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Hail fellow planewalkers, and welcome to our fine galleria. Here you shall find many most intriguing pictures that I have collected during my latest stroll through the Cage, Carceri, Baator and beyond.
Aye, it was a dangerous journey, filled with many wonders, hideous monsters that would scare any common berk witless, floating skulls, ever-pondering modrons and much more.

I have accumulated vast knowledge and gained many an insight into the inner workings of the Planes, and as for the jink, well let's just say that I now possess many a beautiful sparkle that should fetch me a nice price at the Ward's gem-cutters.

As you might have guessed, I am a spellslinger by trade and a firm believer in the principles of the Society of Sensation. Mayhap my journey was spurred by all the sensory stones I have enjoyed in the Sensoriums to which I wanted to contribute my part, or maybe it was just the friendly advice of the blood Ilrixay who has pointed me in the right direction. Whatever the cause, it has only proven that taking an active role in my faction's mission to sense and experience was the right decision.

As we like to say, without experience, without sensation, a thing isn't. If a sod can't taste the soup, then it ain't soup. The only way to know anything for sure is to use the senses.

But let us not waste any more time wigwagging. Unfortunately, the only senses you will be able to use to experience the images I divine for your enjoyment are your eyes, but do not despair. Some of the sights are breathtakingly beautiful, some horribly frightening, but all of them capable of bringing you a wondrous sensation.

I have arranged for two separate sections to be made, one containing the impressions collected during the brief time that I was in the company of the mysterious Nameless One, and the other a collection of captured moments of which I was not a part of.
They were conjured up for me to experience by our leader, so you can expect them to be very vivid.
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