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NOTE: All modules must be placed in your "modules" directory where you have installed Neverwinter Nights. You can then select them in game by choosing "Other Modules..."

BioWare-created Modules

Premium Neverwinter Nights Modules N/A Buy
Premium modules created by BioWare designers and prominent members of the NWN fan community are available for purchase and will be followed by a regular release of additional content. These adventures will host a wide variety of features, including engrossing storylines, professional voice-over and musical scores, brand new in-game content, and much more. Click here to check the Unofficial FAQ.
Witch's Wake I: The Fields of Battle N/A Download (Ext.)
The Witch's Wake is a multi-module story arc created by Rob Bartel, Lead Designer on the NWN Live Team, and utilizing selected systems developed by the online Neverwinter Nights community. It is set in a non-Forgotten Realms world of Rob's own creation and will be released in episodic format, one chapter at a time.
Naval Battle 59kb Download (Ext.)
This module is the classic game of Battleship, NWN style. Take turns bombarding each other until you have destroyed all of your opponent's tokens.. then do it again! Hours of fun for the whole family... The module is for 2 players (any level).
Dance Club Example 784kb Download (Ext.)
The Dance Club module is a single area featuring a dance floor and examples how you can use flashing lights and custom music to create a club environment.
War Wizards 57kb Download (Ext.)
In this competitive play module, members of an arcane spellcasters' guild, The Enclave, test their wits and strategies against each other in 3 different arenas. Each arena requires very different strategies and only a true War Wizard can be master of them all.
Chicguins 48kb Download (Ext.)
Strategy module for 2-players (any level). Prepare to engage in a combat pitting 2 savage foes against each other! Do you have what it takes to lead your fearsome feathered friends to victory, or will they meet a fowl end? Prepare to fight CHICKENS vs. PENGUINS!
Catapults! 71kb Download (Ext.)
"Catapults!" is a game of real-time competitive ballistic targeting where your objective is to destroy your opponents' catapults before they can destroy yours. Various power-ups and victory conditions are available and can be adjusted through an in-game voting system.
BlackJack Inn 48kb Download (Ext.)
Play a Neverwinter Nights version of Blackjack using this custom module - the Dealer will actually listen and respond to what your character speaks out loud.
Neverwinter Chess 99kb Download (Ext.)
Play a Neverwinter Nights version of Chess with a friend using this custom module created at BioWare, and watch the pieces battle it out as you tell them to move around the board! For 2 players. (There is no computer AI to play against, though you can play a single-player game if you play both sides yourself.).
Contest of Champions 4.4MB Download (Ext.)

Pit your mightiest warrior, your deadliest assassin and your most feared spell-caster against the best the world has to offer in BioWare's Contest of Champions!

This module is designed to allow a group of players to jump into combat against each other on up to for 4 different teams. Anything goes within the two different battle arenas. The last team standing at the end of combat wins the round.

Contest of Champions Map Sampler 1 812kb Download (Ext.)

From Rob Bartel: "What's this? A whole new version of Contest of Champions? Well, not yet.

The BioWare Live Team will be preparing a new & improved version of CoC over the coming months but, for now, we wanted to give you a little sample of what you can look forward to in terms of new maps. My goal with them was to create something unsuspected using the existing tilesets. As you'll see, I've used the Sewers to recreate Victorian London and the Forest tiles to construct a vast mountain chasm. And that's just the start!

When we release the revamped CoC, you'll be visiting desert cities, massive ironworks, and more, all using the existing tilesets. So, even if you don't enjoy the team-based competitive play that Contest of Champions offers, you might want to open these new areas up in your toolset to see how you can apply them to your own creations.".

Shadows of Undrentide Pre-order Module 1.2MB Download (Ext.)
This is the pre-order zoo module with the extra creatures for the SoU expansion.
The Dark Ranger's Treasure 116kb Download (Ext.)
The mists swept in with the night, leaving the bridge glistening and damp. In the nearby marsh, frogs have already begun their chorus, deadened by the heavy air. You pull your cloak tighter and approach the ramshackle building before you. Dim light streams from its grimy windows and you can smell old ale and wood smoke. The doorknob creaks within your grasp.. Welcome to the Inn of the Lance. This may be the last time you ever see it.
To Heir is Human 181kb Download (Ext.)
When a baron of Battledale is destroyed by a Zhent army and his sole heir has been kidnapped; a troop of rangers is hired to track and return the young boy. The troop follow the trail of the child's abductors into Cormanthor, near the ruins of Myth Drannor. Just as the rangers think they have found the missing child, they are set upon by a drow army and barely escape their evil clutches. Now the rangers have given up hope of ever recovering the missing heir. Who dares face the might of the drow to save an innocent child?
The Winds of Eremor 247kb Download (Ext.)
The winds came out of nowhere, relentlessly driving the tiny vessel before them. Even your ship's grizzled captain looked shaken. Suddenly, through the torrential rain and storm-tossed spray, there loomed an island before you, fires blazing upon its well-fortified peak. Days away from any known shoreline, your captain decides to see what shelter he can in the island's paltry harbor.. Welcome to Eremor, island of the winds.

Other Modules

Darkness over Daggerford 215MB Download (Ext.)
Darkness over Daggerford is a former BioWare Premium Module, developed by Ossian Studios.

To many, the town of Daggerford is of little consequence. To others, however, it is of immeasurable value. The nearby great cities of Waterdeep and Baldur's Gate would do well to look over their shoulders at what is brewing in this once sleepy town. Prepare to delve into the dark mysteries surrounding Daggerford...

- A 25-30 hour classic Dungeons & Dragons role-playing adventure with a strong Baldur's Gate feel and almost 200,000 words of dialogue!

- Produced by former BioWare Producer, Alan Miranda, who was the Producer on Baldur's Gate II: Throne of Bhaal.

- A brand new world map system, never before seen in Neverwinter Nights, enabling the player to better explore a large world, complete with random encounters.

- A player stronghold to enable more challenging stronghold quests, and featuring cool player customization features.

- Three new TNO tilesets created by DLA and released to Ossian Studios through an exclusive agreement with BioWare, including a completely new exterior tileset with rolling hills, sea cliffs, and castles.

Check out both the "Critical Path Walkthrough, Part 1: Leaving Daggerford" and "Critical Path Walkthrough, Part 2: Saving Daggerford" for hints and spoilers on the entire critical path of the game.
IGN Insider Contest: Hordes of the Underdark Post-Modules Varies Download (Ext.)
Continue your adventure from the Hordes of the Underdark expansion with 3 modules created by the community in a contest to see who could do the best job. Here are the 3 entries in the order they were received with the winner being Sands of Fate 1 - Shadows under Heliopolis by John McA.
IGN Insider Contest: Hordes of the Underdark Pre-Modules Varies Download (Ext.)
The final entries of the contest for a module to bridge the Shadows of Undrentide expansion and the Hordes of the Underdark expansion. The modules start off where SoU ends and end in the area of Waterdeep to the North, where HotU *might* be starting, taking a 12th level player to level 15. The winning modules on the list are Shadohaunt by Xxtayce and The Nether Scrolls by Papermonk, though the rest are still worth checking out.
NWVault Modules N/A Download (Ext.)
A huge repository of downloadable modules, growing even larger every day. Here you'll find practically every module you could wish for, from utterly amateurish attempts to really good modules. The link above list top-rated modules, while the entire list (warning, huge!) is available here.
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