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Planescape: Torment Fix Pack
Planescape: Torment Fix Pack v1.37 - updated August 23, 2004

Download (242kb)

This Fix Pack fixes many bugs in Planescape: Torment that were not fixed by the official 1.1 patch.
You can get the latest version of this Fix Pack at https://sorcerers.net/Games/Torment/Platter/.
Contributor E-mail Website
Platter platter6@hotmail.com Planescape: Torment Fix Pack
Christopher Nice webmaster@christophernice.com ChristopherNice.com
Ash McGowen darkknight_316@hotmail.com Planescape: Vengeance
Chaos Incarnate chaosincarnate2@hotmail.com none
Joshua Haber glowingfauxpas@hotmail.com none
The SKARDAVNELNATE skardavnelnate@netzero.net none
Barren barren50@hotmail.com Ashford City

Extract the zip file into Torment's override folder - for example;
C:\Program Files\Black Isle\Torment\override\
You should start a new game after installing this.

NOTE: If you have the four CD version of Torment, make sure you have the official 1.1 patch installed before installing this Fix Pack. Applying the official patch after installing this Fix Pack can overwrite some of these files. Don't apply the official 1.1 patch to the two CD version of Torment. This version has already been patched, and patching it can cause major problems.
Author Bug/Fix Description (contains spoilers) Files
Platter Some of the random banters between party members would not happen because of a bug in their triggers. BMORTE.DLG, BNORDOM.DLG
Ash McGowen
The Alley of Lingering Sighs was supposed to open up once you reached the Lower Ward, so you could go directly from the Alley to the Lower Ward if you ever went back there. AR0405.BCS
Ash McGowen If you had any Magic Resistance while copying the Circles of Zerthimon to your spell book the copying would have a chance to fail equal to your Magic Resistance percentage. CIRCLE03.ITM, CIRCLE04.ITM, CIRCLE05.ITM, CIRCLE06.ITM, CIRCLE07.ITM, CIRCLE08.ITM
Platter You couldn't initiate dialog with half of the shoppers in the Lower Ward Marketplace. AR0504.INI, DMCM4CLU.DLG
Platter Mortai Gravesend had Emoric's script assigned to him, so the floating text that would occasionally appear above him was wrong. AR0205.ARE
Platter The "Tattoo of Grosuk's Demise" wasn't available at Fell's shop if you killed Grosuk for Sebastion. DSABAST.DLG
Ash McGowen Vrischika's combat script would be halted if Standish was killed before she could cast Improved Strength on him. 0609VRIS.BCS
Platter You couldn't ask Grace about Vhailor when talking to her about your companions. DGRACE.DLG
Ash McGowen The "Blade of the Immortal" was supposed to be Enchanted: +1, but it was not Enchanted at all. BLADEIM.ITM
Platter Changed the To Hit bonus given by "Ravel's Fingernail" from +1 to +2, to match its description. FINGNAIL.ITM
Platter The "Teeth of the Fire Drake" didn't do any Fire Damage as its description claimed. FDTEETH.ITM
Platter Changed the AC bonus given by "Mark of the Savant" from +3 to +2, to match its description. SAVANT.ITM
Platter Changed the Strength bonus given by "Heaven and Earth" from +3 to +2, to match its description. HEAVEN.ITM
Platter The "Kaleidoscopic Eye" didn't give an extra +1 Save vs. Spells bonus. EYEKAL.ITM
Ash McGowen The "Dustman Earring's" Cold and Magical Cold Resistance bonuses did not work. DUSTEAR.ITM
Ash McGowen Minor bug where the Guard in the Curst Barracks wouldn't finish his joke about "the monkey, the squirrel and the pouch of magic beans." 3001GRD5.BCS
Barren Barking-Wilder was supposed to give you a special item if you had a "Cranium Rat Tail" when you asked him "Can I see what items the Chaosmen sell to their members?" while being a member of the Chaosmen. DBARKING.DLG
Platter When the skeleton-like Shadows in Ravel's Maze attacked it would drain their own strength instead of their target's strength. SHADOW2.ITM
Platter Corvus experience loop. DHGCORV.DLG
Platter If you caught Yellow-Fingers stealing from you and Morte was in your party there was a certain dialog path that could lead into Sharegrave's dialog, messing up the quest to find the source of Pharod's bodies for him. DMORTE.DLG
Ash McGowen The comments Annah and Grace make when you first enter Fell's Tattoo Parlor with them no longer happen if they are dead. 0404FELL.BCS
Platter There was a bug preventing you from being able to ask Nordom to make "Winged Bolts." DNORDOM.DLG
The SKARDAVNELNATE When you asked Creeden about the Hive and then what's of interest and then if he's seen a journal he would respond as if you had asked him about Pharod. DCREED.DLG
The SKARDAVNELNATE When asking Able about the Lady of Pain you could only get the option "Continue to listen" if you were a Thief at the time. DABLE.DLG
The SKARDAVNELNATE In one part of Thildon's dialog it was possible to mention the murder of the Foundry smith before it had happened. DTHILDON.DLG
Ash McGowen If you returned Marissa's "Crimson Veil" to her and asked for a reward the dialog indicated that you got a "Gold Bracelet," but you didn't because of a typo in the action. DMARISSA.DLG
Ash McGowen The "Ice Knife" spell caused a permanent decrease in To Hit when a party member was hit by it which lasted until the character was killed and resurrected. This fix prevents the To Hit effect of "Ice Knife" from working on your party at all. SPWI207.SPL, SPWI207.ITM
Platter "The Justifier" was supposed to remember knowing you a long time ago when you asked it "What can you tell me about yourself?" if you had talked to it at least three times.
