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Icewind Dale II Clerics Info Compilation

Description of Clerics
Cleric Domains & Their Associated Abilities

Description of Clerics

Here are the descriptions for the clerics of each faith:

Painbearer of Ilmater -- Ilmater, also known as the Crying God, is the god of suffering and perserverance. Taught that enduring the suffering of others is the greatest act of sacrifice, Painbearers of Ilmater can be found wherever the weak are oppressed. Painbearers are known for their charity, humility, and their unshaking faith during even the most trying of circumstances.

Morninglord of Lathander -- Lathander the Morninglord is the god of the dawn and renewal. His priests, who share his title, can be found around the world helping communities grow and rebuild after times of trouble. Morninglords are known for their kindness and optimism.

Silverstar of Selune -- Selune is often called the Moonmaiden for her connection to the silver moon that orbits Faerun. She is the goddess of the moon and travelers. Her priests, called Silverstars, travel far and wide to help the oppressed and explore lost places. Silverstars are known for their open-minded tolerance and their hatred of bigotry.

Watcher of Helm -- Also known as He of the Unsleeping Eyes, Helm is the god of guardians. His servants, the Watchers, are always vigilant against invaders, thieves, and tricksters of all sorts. Watchers are known for their stern demeanor, loyalty, and uncompromising ethics.

Lorekeeper of Oghma -- Oghma, the Lord of Knowledge, is the patron of bards and the god of knowledge. Oghma's Lorekeepers are interested in recovering lost secrets, preserving knowledge, and spreading information freely. Lorekeepers are known for their honesty and their inquisitive nature.

Battleguard of Tempus -- The Lord of Battles, Tempus, is worshipped by warriors across the Faerun. As war can be found in almost every civilzed part of the world, so too can the Battleguard of Tempus. Battleguards fight bravely and inspire their comrades to deeds of valor. They are known for their bravery and stubborn nature.

Dreadmaster of Bane -- Also known as the Black Hand, Bane is the god of strife, hatred, and tyranny. The Dreadmasters, his priests, can be found wherever the strong and cruel prey upon the weak. They are known for their manipulative scheming and malicious attitude.

Demarch of Mask -- The Lord of Shadows, Mask, is the god of thieves and shadows. His servants, the Demarchs, often help small bands of thieves in their efforts. Many can be found as advisors in thieves' guilds. They are known for their deceptive nature and their avarice.

Stormlord of Talos -- Talos the Destroyer is the god of storms and destruction. The bane of many rangers and druids, Talos works his evil through the use of his priests, the Stormlords. Stormlords terrorize farming communities all across Faerun with threats of imminent doom if all do not appease the Destroyer. They are known for their abusive terrorism and their foolhardy nature.

Cleric Domains & Their Associated Abilities

When a character takes a level of cleric, they will be required to pick a deity from the following list: Ilmater, Lathander, Selune, Helm, Oghma, Tempus, Bane, Mask, Talos. This is their deity for all cleric levels.

Selecting a deity (reminder: which is mandatory for all clerics) is restricted by alignment. It also gives you two (2) special powers and access to domain spells. Domain spells are a special set of spells. For every cleric spell level the character can cast, he or she may cast one domain spell per day, from a list of two per spell level. These alignment restrictions, powers, and domain spells are listed below. Domain spells have been assigned arbitrary levels for the purposes of fitting into the "domain" and feel of the deity.

Ilmater (LG, NG, LN)

Pain Touch 1/day (Touch weapon that causes a -2 penalty to Str and Dex for 10 rounds)
Ilmater's Endurance 1/day (increase Con by 6 for a number of rounds equal to level)
1st: Endure Elements, Protection From Evil
2nd: Unfailing Endurance, Aid
3rd: Magic Circle Against Evil, Cure Serious Wounds
4th: Holy Smite, Emotion: Hope
5th: Feeblemind, Holy Power
6th: Stoneskin, Harm
7th: Holy Word, Impervious Sanctity of Mind
8th: Symbol of Pain, Holy Aura
9th: Horrid Wilting, Summon Monster IX

Lathander (LG, NG, CG, N)

Improved Turning Feat (free)
Lathander's Renewal 1/day (cures 2x cleric level in hit points)
1st: Sunscorch, Faerie Fire
2nd: Lesser Restoration, Bull's Strength
3rd: Agannazar's Scorcher, Negative Energy Protection
4th: Shield of Lathander, Holy Smite
5th: Flame Strike, Raise Dead
6th: Heal, Fire Storm
7th: Greater Restoration, Sunbeam
8th: Aura of Vitality, Resurrection
9th: Meteor Swarm, Mass Heal

