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IWD2 Ease-of-Use by Westley Weimer [Official Site - More Info & Support] 369kb Download

The Ease-Of-Use mod is collection of useful modlets and minor changes that make playing IWD2 more bearable. All of these components are optional and may be installed separately:

  • Bugfixes
  • Infinite Stacking
  • Non-Combat War Chant of the Sith
  • Improved Holy Avenger
  • Two-Handed Greatsword Holy Avenger
  • No-Fists for Iron Body
  • Deep Gnome Starting XP
  • Improved Moonblades
  • Improved Monk Fists
  • Collector's Edition Bonus Items
  • No Alignment Class Restrictions
  • Magic Weapon Finesse
  • Always Get Some XP Per Kill
  • Some Heart of Fury Items in Normal Mode
  • Stronger Bastard Swords
  • All Items Identified
  • Non-Linear Teleporting
  • Armor and Shields Provide Damage Resistance
  • Include Forgotten Armor and Shields
  • Additional Druid Spells
  • Alternate Shapeshifting
  • Skip Battle Square
IWD2 Bonus Merchant by Westley Weimer [Official Site - More Info & Support] 374kb Download

This mod adds Ribald Barterman as a bonus merchant selling BG2 equipment. He appears in the Gallaway Trading Post and Conlan's Smithy in Kuldahar. All of the items have been faithfully converted to Third Edition / Icewind Dale 2 rules and statistics. For example, Katanas are now (Masterwork) Bastard Swords, etc.

Available items: Equalizer, Flail of Ages, Gesen Short Bow, Jaheira's Harper Pin, Blackblood, Jansen Adventurewear, Flasher Master Bruiser Mate, Hallowed Redeemer, Firecam Full-Plate, Mace of Disruption, Shadow Dragon Armor, Drow Elven Chain, Tsuki no Ken, Corthala Family Blade, Corthala Family Armor, Sword of Arvoreen.

Undead Targos Mod by Westley Weimer [Official Site - More Info & Support] 334kb Download

The Undead Targos Mod changes the opening area in IWD2. The Town of Targos is now attacked by undead monsters (and some minor goblins). It is still designed for level 1 Parties, but it is no longer a walk in the park. In addition, this mod allows you to complete the Targos fedex quests more rapidly. It's kinda light on innovative plot devices, but the author was just playing around. Basically, this will make your next run through the otherwise-boring tutorial chapter slightly more exciting. In addition, it also includes a component that makes the final confrontation with Torak slightly more difficult (i.e., it gives Torak some half-orc spellcasters that work in concert to back him up).

Icewind Gate II (beta) by Westley Weimer [Official Site - More Info & Support] 459kb Download

Icewind Gate II is (was?) a project to automatically convert the content from BG2 to the IWD2 engine (and third-edition D&D rules). This should combine the best of both worlds: IWD2's intelligent rule system and BG2's plot. Currently the project is in the beta-testing phase, and will probably remain there indefinitely. If you are interested in contuining this project, drop the author a line.

At this point, your best bet to get through IWG2 is with the help of our IWG2 walkthrough, available here.

Weapon Damage Comparison by Quint (Submitted) 11kb Download
This is an Excel 10 file (Office XP). You can use it calculate average weapon damage for any type of melée weapon. For example it can easily be used to see if a combination of dual-wielded weapons will deal more damage than your favorite 2-handed weapon.
Droquil by Ellimar (Submitted) 3.1MB Download
Droquil is a lvl 7 fighter and is a male chaotic good drow character for Icewind Dale 2. This file includes custom portraits and sounds. The equiptment isn't custom, but it is good.
New Starting Parties by TheBlackRose 230kb Download
This mod adds additional pre-made parties to IWD2 so that players have more choices at the start of the game.
Whispering Wind Party + Installer & Portrait by drowling (Submitted) 193kb Download
A pre-made Icewind Dale 2 party (Neverwinter-themed) and corresponding party installer program. Also comes with a nice portrait for the party's mage.
Water's Edge Party by Antaris (Submitted) 9kb Download
A pre-made Icewind Dale 2 party of "Abandoned Pirates", two dwarves, two humans, a drow monk and a half-orc.

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