Official Info on Torment Characters

(Doors to the Unknown):

(Px [Aoskar]/male dabus/HD 7/Sign of One/N)
AC 7, MV 12, HD 7, hp 46, THAC0 13, #AT 1, Dmg ld3 (dart), SA/SD symbols, SZ M (6í tall), ML steady (12), Int very (12), XP 975.

Faction Notes: As a Signer, Fell receives an automatic save vs. spell to resist illusions. He suffers a -2 penalty to all encounter reaction checks.
Special Equipment: Blowgun, barbed darts.
Special Abilities: Symbols - The picture symbols that appear above Fellís head when he communicates may be permanently grafted onto any smooth surface as a tattoo. These symbols also have a chance to become solid, real-life objects or creatures. Each round of communication with a PC, roll 1d20. On a roll of 1 a symbol becomes a real, beneficial object (such as a gate key). On a roll of 20, a harmful symbol (such as a monster) will become real. Fell will never be attacked by his symbols, but neither can he control them. Symbols that become real remain so for ld4+4 turns before dissipating into nothingness.
Note: Fell has no dabus immunities!
Spells: (Cast as a 17th-level priest) 4th level - dimensional folding, surelock; 5th level - plane shift; 6th level -forbiddance; 7th level - astral spell, gate.

Fell is a rare sight in Sigil, a dabus whose feet never leave the ground. He was once like all the other dabus - silent, unapproachable, busy doing the Ladyís work, but he joined the Ladyís rival, Aoskar. That was Fellís undoing. Some say that when he declared himself a priest of Aoskar, it was the straw that broke the bakuís trunk and caused the Lady to finally take action against the Keeper of Gateways. When the name of the portal god was written in the dead-book, Fell was banished from the dabus warrens and forced to live as the regular Cagers do.
The defrocked dabus runs a tattoo shop in the Market Ward, using his special ability to permanently graft his picture-symbols to smooth surfaces. The Lady of Pain leaves Fell alone, but most other berks keep their distance just in case that situation were to suddenly change. Most, that is, but not all. Some gather in secret to watch Fellís vivid tales of Aoskarís glory. The audience always consists of those Signers who follow the Will of the One. They seek to restore Aoskar to life through the sheer force of thought so that he might take his place as Sigilís ultimate high-up.
Garmundi visited Fellís performance the night before he vanished. During the spectacle, he received a tattoo from Fell as a gift for his demonstration of faith - the holy symbol of Aoskar. This symbol, shown on the front-cover flap, was the key that allowed Garmundi to activate the Second Door and escape the wrath of the Harmonium.
During this series of adventures, Fell can provide information and assistance to the heroes. íCourse, if they appear to be working against Fellís better interests, he wonít be as hospitable or helpful. The fallen dabus also comes under the scrutiny of the Society of the Locked Door, whose fanatical members try to slay Fell before the current blink cycle ends. Finally, Fell knows most of the important members of the Will of the One, including Origax, so he may also figure into the overarching plots through the Signersí involvement. Even so, the dabus rarely gets directly involved in events of the Cage. The only thing that might possibly sway him otherwise is some plan to save Garmundi.

(Uncaged: Faces of Sigil):

(In The Cage: A Guide To Sigil):

The Bones of the Night

The Guvners have reams of knowledge, of laws and regulations in their carefully organized archives and repositories of dead wood and papyrus. The Bones of the Night is also a font of knowledge, but one far less organized and less regulated - this is where thieves, wizards, and knights of the cross-trade come to learn from the dead.

The Bones of the Night is a cavern complex among the catacombs near the Ditch in the foulest-smelling region of the prodigiously odorous Lower Ward. The entrance is a gaping hole that fills an entire firegutted building; a ladder with rungs of bone leads down into the obsidian darkness. The chittering of rats can always be heard from the top of the ladder, though it fades whenever someone climbs down to the entrance salon.

The salon is richly decorated with the grave goods of a hundred thousand wealthy deaders: plush chairs, thick layers of tapestries, and burial shrouds. Officially, every tout whoís asked the Master of the Bones for permission to lead the curious on a brief tour has been turned down, but in fact the wererat servants often look the other way for a little garnish, or help the tout for a little more. In return, they lead the lucky visitors on a quick, chittering walk through the catacombs to the Chamber of the Reaper, where the bones of the dead decorate the walls and ceiling in elaborate patterns. The Master of the Bones usually animates one of the skulls to scare off the trespassers.

The Master of the Bones is Lothar the Old (Pl/male human/P25/Free League/N), a feeble-looking bearded man with a face full of wrinkles and a mind full of secrets. Called simply Master by his servants and many of his visitors, stones say that he is too wise for death to come near him, though others say that he has already foretold his own death, which will come through a gift given to him by a loved one.

When a supplicant comes to him with a question, Lothar negotiates his fee, then goes to gather the answer by consulting his library of skulls. After all, the dead are experienced, knowledgeable, and unable to lie. Factols, master thieves, mummies, and the master of the stonemasonsí guild compose but a fraction of his collection; the king of the rag-pickers, a sane slaad, and a true tanaríri are also prizes on his shelves. What most cutters donít realize is that the Master of the Bones is a necromancer-priest who uses the nature of the questions asked as a source of information for himself.

When heís presented with a skull by one of the resurrection men who sometimes bring him their most important finds, Master Lothar offers what he considers a fair price - after all, few others have the skill to use the skulls as anything but paperweights. Prices vary from 1 gp for a wise servant with a single valuable story to tell to 10,000 gp for a factolís skull taken from the mausoleums and crypts beneath the faction headquarters. Chant is, the Master of Bones is currently looking for the skulls of Shekelor, who defied the Lady of Pain, and Imendor, the last priest of Aoskar, who knew the plans of his god (and died for them).

The Master is hardly alone in his catacombs. His best assistants are wererats, on loan from Tattershade, the King of the Rats, who gains valuable information in exchange for the loan of his servants. The rats scurry off into the catacombs in search of particular bones when a question requires more specific information than his library can provide.

The entire complex is guarded by a powerful stone golem shaped into the form of an enormous ghoul, complete with sharp claws and flickering black tongue. This golem stands constant guard over the Masterís library of skulls and his new acquisitions. An eldritch fire in its heart animates it; some say that when the Master dies, the fire will go out as well. Until then, the golem is justly famous for stopping thieves and expelling rude guests. No one has given it the laugh, at least not yet.

Stone Golem:
AC: 5, MV: 6, HD: 14, hp: 50, THAC0: 7, #AT: 1, Dmg: 3d8, SD: hit only by +2 or better weapons, SZ: L (9í tall), ML: fearless (20), Int: non (0); AL: N, XP: 8,000.

Master Lothar is trying a new experiment: creating a magical spigot that he hopes to install in corpses to drain a knowledge potion from each. By imbibing these draughts, he hopes to gain even greater wisdom.
Burgher Tovus Giljaf
(Planescape Campaign Setting: Sigil and Beyond):

Burgher Tovus Giljaf (Pl/male gz/W(N)13/At/LE) is the absolute master of Curst. Once factol of the Athar, Tovus was cast out by his own followers when he attempted too much. He strove for the glory of his faction, but his followers were shallow and could only see doom in his edicts. The ungrateful berks turned stag against his bold vision, his plans to once and for all make the philosophy of the Athar absolute truth for everyone, and they threw him out of the Cage. But they canít lock the doors against him. Heíll be back . . . someday. Until then, heíll just have to bide time in this birdcage, building up power for his grand return.
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