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Bonus & Collector's Edition CD Merchants 1kb Download

The missing content only available with the Bonus or Collector's Edition of the game. Once you download the archive, simply unpack the .bcs file to your Override directory and Nym in the Wandering Village will have the Avarine Decanter for sale in his store.

Alternatively, you can check this page, which will provide you with more info on the extra merchants and a detailed description on how to enable them via the in-game console.

Light of Selűne by Crucis (Submitted) 675kb Download
Light of Selűne is a mod that adds a large number of new items, updated items, some converted IWD1 items, some class updates (particularly the Ranger class), somewhat nastier traps, and 4 new merchants (two in Targos, one in the Wandering Village, and one in Kuldahar). The new items (about 145) are of all types, with a focus on new armors, bows, and bastard swords, and can be spread throughout the game in the new and old merchants, as well as on some creatures or in treasure containers.
Tactics4IWD2 by Wu Min (Submitted) 791kb Download
This is a tactical mod which aims to satisfy people who love challenges. The purpose of this mod is to make the boring fights in the vanilla game more challenging and more exciting, not to spite players. So all the bosses can be defeated directly without any cheese. This mod will improve the battles from beginning to end. About 90% of the creatures have been enhanced; the enhanced respects are: Stats, Spell Selections, AIs, etc. And this mod also fixes a few bugs and imbalances of the original game. More information about the mod is available in SP's IWD2 forum and in the readme.
Targos-Be-Gone by DreamingxAshley 725kb Download
Tired of having to play through the entire tutorial of Icewind Dale 2? The author of this mod was, and now you don't have to be! Introducing: Targos-Be-Gone. It's actually just a save game, but all the characters are at full health, standing outside the Palisade, waiting to continue the adventure. All the quests were finished, and all the gold was collected. Note that if you want to change the characters, you will have to use Dale Keeper 2 to adjust their stats to level 3. But the author's all girl party (Sisterhood of the Traveling Blades) is pretty well decked-out.
Faster Boots of Speed by KenTeamBG 1kb Download
Normally, the Boots of Speed in IWD2 are set at a speed of 13, these are set at 32. This may be overkil, but it's a simple item edit for speedy play or mod testing.
Extended XP for Less Challenging Monsters by packrat (Submitted) 2kb Download
This MONCRATE.2DA simply extends XP for less challenging monsters. It uses the 3E concept of 1/2 XP every 2 monster levels. New values were calculated right to left, rounding down. All other values are the same as in the original MONCRATE.2DA. The author believes that this new file follows the intent of d20 (TM) within the limits of the IWD2 program.
Double XP in Insane Mode Mod by Baezlebub (Submitted) 2kb Download
This particular little file is a modified MONCRATE.2da file that gives roughly double XP throughout the game. This is in imitation of Insane mode IWD and is meant for the use in Insane mode IWDII. The Insane mode in IWD gave all monsters double stats etc., and also gave double XP for killing them. IWDII doesn't give the added XP. Until now.
Tweaked Experience Tables 1kb Read
For those experiencing experience-related woes with the game due to its inflexible implementation of 3E's "Challenge Rating" system, these edited experience tables might prove beneficial.
IWD2 Modified Scripts by Link (Submitted) 8kb Download
All the scripts from the patched version of the game, modified to have the incredibly annoying SetBestWeapon() command removed. So now a weapon you give your characters will also be used, not switched around as AI sees fit. Simply overwrite the scripts in the game's Scripts directory to use.
IWD2 Cleric Domains by Tioma (Submitted) 512kb Download
This version adds clerics of LOLTH (head drow goddess), YONDALLA (head halfling goddess), GRUUMSH (head orc god), GARL GLITTERGOLD (head gnome god), MORADIN (head dwarf god), and CORELLON LARETHIAN (head elf god) to the game.
Ammo Belts and Bottomless Bags by Tioma (Submitted) 225kb Download

This pack contains:

1. Bottomless bags - All bags (portable item containers) can now contain up to 16^4-1=65535 items.
2. Ammo belts - An ammo belt can contain up to 65535 arrows, bolts, bullets and darts.

IWD2 Subraces Pack (beta1) by Tioma (Submitted) 208kb Download
This version incorporates sun and wood elves into the game. Before starting a new game you should choose up to 6 subraces (necessary for your current party) among humans, aasimars, tieflings, moon elves, drows, wild elves, sun elves and wood elves (all other subraces will remain the same at the moment). You can change different subrace settings in different games.
Character Editing Info by Francois Mulder (Submitted) 29kb Download
This zip includes a number of edited characters and an Excel table of dec offsets to edit the chr files to create super charaters. Includes abilities, skills and feats.
Feats & Skills Mod by Michael J. Lee (Submitted) 1kb Download
This mod was made to step a little away from the D&D core rules and allow more feats and skill points per level, namely all classes get at least two feats per level and all races receive a base of 4 additional skill points per level before modifiers.
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