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Relevant to the NWN Final Version, cont.

NWN/SoU/HotU Character Creator 679kb Download (Ext.)
This is the NWN Character Creator. Using a custom hak, and your standard NWN data files, it reads, parses, and allows different characters depending on your entries, similar to the regular character creator within NWN. This program, however, allows much greater customization, and also allows many options not available in the regular in-game creation tool. Custom races, spells, feats, familiars, companions, soundsets, NPC portraits, NPC soundsets, NPC appearances, and more are all available with this tool. Make your tattoos visible on only your left forearm. Make your character a golden color, or completely black. Give your character the ability to cast darkness. All this is easily done with this program.
Character Sheet Generator 924kb Download (Ext.)
This script dump character information to the log file. It is a HTML encoded version of a character sheet. Information include Name, Race, Classes, Levels, Gold, Gender, Experience, Hit Points, Alignement, Saves, Skills, Feats and Equipment (up to 190 rows). Try included module and follow instructions in description or included text file or import and use script as an OnUsed script. A small program is included unpack it and run it to automate the copy and paste from the log-file into a set of html files.
Alternate Combat Animations 1.6MB Download (Ext.)
In this pack, all the character combat animations have been redone to look much better than the original versions.
Prestige Class Editor 303kb Download (Ext.)
Very simple PrC editor. Allows you to create new prestige class PC. You cannot select custom saving throw, skills, feats, spell gain and spell known tables at this time (you'll need use NWN default tables for these, or edit files manually). Prestige classes require SoU or HotU.
Player Resource Consortium's PRC Pack 2.2MB Download (Ext.)
This hakpack will add the Archmage, Lich Template, PnP Shifter, Disciple of Mephistopheles, Oozemaster, Elemental Savant, Spellsword, Mage Killer, Acolyte of the Skin and Harper Mage, Eldritch Knight, Champion of Bane, Duelist, Red Avenger and Hierophant Prestige Classes and more. All of these are made as close to PnP as possible, including the new caster level functionality added in Hordes.
Drunken Master & Henshin Mystic Prestige Classes (CEP) 440kb Download (Ext.)
Uses CEP and requires both expansions. These are the Drunken Master & Henshin Mystic prestige classes, modified for NWN compatibility.
Werewolf Prestige Class 550kb Download (Ext.)
This is a hak pak that is designed to work with the Player Resource Consortium's PRC Pack. It has been designed to sit on top of the hak and add a Werewolf Prestige class. It is being released for testing and in hopes that it will be included in future versions of the PRC Pack. The Werewolf Prestige Class comes in two different flavors. The first flavor follows the rules for the Werewolf Template Class from the PnP game as closely as possible in NWN. The second version of the class is a mix of the template classes with some personal ideas. It makes for a class with ten levels and a better fit into NWN.
Archmage Prestige Class 629kb Download (Ext.)
High Arcana feats available: Arcane Fire, Mastery of Elements, Mastery of Shaping, Spell-Like Ability, Spell Power. Loss of spell slot is simulated by not getting the bonus slots they should get.
Garland's Shape Changer Prestige Class 712kb Download (Ext.)
Author's concept of a ShapeChanger was someone who infects themselves with various forms of lycanthropy. They gain the ability to ShapeChange into various lycanthropic shapes. Many of these shapes have special abilities available under spells in the radial menu. Requirements are feats Toughness, Ironwill, and Great Fortitude. Any class can take this prestige class after they have these required feats.
3 New Prestige Classes 2.4MB Download (Ext.)
This hak adds 3 new Prestige Classes (PrC) to NWN: SoU. Included: Dwarven Defender, Guild Thief, Templar. Also includes a script for the Defensive Stance ability (Dwarven Defender).
Bladesinger Prestige Class 160kb Download (Ext.)
The Bladesingers are elves who have dedicated themselves to the protection of the elven nations and elven interests. Bladesingers focus their martial training to the study of the rapier and the longsword exclusively. With the help of a special Ioun Stone, Bladesingers can cast arcane spells, some of which are unique to this prestige class. Once the Song of Celerity has been mastered, once per round a Bladesinger can cast one of his spells as a free action. This will allow you to play one.
Mohss' Skies 1.9MB Download (Ext.)
This amazing hack (combined with the Camera Angle hack below), will enable you to add skies to Neverwinter Nights! To see the skies in action, simply start NeverWinter Nights, Choose New>Other Modules>Skies and run through the silly Areas made to show off the skies.
Doyleyboy's Sky Hack 2.8MB Download (Ext.)
This Hak lets you have high res dawn, day, dusk and night skies and automatic transtions between skies. Works in multiplayer and single player.
Baldur's GUI 216kb Download (Ext.)
These files change some parts of the GUI (graphical user interface) of Neverwinter Nights to look more like that of Baldur's Gate games.
Baldur's Gate 2 Spell Icons Override 505kb Download (Ext.)
This download changes all the Neverwinter Nights spell icons to look like the spell icons in Baldur's Gate 2. The author did not make the images (though he modified a few to make Summon Monster IV-IX, Expeditious Retreat, and Isaac's Lesser Missile storm) and they are taken from Baldur's Gate 2 and Throne of Bhaal.
Spell Bugfixes 61kb Download (Ext.)
Many spell implementations contain bugs/problems and there are even times when the implementation is better than the description. This pack contains a bunch of fixes and some alternative implementations.
Access to All Voice Sets (SoU and HotU) 33kb Download (Ext.)
soundset.2da with the NPCs voices available for PC characters. Requires both SoU and HotU.
Access to All Voice Sets (HotU) 10kb Download (Ext.)
This is a simple override file which allows you to use any single voiceset in the game at character arbitration. An alternative version is also available, as well as another for HotU henchmen and All NPCs.
Access to All Voice Sets (SoU) 5kb Download (Ext.)
Add this into your override directory inside the game folder. Then at character creation you will have access to all NPC voices, male and female, for your character.
Access to All Voice Sets 7kb Download (Ext.)
Add this into your override directory inside the game folder. Then at character creation you will have access to all NPC voices, male and female, for your character. People playing online CAN hear them. Remember that NPC voicesets don't have voices for all actions though. An alternative version is also available.

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