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Official Strategy Guide

Icewind Dale 2 Official Strategy Guide

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Icewind Dale II Online Solution N/A Read
An excellent walkthrough with detailed info on all the quests in the game, descriptions of locations, online maps and more.
Icewind Dale II Walkthrough by Dave Milward (Submitted) 166kb Download
The author has written this walkthrough using the same approach as he did for the BG walkthroughs. The walkthrough takes the reader through the game as he has played it.
Icewind Gate II Walkthrough by Dave Milward (Submitted) 96kb Download
This walkthrough follows the same approach as the author's previous walkthroughs, where he takes a party and describes how he's progressed through the game. In this instance, it is well known that IWG2 is riddled with bugs and scripting problems, and that Westley Weimer has postponed working on the project indefinitely due to real life commitments. As such, a purpose of this guide is to relate how to extract a reasonably smooth and rewarding gaming experience from IWG2. It won’t be perfect by any means, but it will still be passably enjoyable.
Modjahed's Icewind Dale II Solution 48kb Download
The Internet's first Icewind Dale II walkthrough, brought to you by SP. It is complete up to chapter 5.
Icewind Dale II Universal Hint System N/A Read (Ext.)
An interesting program that will try to give you hints one at a time instead of revealing everything at once. Try this if you don't want too much to be spoiled for you when you're stuck.
IWD2 FAQ & Walkthrough by kaichern tee 122kb Download
A pretty good and well laid-out walkthrough with character creation tips, spell picks and general strategies.
IWD2 FAQ & Walkthrough by Orest 41kb Download
Another walkthrough for Icewind Dale 2, pretty much the same as all the others offered here.
IWD2 Walkthrough by Michael Berg 35kb Download
A very quick walkthrough with few details, but with some extra character creation ideas, general hints and combat and spells advice.
Icewind Dale II "Walkthru" N/A Read (Ext.)
A rather short walkthrough not going into much details about anything.
IGN's Icewind Dale II Guide N/A Read (Ext.)
A basic online guide containing character creation advice, some tips, and a walkthrough.
Icewind Dale II Info Compilation N/A Read
A compilation of information from various official resources. Read the introduction to the game, what the world of Icewind Dale is like, how the sequel ties in with the original Icewind Dale, the outlines of the game's story and much more.
Clerics Info Compilation N/A Read
A compilation of information about clerics. You can read the descriptions of clerics of each of the available faiths and see the list of cleric domains and their associated abilities.
Pre-made Character Parties N/A Read
The game has pre-made parties available for the PC's immediate use, so that those who do not feel like going through a lengthy character creation process can jump right into the game. Here you can read the descriptions and stats for each of the 5 available parties, plus the biographies for each of their members.
Weapon Combinations in the New Interface N/A Read
A game designer gives a detailed look at how the weapon combos work in Icewind Dale II's new inventory screen.
SP Icewind Dale II Preview N/A Read
An exclusive preview of the game and its features, topped with 80 screenshots from the preview build.
SP Icewind Dale II Interview N/A Read
An interview comprised of 28 questions. Very informative for those wanting to learn as much as possible about this 3rd edition D&D game.
Icewind Dale II 3e Classes N/A Read
Full descriptions & details about the 3 new 3rd edition classes included in IWD2: the Monk, the Sorcerer and the Barbarian.
Icewind Dale II Races & Subraces N/A Read
A listing of all races and subraces included in Icewind Dale II, complete with detailed descriptions of each.
Icewind Dale II Feats N/A Read
A detailed listing of feats that were implemented in the game, combined with their descriptions.
Icewind Dale II Skills N/A Read
A detailed listing of skills that were implemented in the game, combined with their descriptions.
Josh Sawyer Audio Interview N/A Download (Ext.)
An interview about IWD2 with BIS's Lead Designer. You can download about 20 minutes of the recorded interview, split into 3 mp3 files. There are also 4 new screenshots at the bottom of the page.
3rd Edition D&D FAQ by Dan Simpson 17kb Download
The intention of this guide is to detail the rules for the game player who has never seen the Pen and Paper (PnP) edition of D&D, essentially making D&D accessible to anyone.
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