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Battle of the Builds Download (Ext.)
Battle of the Builds allows you to instantly raise your PCs to level 30 and pit them in mortal combat against some of the finest power builds from the NWN2Wiki and the Epic Character Builders Part Deux. If you've ever wondered how your character build concept would fare against the likes of the Iron Sorcerer, Kaze no Kama, or Lord of the Mountain, Battle of the Builds will allow you to test your character's kung fu against theirs. You can even pit the NPCs against each other in one-on-one combat and watch the ensuing debacle in relative comfort and safety.

This is not an adventure module. There is only one NPC whom you may talk to, the Arena Master. At your command, he will arrange gladiatorial fights for you, give you experience points, and offer you the kind of gear that you may buy, loot, or craft in both the Original Campaign and Mask of the Betrayer. You may then pit your PC against any of the power builds to determine the PC's strengths and areas of improvement. The ultimate objective of this module is for you to test your character build concept against other epic builds or to test how these builds would fare against each other.

It is highly recommended that a good AI routine be installed for testing your character builds. This module works very well with Tony_K's AI.

Battle of the Builds may be of interest to the following types of people:
  • Powergamers who want to test their character build concepts
  • Builders seeking inspiration for deadly NPCs to put in their modules
  • Scripters who want to look at some examples of special combat AI
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