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Boxxy Soundset by Boxxy4ever (Submitted) Download
A sound set of everywun's favorite internet star: Boxxy. Also includes 3 different portraits. Made out of clips from the 3 boxxy videos, and her old 'RE: amble in powell park' video.
Smiling Jack Soundset by MuskyMalkavian (Submitted) Download
A soundset based off everyone's favourite Brujah Iconoclast, Smiling Jack from Vampire: the Masquerade: Bloodlines, featuring voice acting from Joey DiMaggio himself. Character-wise, this soundset represents a gruff, down-to-earth character only too eager to get into a fight. The rough voice makes this soundset best suited for a dwarf character, preferably a fighter-type with an alignment bias towards Chaotic. A word of caution, though: This soundset contains explicit language.
Sebastian LaCroix Soundset by MuskyMalkavian (Submitted) Download
A soundset based upon the character of Sebastian LaCroix from Vampire: The Masquerade: Bloodlines. Suitable for a stoic, serious, somewhat arrogant character, possibly a mage or a rather stuck-up paladin. Makes one reference to Bhaalspawn origin. No particular alignment restrictions, but biased towards Lawful.
Dick Jones Soundset by CromCruachan (Submitted) Download
This is a soundset and portrait pack of the actor Ronny Cox, with most sounds taken from his character of Dick Jones from the movie Robocop, with a small handful of sounds taken from Ronny Cox's portrayal of the villain Vilos Cohaagen from the movie Total Recall. This soundset is best suited for an extremely menacing LE- or NE-aligned PC. Contains some swearing.
Clarence Boddicker Soundset by CromCruachan (Submitted) Download
This is a soundset and portrait pack taken from the archvillain Clarence Boddicker who appeared in the Robocop Movie and whose dialogue seems ideal for BG2. Suitable for a LE- or NE-aligned male protagonist. Warning: contains quite a bit of swearing.
The Kurgan Soundset by CromCruachan (Submitted) Download
This is a collection of sounds and 8 portraits of the evil arch-villain "The Kurgan", described as "The Perfect Warrior" in the swordfighting fantasy-movie "Highlander", and who gets virtually all the best lines in that film. This newly updated version is best suited for a chaotic-evil-aligned fighter or anti-paladin, or possibly an evil assassin. Be Warned: this soundset is definitely not for the squeamish.
Bester Soundset by CromCruachan (Submitted) Download
This is a soundset, complete with portraits, of the villainous PsiCop-character Bester, from the famous Science Fiction TV series Babylon 5. It would be most suitable for an evil-aligned single or multi-classed mage or monk.
Bloodrayne 2 Soundset by Goddess (Submitted) Download
This is BloodRayne 2 soundset; a full Rayne soundset (mature) extracted from BloodRayne 2. The soundset can be used with female characters of all classes and races.
Modified Icewind Dale 2 Italian Soundsets by Pazzoberserk (Submitted) Download below
19 sets of official Italian male and females voices from IWD2, adapted for BG2 with a few additional effects added. The sets are split in the following batches: Female #1, #2, #3 and #4 and Male #1, #2 and #3.
Bloodrayne Soundset by Sixth (Submitted) Download
A soundset from the game Bloodrayne, good for female chaotic characters, probably best for neutral/evil (good guys don't swear). Bloodrayne is a game about a dhampir (half-human, half-vampire). The soundset can be used with most female characters and works fine with every class. Some of the language might be considered offensive, so do not use this soundset if you find yourself easily offended by harsh language.
Daniel Plainview by Psiven (Submitted) Download
Daniel Plainview (Daniel Day-Lewis) voice set, ripped and assembled from the movie "There Will Be Blood". A businessman with a dark side; ideal for any chaotic personality, or anyone else who enjoys drinking milkshakes. Also includes portraits and a full transcript of all the clips.
Braveheart Soundset by Jacob (Submitted) Download
A soundset created for BGII from the movie Braveheart (Mel Gibson's character).
Joxer Soundset by Barracus (Submitted) Download
This set of sounds comes from Joxer the Mighty, from the TV series Xena the Warrior Princess. Joxer is a pompous but coward and inept swordsman and fighter that sometimes travels with the female duo (always as a comical relief). He makes a nice chaotic good swashbuckler or bard, as he really sings cheesy and comedic songs in the series and is no good melee fighter.
James Earl Jones / Vader Sessions Soundset by Trellheim (Submitted) 6MB Download
A collection of James Earl Jones's voiceclips from the Star Wars fan video, Vader Sessions. Good for evil daddies and Vader copies without the 10-feet pole in the lower back section.
Peter Griffin Soundset by Trellheim (Submitted) 4.9MB Download

A soundset for Peter Griffin from Family Guy! Since intelligence is a dump stat in BGII, it's perfect for all non-mages.

Baldur's Gate 1 NPC Soundsets by Peter Gainsford (Submitted) Varies Download below
A selection of Baldur's Gate 2 soundsets based on Baldur's Gate 1 (but extended for the additional slots in BG2). Each of the sets comes with a full transcript of every clip. Currently available sets: Alora, Gorion, Khalid, Ajantis, Garrick, Xzar, Shar-Teel, Xan and Yeslick.
Borat Soundset by Tjeerd G (Submitted) 6.6MB Download
This entire soundset consists of excerpts from the motion picture "Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan" (2006). Borat is a character of British comedian Sasha Baron Cohen. Now see him struggle with cultural differences within the mind-and-morals game pur sang, Baldur's Gate.
Arthas Soundset by Alan Aires (Submitted) 2.3MB Download

This is a soundset made with the voice of Arthas, the Paladin Hero from the Human Campaign in Warcraft III. It will fit nicely for a Paladin, or any character of good alignment.

Soul Calibur 3 Voice Pack by Freedan the Eternal (Submitted) 4.1MB Download

A collection of various SC3 soundsets. Re-recorded to be more pleasant to the ear, and some minor changes to arrangement and lines. New Voices include:

Siegfried - "Sinners need no mercy. Or sympathy..."
Great paladin material, or maybe for a neutral good character. Now rearranged and with additional lines to make him 20% more emo!

Nightmare - "None of you have any reason to live!"
Psychotic evil bad guy. What else can I say?

Zasalamel - "Resist with all your might...for your life is on the line."
Not really evil, but this Bhaalspawn definitely intends to benefit from his heritage.

Tira - "I can't wait to see you in pieces!"
Crazy girl who can go from manic to depressed in less than one second.

Abyss - "You who would stand against me...prepare to die."
Included by accident in initial pack. Now with proper arrangement and more lines, Abyss was recorded solely for the Death Knight custom kit, but feel free to use him however you wish.

Also includes SC3 versions of Taki, Kilik, Cassandra, Mitsarugi, Ivy, and Cervantes.

Dick Tate Soundset by Caradhras (Submitted) 3.2MB Download
This set uses sound clips from Dick Tate, the villain in the game 'Bud Tucker in Double Trouble', with voicing by Rik Mayall. The set is appropriate for a chaotic character freshly out of bedlam or any megalomaniac, tyrannical protagonist who would like to take over the world.
Jon Irenicus Soundset by Gogetto (Submitted) 1.5MB Download
In case that one Irenicus in the game is not enough, you can now play as another, using his own sound set. A character portrait is also included.
Dark Willow Soundset by Pe Ell (Submitted) 6MB Download
This is a Dark Willow (from season 6 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer) custom soundset for Baldur's Gate 2. A character portrait is also included.
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