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Relevant to the NWN Final Version, cont.

NWN RAT (Remote Admin Tool) 1.7MB Download (Ext.)
RAT is designed to allow remote administration of your NWN Server. It has many features such as: Restarting your server if it crashes. Lets your remote admins restart your server with any command line settings, easily. Uses a database to keep track of all of the servers you admin as well as the modules on each of them. Save Game features. You can now remotely backup your saved games and reload them. Custom naming, etc. Complete logging of what commands are sent to the RAT server as well as password protection for security.
Modganizer - The NWN Module Organizer by Brax0 3.4MB Download
Modganizer is a Neverwinter Nights module organization tool. Create and maintain a library of player created modules where you can store additional information about each module.
Hak Pack Updater 134kb Download (Ext.)
Hak Pak Updater is a client/server interface for launching multiplayer games for NWN. In any module that requires a hak pak, Hak Pak Updater does the following: - automatically logs on to the specified hak pak server and checks the status of the hak pak to see if anything has been changed;
- if you do not have all of the elements in the latest hak pak for the module, the Hak Pak Updater client will selectively download only those files in the hak pak which you do not have - saving you the download of the entire hak pak if only a few models or textures have been changed.
NDubyaConfig 30kb Download (Ext.)
NDubyaConfig is a replacement for the NWConfig program for BioWare's game Neverwinter Nights. Here are the things that it does: - Allow you to set NWN to run in a window.
- Disable Intro Movies
- Unlock full violence, even if you are in Germany or Korea
- Edit your server ban lists.
- Most other video and audio settings, most that aren't adjustable in NWConfig.
Linux Dedicated Server 1.4MB Download (Ext.)
The dedicated Linux (x86) server package, provided by BioWare.
Stand-Alone Dedicated Server 147MB Download (Ext.)
This version of the Neverwinter Nights Dedicated server is a free download that does not require a copy of the game to install or run. For Windows and Linux.

Standalone or Pre-NWN Final

Bif Unpacker by Zoligato 745kb Download
This program allows you to extract bif files from the Neverwinter Nights Toolset beta.
Mod Unpacker by Zoligato 307kb Download
This program allows you to extract Mod files from the Neverwinter Nights Toolset beta.
NWMap v.1.2 by Jason Harris 2.2MB Download
NWMap is a freeware graphical tile-based mapping and module design utility for the Neverwinter Nights. In addition to a providing a full-featured mapping utility, NWMap also allows you to populate your module with NPCs, creatures, items, traps and portals. You can also annotate the map with text descriptions. You can choose from a wide variety of tilesets like City, Dungeon, Grassland, Cavern-mine and more.
NWDialog 881kb Download (Ext.)
NWDialog was written as a temporary tool to help people plan their Neverwinter Nights modules. With it, you can create, save and load conversations. You can test them out, and see how a conversation would appear in-game, and you can also export and then print a conversation. Conversations can have conditional NWScript attached, execute NWScript commands, and loop around to other parts in the same conversation tree. Multiple NPCs can participate in the same conversation.
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