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Demon Hunter Voice Pack by Lord Prashant (Submitted) 1.4MB Download
This soundset is made from the sounds used in Blizzard's Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne (a combination of Illidan Stormrage and the Hero Demon Hunter) and is best used for any kind of fighting protaginist but can be fitting for any male PC.
Dark Ranger Voice Pack by Lord Prashant (Submitted) 3MB Download
This soundset is made from the sounds used in Blizzard's Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne (the evil Banshee, Sylvanas Windrunner) and is best used for evil female archers or any ranged character.
The Nameless One Voice Pack by Bombur (Submitted) 667kb Download
Made from the voice set of the Nameless One from Planescape: Torment, this voice pack has been adapted for Baldur's Gate 2.
Al Pacino Voice Pack by David L Palmer (Submitted) 5.3MB Download
Be warned that the language in this sound set is a bit salty. Probably not the ideal voice for a priest.
Orc Voice Pack by Djieff (Submitted) 414kb Download
A sound set suitable for a Half-Orc, or any other gruff, dim-witted character, using sounds from WarCraft 2. The author had to mix sounds from different characters (and a few sound effects) to cover the whole range for BG2, so some lines might not make perfect sense.
Scott Howard Voice Pack by dave (Submitted) 740kb Download
Does anyone remember the movie Teen Wolf? Anyways, it had Michael J. Fox in it starring as a teenager who was a werewolf. Author thought this would be a good theme for a Shapeshifter druid in BG2. The portrait is good, but he couldn't find any sound files from the movie, so he had to make do with M. J. Fox quotes from the 'Back to the Future' movies. Supposedly still funny.
Wizard of Oz Voice Pack by dave (Submitted) 2.4MB Download
Surely we've all heard the of the Wizard of Oz? Anyways, ideal for that spellcaster character. Frank Morgan was the name of the actor who played the Wizard in the movie. Also comes with a portrait.
Mr. T Voice Pack by dave (Submitted) 1.4MB Download
This sound set is based off of Mr. T, you know from that old TV show the A-team, and is pretty funny. Also comes with a portrait.
Frank Horrigan Voice Pack by dave (Submitted) 920kb Download
Based off of Frank Horrigan, the final evil nemesis from Fallout 2. A few sound clips are from the movie 'In the line of fire' with Clint Eastwood playing the character Frank Horrigan. Recognize that voice? Yep, it's Michael Dorn from Star Trek. They got him to do the voice for the game. This sound set was made for a thief/mage, but it will work for pretty well any character. Also comes with a portrait.
Homer Voice Pack by Willowisp (Submitted) 796kb Download
Homer.. Need we say more.. He is not an evil character.. Maybe daft.. but not evil. :)
Cartman Voice Pack by Willowisp (Submitted) 880kb Download
Cartman from South Park is not a very nice little 8 year old boy. He is abusive, excessively violent and uses foul language (warning, this sound pack is at least PG-13). Probably best suited for an evil character and if you have a sense of humor along those lines.
Black Adder Voice Pack by Willowisp (Submitted) 1.7MB Download
The Black Adder (Or Edmund Black Adder) is a sarcastic, scheming and mean character from a BBC television series starring Rowan Atkinson (mostly known in the U.S. as Mr Bean - Which is quite unfortunate, as Black Adder is by far his best work). This sound set is humorous, but fits sarcastic evil characters or generally chaotic characters best.
Tren Voice Pack by TheBlackRose (Submitted) 5.4MB Download
This is Tren, an evil sorcerer for your audio pleasures. Rather generic sounds, but with a distinct tint of evil and carnage.
Vox Populi Soundsets Varies Download (Ext.)
A collection of a dozen interesting male and female soundsets up for downloading.
Futurama & Family Guy Voice Packs by Grojlach (Submitted) Varies Download below

Bender is a (klepto) maniacal, alcohol addicted killerrobot and is perfect for any evil aligned character. (Download)

Zap Brannigan, another funny Futurama character. (Download)

Stewie is a character from Family Guy, a hilarious cartoon. He's a brilliant yet evil little baby, always making plans for world domination and for killing his mother. He is perfect for any evil aligned character, especially for gnomes and halflings. (Download)

Diablo 1 Voice Packs by Mollusken (Submitted) Varies Download below

The first soundset is that of a female rogue, best used with any female thief. Click here to download this 885kb file.

The second soundset comes from the sorcerer class and is best used with any male mage or sorcerer. Click here to download this 1.5MB file.

The third soundset features a male warrior and is best used with either a good paladin or a fighter. Click here to download this 1.8MB file.

Aran Linvail Voice Pack by Koveras (Submitted) 959kb Download
This is a soundset made from modified soundfiles of Aran Linvail, leader of the Shadow Thieves. It should serve you well as a thief or fighter, or make a barely adequate mage.
Terence Voice Pack by Spudsquisher (Submitted) 1.3MB Download
Terence from Terence And Philip (South Park) sound set. Not for those expecting a sound set to make some sense, but funny.
Kirk Voice Pack by b. h. (Submitted) 1.1MB Download
A sound set made from clips of Captain Kirk's voice (from Star Trek). Pretty funny. Also comes with a portrait.
Spock Voice Pack by b. h. (Submitted) 1MB Download
A sound set made from clips of Spock's voice (from Star Trek). Pretty funny. Also comes with a portrait.
Darth Vader Voice Pack by NoYur_Role (Submitted) 1.3MB Download
A series of wavs forming a soundset for the Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Vader. It works amazingly well with Baldur's Gate II. There's nothing cooler than having baddest mofo from Star Wars in your party.
Sarevok Voice Pack by Ryan Patton (Submitted) 726kb Download
Sarevok's sound set, ripped from Throne of Bhaal.
StarCraft Voice Packs by Tyresian (Submitted) <2.6MB Download below
A collection of 3 excellent sound sets, made from the character voices from StarCraft. The theme is a bit otherworldly, so it's hard to say for what kind of characters they could be used. Mage, cleric, druid etc. seem like good options. You can choose among Tassadar, Templar and Zeratul.
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