Here is a transcription of all the voice overs that randomly play when Morte uses his special ability "Litany of Curses."

"You filthy stinkards!"
"You father of trolls!"
"You poxy bastard!"
"Stupid yobbo!"
"You dog's body!"
"Your sheer ugliness stabs pain into my eyes."
"You got a face only a sledgehammer could love - and has!"
"Your face is just begging to be kicked."
"What a perfectly good waste of arms and legs."
"Pike that!"
"Filthy sod!"
"Flies wouldn't even rest on your carcass."
"You alley-bred dog!"
"You leather-head!"
"Prime scum!"
"She has the personality of a patch of razorvine, and twice as ugly!"
"You blathering idiot!"
"Choke on a bone, you witless ape!"
"I am not taunting that. No way."

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