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Platter's Miscellaneous Torment Crap
Platter's Miscellaneous Torment Crap
This page contains spoilers for the game. Last updated: December 26, 2005.
Official Symbol of Torment art
Unimplemented Files - Things that can be found in the game's files but were not implemented into the game.
Musical notation of the main theme tune.
Official info on Torment characters compiled from the official Planescape sourcebooks.
Real tattoos of the Symbol of Torment.
Greater Glabrezu in UnderSigil - Your chances to find them, where they might spawn and the chances of finding each item they can drop.
Coaxmetal's items have certain conditions.
Dying in the Fortress - How many times you can die in the Fortress before getting the Game Over screen.
The incarnations you meet in the Fortress are not there because they reached it during their lifetime.
All the ways to end the game.
Morte's taunts - A transcription of all the voice overs that randomly play when Morte uses his special ability "Litany of Curses."
A note that "Dave Hendee was here!" found drawn into the search map for Curst.
Obscure "painting" in Curst which is actually something familiar.
A nuclear trefoil on some barrels in the Tenement of Thugs and the Wrecked House in the Lower Ward.
Symbol of Bhaal in Hamrys' shop?
Chris Avellone on Deionarra's prophecy (page 1 2 3)
Eric Campanella on the Symbol of Torment
Chris Avellone and Dave Maldonado on the true name and identity of the Nameless One
Dave Maldonado on Morte's tale to Yves
Dave Maldonado on Zhuang Bei's poem
Scott Warner on the Nameless One's fate at the end of the game
Chris Avellone on the girl in the opening movie
Eric Campanella on the robed figure in the Rune of Torment spell movie
Scott Warner on the Brothel basement
Stuff I made using art done by Black Isle Studios.
Alternate box covers
The Torment Gift Shop
The Bronze Sphere
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