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Planescape: Torment Manual 2.4MB Download
The official game manual in PDF format.
The Planescape Glossary N/A Read
Explains the terms commonly used within Planescape products. Most are part of the cant, but others deal with the factions and important aspects of the planes.
Planescape: Torment Tattoos List by Extremist (Submitted) N/A Read
An extensive list of all tattoos you can get in the game, along with abilites and effects. Please note that some of them cannot be found in the game as they were removed prior to the release.
Mage Spells - List of Locations by Extremist (Submitted) N/A Read
An extensive list of all mage spells you can get in the game, along with locations.
The Greater Glabrezu in UnderSigil FAQ N/A Read (Ext.)
After you return to Sigil from the Planes, you will be able to find Greater Glabrezu in UnderSigil, the "dungeon" under the Clerk's Ward. These tough monsters are worth 70,000 experience points each, and when you kill them they drop either a large amount of money or a powerful item. Here you can read the results of tests to figure out exactly how likely you are to find a Greater Glabrezu each time you go into UnderSigil, where they might spawn and what chances you have of finding each item they can drop.
Planescape: Torment Store List by shoecream 9kb Download
In this guide, you'll find a list of all the items that can be purchased at which stores, as well as what can be sold to which stores.
Planescape: Torment Magic List by Kizor Nerdbringer 18kb Download
Planescape: Torment had a rather more brief manual, which lacked - among other things - a decent magic list. So, to make up for this shortcoming, you can look up spells simply, easily and without risking running into spoilers in this list. The spells are sorted first by type, then by level, then by alphabetical order.
Planescape: Torment Creature List by shoecream 22kb Download
This guide is a creature listing, which goes into gory detail about every single creature you can (and cannot) encounter in this game. It lists details about every single resistance of every single creature in the game. In fact, it may list stuff that you might not care about, but hey, it's handy as a quick reference as to why a certain spell is not working or something like that.
Planescape: Torment Speed Run Guide by Steven de Rooij
This guide is intended for people who have completed Planescape: Torment at least once and have basic knowledge of the game, and who are interested in learning how the game can be completed as quickly as possible.
Planescape: Torment - FAQs for Beginners by Orion79 22kb Download
This document provides a score of essential hints for the best game experience, starting a new game in the best way, ... all without spoiling the fun of exploring the game. The guide is made to give the best starting hints, and may be used together with other walkthrough made by other players.
Unimplemented Files List N/A Read (Ext.)
A list of all of the unimplemented Planescape: Torment stuff that is not accessible in the game, but can be found in the game files - dialogs, items and images.
Hints for Playing Torment by Chris Avellone N/A Read
Some common hints for easier Torment playing so when you pick up the game, you can hit the ground running. Includes some of our own hints as well.
Hints for Playing Torment by Adam Heine N/A Read
Some more tips to whet your appetite.
NPC Conversation Bonuses by FenixStrife N/A Read
Dialogue is a mighty means of persuasion in Planescape: Torment. Depending on your class and/or stats, you can learn a great deal from some of the NPCs, and vice versa. This detailed guide tells you how.
Planescape FAQ N/A Read
Never heard of Planescape until you bought the game? Or maybe you want to know more about it before you do? In any case, you should read these frequently asked questions since they explain what it's all about.
Planescape: Torment Problems & Solutions N/A Read
Answers to some commonly asked questions and solutions to some problems.
Planescape: Torment Items List by Dan Simpson 103kb Download
An excellent list of items, covering just about everything you can find in the game: armors, axes, blades, blunt weapons, bolts, bracelets, daggers, earrings, eyeballs & lenses, fist weapons, misc items, quest items, rings, scrolls, spells, tattoos, teeth and useless items.
Torment Movies List N/A Read
List of all movies in the game. Simply add the codes to the torment.ini file and you'll be able to watch all FMV sequences no matter how far you have progressed in the game.
Special Abilities N/A Read
Descriptions & stats for all the special abilities of (N)PCs. Very useful since none of this is written in that poor excuse for a manual.
Unbroken Circle of Zerthimon by Rakanishu (Submitted) N/A Read
This is the entire text from Dak'kon unbroken circle of Zerthimon that you might be familiar with from the game. It is a must read for all Planescape enthusiasts since it is a shining example of quality storytelling.
Story of Torment by Rhys Hess 365kb Download
Because of the large amount of excellent dialog in the game Rhys Hess (author of the "History of the Nameless One" you can read below) decided to compile a story based on a path through the game, so that we could read through the excellent story at our leisure. A recommended reading for all the berks out there.
Planescape: Torment Novelization 1.5MB Download (Ext.)
An adaptation of the text described above, ready to be printed, bound and read as a real book.
History of the Nameless One N/A Read
A very interesting reading. I recommend you read this after you've finished the game (major plot spoilers), for it will undoubtedly answer a lot of questions that remained unanswered on your journey through the planes.
Stories of Torment by Rhys Hess/Bryan Prell (Submitted) 577kb Download
The author decided to reformat the simple text file of the Story of Torment (from above) for his own reading ease. He added a title page, page numbers, indexed the page numbers to the chapters and added an appendice of things he thought would be of use to the person reading it. He also put in a brief note at the beginning with a couple of his own thoughts, a compiled map from the game, and both the Unbroken Circle of Zerthimon and History of the Nameless One texts available from here.
Planescape: Torment Quotes N/A Read
A list of some of our favorite quotes from the game.

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