to add scripting support for online worlds to use these features. Now there is an alternative that allows players to take advantage of these settings in an online environment without trying to bypass security. Note: Requires FLASH Player 7 and .NET Framework 1.1 Runtimes installed.
Savegame Manager 22kb Download (Ext.)
This is a generic savegame manager, meant to be customizable to any game. This is to help multiple people play the same game on the same computer, without mixing up their saves.
No Class Requirements 2da 30kb Download (Ext.)
This 2da removes all requirements from prestige classes. Enjoy using a weapon master at level 2! The main point of this 2da is mainly for singleplayer to add a little bit of 'choice' to the game.
New CEP Races: Wemic & Brownie 282kb Download below
The Community Expansion Project (CEP) offers two new races for your playing enjoyment: the wemic and the brownie.
Quicksave Guard 80kb Download (Ext.)
Are you like the author and use the quicksave feature all the time? Hardly ever creating *proper* saves? Well, this simple little system tray program monitors your quicksave file/directory and backs it up whenever a change to it is made. You can define how many *versions* you want to keep. Now, when you find out you made the wrong choice yesterday you can revert back to that quicksave and keep on gaming.
NWJournalEditor 50kb Download (Ext.)
This stand alone application allows you to edit, merge, and save the NWN Journal. You can save your journals to any location on your PC, edit them at any time and merge as you need.
Forrestwolf's Camera Hack 1kb Download (Ext.)
This is a method of getting FIRST PERSON perspective back into NWN (with Original+SOU+HOTU only). You'll need to get a hex editor and modify nwmain.exe, so be prepared.
Camera Control 103kb Download (Ext.)
Even with the demise of the Camera Hack, there is now a built in command to change at least the camera height. This ERF provides scripts, a conversation, and an item (Miscellaneous -> Other -> Eye of Remote Viewing) to allow players to control their camera viewing height, anywhere from ground level to 50 meters in the air.
Camera Angle Hack 1.5MB Download (Ext.)
This unofficial patch unlocks the camera giving you complete control over the view. You can drop the camera down to the ground or play in first person mode. It is completely customizable to suit your tastes. Even if you think the default cameras are okay, you should try this out.
Character Manager Plus 185kb Download (Ext.)
This is a small utility based on Alexandriasc's NWN Character Manager that allows you to easily manage your saved characters. It also supports both NWN expansions and PCC custom Prestige Classes.
Epic Character Builds Varies Download (Ext.)
These are characters built, from level one to level forty, to be the best. They are the very extreme, and the very Munchkinist of character builds that have been carefully crafted by the best to be the best at being the best in the best way. Some do the most damage with one hit, some are the best at firing arrows, and some are the best at resisting attacks. Whatever their particular focus, all would be pretty scary if encountered in a game.
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