Deities, Religion & Areas of the Forgotten Realms

The Pantheon of the Realms - General Overview
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Human Gods of the Realms - Detailed Listing
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Where do I Come From?
A pair of tables, based on information from the Living City campaign. By class and race it tells where in the Forgotten Realms your character would be common or very unusual.
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History of the Forgotten Realms

History of Amn
History of the Bell in the Depths
History of Calimshan
History of the Chosen of Mystra
History of Cormyr
History of the Dales and the Elven Court
History of Dambrath
History of the Dead Three: 'Knucklebones, skull bowling, and the empty throne'
History of the Dragon Coast
History of the Drow, The Descent
History of the Drow, The Dark Wars
History of Durpar and Var the Golden
History of Estagund
History of the Fateful Coin
History of Gondegal the Lost King
History of Halruaa
History of the Last March of the Giants
History of Luiren, Land of the Halflings
History of Myth Drannor
History of the Moonsea
History of the North - The First Flowering
History of the North - The Crown Wars
History of the North - Recent History of the North
History of the North - The Elven Exodus
History of the North - The Spread of Humankind
History of the North - The Might of Men
History of the North - 1368, Year of the Banner
History of the North - 1369, Year of the Gauntlet
History of the North - Return of the Beast (1367 - ?)
History of the North - 137O, Year of the Tankard
History of the Red Ravens
History of Sembia
History of Shadowdale - The Fall of Azmaer, Last Drow Marshall of Twisted Tower
History of Shadowdale - Ashaba Becomes First Lord of Shadowdale
History of Shadowdale - Joadath and the Tyrist Massacre
History of Shadowdale - Aumry Rules in Peace
History of Shadowdale - Jyordhan the False Lord
History of Shadowdale - Khelben Kills Jyordhan
History of Shadowdale - Lords Accepted by Acclamation
History of Shadowdale - The Time of No Lords
History of Shadowdale - Doust Sulwood Becomes Lord of Shadowdale
History of Shadowdale - Elminster Moves to Shadowdale
History of Shadowdale - Doust Chooses Mourngrym Amcathra to Succeed Him
History of Shadowdale - Shaerl and Mourngrym Meet and Marry
History of Shadowdale - Mourngrym's Rule
History of the Sisters of Light and Darkness
History of Tethyr
History of Ulgarth
History of the Unicorn Run
History of the Valley of the Gods
History of the Vast
History of Waterdeep
History of Waterdeep - Age 0, Tuabemoots and Pioneers
History of Waterdeep - Age I, The Rise of the Warlords
History of Waterdeep - Age II, The Lords' Rule Begins
History of Waterdeep - Age III, The Bloody Reign of the Guildmasters
History of Waterdeep - Age IV, The Return of the Lords
History of the Western Heartlands
History of the Zhentarim, Two Zhents' Worth


Westgate Timeline by Eric L. Boyd
A short history of this city-state of the Dragon Coast, recounting the events from the year -349 DR to 1370 DR.
D&D Miniatures Battle Rules + Errata (10/04/09) by WotC
The D&D Miniatures game has been revised to align the rules with changes that are happening in Fourth Edition D&D.
3.5e Character Sheet by WotC
The official character sheet by Wizards of the Coast, suitable for characters of any race or class (including multiclass characters). Four A4 pages, detailed and nicely designed.
Character Sheets by Rooks (Submitted)
11 very detailed character sheets for the core D&D classes (Barbarian, Bard, Cleric, Druid, Fighter, Monk, Paladin, Ranger, Rogue, Sorcerer, Wizard) in MS Excel format, with some handy calculations already in Excel formulas.
2e -> 3e Conversion Manual
A big help if you're wondering how to transfer your 2nd edition campaign, characters, spells, monsters etc. It contains a lot of information regarding the 3rd Edition D&D and will explain all the changes made to the rules.
Forgotten Realms Calendar Tool
Almost every person or race of Faerun marks the passage of days, seasons, and even years in some fashion. Most of Faerun uses the Calendar of Harptos, named after the long-dead wizard who invented it. Few bother to refer to Harptos by name, however, since the calendar is the only calendar they know. The Forgotten Realms Calendar Tool chronicles the complete cycle of days (with important holidays and Shieldmeet "leap days" included), phases of the moon -- and even names of all years in their complete and accurate form.

The naming of the years is not random, nor does it necessarily commemorate any great event or occurrence. Many centuries ago, the Lost Sage Augathra the Mad wrote out thousands of years and named them in the great library of Candlekeep. It's a rare year that doesn't see some event that seems clearly connected with its name, and most folks view Augathra's names as mysterious portents of the years ahead. After you download the Calendar Tool, unzip it into a directory on your machine and run the "index.htm" file in your web browser to use the utility off-line. The note editor and customizable notes only work with the downloadable version. An online version is also available.
The Roll of The Years from -700 to 1600 DR
Useful when you need to look up the name of a certain year.
Everchanging Book of Names
An excellent name-generating program which will make coming up with fantasy names a breeze. It's very easy to use but also very powerful if need be. On the page linked you can also download some "plugins", the most interesting ones being for the creation of Greyhawk & Forgotten Realms names. Thanks to Enthasius for bringing EBoN to my attention!
Download (Ext.)
A cool application you can create literally hundreds of different characters with.
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