Selûne (NG, CG, CN)

Selune's Freedom 1/day (Freedom of Movement that lasts 1 round/level)
Moon Shield 1/day (grants a +3 bonus to spell resistance that lasts 1 round/level)
1st: Faerie Fire, Sanctuary
2nd: Moon Motes, Alicorn Lance
3rd: Moonblade, Protection From Fire
4th: Emotion: Rage, Ghost Armor
5th: Wall of Moonlight, Undead Ward
6th: Antimagic Shell, Divine Shell
7th: Planar Binding: Air Elemental, Planar Binding: Water Elemental
8th: Planar Binding: Fire Elemental, Planar Binding: Earth Elemental
9th: Prismatic Spray, Elemental Legion

Helm (LG, LN, N, LE)

Helm's Shield 1/day (grants a +2 bonus to saves for a number of rounds equal to level)
Helm's Watch 1/day (grants a +2 miscellaneous bonus to AC for a number of rounds equal to level)
1st: Protection From Evil, Armor of Faith
2nd: Spell Shield, Hold Person
3rd: Exaltation, Glyph of Warding
4th: Death Ward, Defensive Harmony
5th: Greater Command, Dismissal
6th: Circle of Blades, Globe of Invulnerability
7th: Spiritual Wrath, Impervious Sanctity of Mind
8th: Iron Body, Seven Eyes
9th: Aegis, Banishment

Oghma (NG, LN, N, CN, NE)

Oghma's Knowledge (+1 to all Lore skills)
Identify 1/Day
1st: Identify, Eagle's Splendor
2nd: Charm Person, See Invisible
3rd: Find Traps, Dispel Magic
4th: Malison, Shout
5th: Power Word: Silence, Greater Command
6th: Power Word: Stun, Symbol of Fear
7th: Great Shout, Symbol of Hopelessness
8th: Power Word: Kill, Symbol of Death
9th: Executioner's Eyes, Wail of the Banshee

Tempus (CG, N, CN, CE)

Automatically gains Martial Weapon: Axe and Weapon Focus: Axe feats.
Tempus' Strength 1/day (increase Strength by 6 for number of rounds equal to level)
1st: Magic Stone, Bless
2nd: Draw Upon Holy Might, Chant
3rd: Prayer, Animate Dead
4th: Blood Rage, Recitation
5th: Champion's Strength, Chaotic Commands
6th: Circle of Blades, Spiritual Wrath
7th: Power Word: Blind, Summon Monster VII
8th: Power Word: Stun, Summon Monster VIII
9th: Power Word: Kill, Summon Monster IX

Bane (LN, LE, NE)

Tyrant's Dictum (all saves vs. their will spells are at +1 DC)
+1 to all Bluff, Diplomacy, and Intimidate
1st: Command, Bane
2nd: Silence, Horror
3rd: Dire Charm, Rigid Thinking
4th: Cloak of Fear, Emotion: Despair
5th: Greater Command, Domination
6th: Power Word: Silence, Feeblemind
7th: Suffocate, Gate
8th: Flaying, Power Word: Blind
9th: Mass Dominate, Summon Monster IX

Mask (N, LE, NE, CE)

Free Blind-Fight feat
+1 bonus to Hide, Move Silently, and Pick Pockets
1st: Minor Mirror Image, Sleep
2nd: Blindness, Blur
3rd: Mirror Image, Invisibility Sphere
4th: Emotion: Despair, Improved Invisibility
5th: Shadow Monsters, Unholy Blight
6th: Greater Shadow Conjuration, Phantom Blade
7th: Shades, Soul Eater
8th: Mass Invisibility, Blasphemy
9th: Black Blade of Disaster, Executioner's Eyes

Talos (CN, NE, CE)

5 Electrical Resistance
Destructive Blow 1/Day (gain a +2 bonus to hit and damage for a number of rounds equal to level).
1st: Shocking Grasp, Doom
2nd: Death Armor, Gedlee's Electric Loop
3rd: Storm Shell, Lightning Bolt
4th: Protection From Electricity, Static Charge
5th: Slay Living, Ball Lightning
6th: Whirlwind, Chain Lightning
7th: Tremor, Destruction
8th: Fire Storm, Acid Storm
9th: Wail of the Banshee, Horrid Wilting

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