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Portrait Conversion Tool 612kb Download (Ext.)
This handy utility takes all the headaches out of converting images for use as Custom Portraits within NWN. Simply copy the required bitmap, Jpeg or Portable-Net-Graphic (.PNG) file into a folder and click a button!
Baldur's Gate Portrait Pack 6.8MB Download (Ext.)
32 male and female portraits from the original Baldur's Gate.
Ultimate Icewind Dale Portraits 21MB Download (Ext.)
A portrait pack compiled of most of the portraits from the Icewind Dale games. There are a total of 80 portraits.
6 Female Drow Portraits by DreamingxAshley (Submitted) 1.9MB Download
A pack of 6 female Drow portraits collected from various websites.
33 (Mostly) Male Portraits by Todd (Submitted) 10.5MB Download
Some assorted NWN portraits taken from D&D manuals, module covers, games etc.
Arwen Portrait by Mephisto (Submitted) 168kb Download
A black & white portrait of the LoTR movie's Arwen.
6 Fantasy Portraits Packs by Anon (Submitted) 2.6MB Download
A collection of 6 excellent portrait packs, each containing 8 portraits (male and female) for NWN, made from various fantasy artists' works.
Pack 1, Pack 2, Pack 3, Pack 4, Pack 5, Pack 6.
Non-selectable NWN Portraits 3.8MB Download
A group of 13 portraits from Neverwinter Nights that you normally can't use for your characters (Aribeth, Desther, Fenthick, Grimgnaw, Daelan etc.).
Jeff Whiting's NWN Portraits 3.4MB Download (Ext.)
A pack of 10 nice portraits, 5 male and 5 female. You can visit the author's site here and check them out before downloading.
Crosbie's NWN Portraits 3.2MB Download
A pack of 10 fine portraits, 5 male and 5 female. You can visit the author's site here and check them out before downloading. The second set of portraits is available here (3.4 MB).
Deathmaster's Portraits Pack (Submitted) 1.4MB Download
A small pack of 5 portraits containing: Gohan, Drow Gohan, Irenicus (BG2), Sarevok (ToB) and Yoshimo (BG2 beta portrait).

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