If you asked "The Justifier" about your party members while in the Lower Planes all the responses would be messed up.
Ash McGowen Nordom's Crossbows were red like items are when you cannot use them. NORDXBOW.ITM
The SKARDAVNELNATE If you completed the quest to kill Qui-Sai for Scofflaw Penn the quest would stay in your Assigned Quests list. DSCOFF.DLG
Platter Changed the name of the Shadows in the Fortress from "Greater Shadow" to "True Shadow" like they are in the Bestiary. SHADOW3.CRE, FORTSHAD.CRE
Platter You could only get the dialog option with the Dustmen Mourners admitting that you are "to blame for the death of many innocents across the planes" if you had given the answer "I... don't know." to Ravel when she asked you "What can change the nature of a man?" DRAVEL.DLG, DMOURN1.DLG, DMOURN2.DLG
Platter There was a dialog option you couldn't get with Sere the Skeptic that involves convincing her to become an Anarchist once you have joined that faction. DSERE.DLG
Platter Fixed a few instances where a dialog option would end the dialog when it wasn't supposed to. DTRIAS.DLG, DSOEGO.DLG, DSADJULI.DLG, DNORDOM.DLG
Platter You couldn't initiate dialog with the Curst Citizen who was being beaten by two Curst Guards. DJANSEN.DLG
Platter In some dialogs you would not get the money you were supposed to because the action "GivePartyGold()" was used instead of "CreatePartyGold()". DQUINT.DLG, DPHINEAS.DLG, DTHUGP1.DLG, DDEVORE.DLG, DKESTER.DLG, DROBERTA.DLG, DFLEECE.DLG
Joshua Haber You couldn't ask Annah what Fell said about your tattoos when she was translating for you if your Intelligence was above 14 and you understood Rebuses. DFELL.DLG
Joshua Haber You couldn't reread the sixth circle of Zerthimon because it pointed to the last paragraph of the second circle instead. DCIRCLEZ.DLG
Platter Emoric experience loop. DEMORIC.DLG
Platter In dialog with Xachariah you should have had the option "Improvise: "It is I. Do you not recognize my voice?"" if you had 17 (or greater) Intelligence or Charisma, but it only worked for Intelligence. DXACH.DLG
Platter If you convinced Mortai to give you 100 coppers for signing a Dead Contract with him, he still only gave you 50 coppers. DMORTAI.DLG
Platter Fixed an error in The Apothecary and Vrischika's Curiosity Shop that may be related to those areas crashing more often than others. AR0609.WED, AR0612.WED
Platter You couldn't get the conversations you were supposed to be able to have with Nordom after saying "Can we discuss my immortality again?" because of a typo in a dialog action. DNORDOM.DLG
Platter A few of the thugs outside the Mortuary area had a piece of the Dabus' script in theirs, causing the Lady to get angry if you fought them as though you'd attacked a Dabus. 0200THG1.BCS, 0200THG2.BCS
Platter You couldn't transform the "Entropic Blade" directly from Fists to Clubs proficiency because of a typo in that response trigger. DEBLADE.DLG
Platter If you attacked Hezobol in Carceri through dialog it would increment the global variable "Curst_Counter" when you chose the option "Attack him." and then again when you chose the next and only available option "Fight." It should have only been incremented once. This variable keeps track of how many things you have done in Carceri to lessen the chaos and weakens Trias the higher it gets. DHEZOBOL.DLG
Chaos Incarnate Annah in the Hive outside the Mortuary at the beginning of the game would say things to any party member who walked by that were meant to be said only to the Nameless One. 0200ANNA.BCS
Platter The arrows on the Rotating Right-Click Menu were misplaced by one pixel. AMSCRLL.BAM, AMSCRLR.BAM
Platter If you attacked Aethelgrin or Tegar'in in the Smoldering Corpse Bar the other would just stand there and remain neutral because a bug in their scripts would prevent them from defending each other. 0402ATHL.BCS, 0402TEGR.BCS
Platter If you attacked the "Vault of the Ninth World" head it would initiate dialog with you but it would just say its normal greeting. It should have been a special dialog that said "Pardon me. Please do not attack the head." 0510VALT.BCS
Platter Ebb experience loop, plus a few other minor bugs in Ebb's dialog. DEBB.DLG
Platter You could get Nemelle to reward you a second time for reuniting her and Aelwyn if you asked her for the command word for the Decanter after you had already reunited Nemelle and Aelwyn. DNEML.DLG
Platter The item "Adder's Tear" had its 'drop sound' - the sound when you pick it up and drop it in the inventory screen - typed incorrectly and thus it didn't play. ADDRTEAR.ITM
Platter Once you completed all the quests for "The Grimoire of Pestilential Thought", it would add the same entry to your journal every time you tried to talk to it. DPESTAL.DLG
Platter Minor bug in Grace's dialog if you told her that you might love Annah and you had already met both Deionarra and Ravel. An option would show up twice in one situation, and never in another. It should have been one in each. DGRACE.DLG
Platter Several minor bugs with the Forge dialog in the Foundry. DFORGE.DLG
Platter One of the "multi-faceted globes" in the Fortress would say Deionarra's line "I shall wait for you in death's halls, my Love." including the sound, if you clicked on it. AR1201.ARE
Platter One of the versions of Adahn's Ring had the wrong graphic if you put it in a Quick Item slot and looked at it in the Rotating Right-Click Menu. ADRING.ITM
Platter Montague experience loop. DMONTAGU.DLG
Platter A patron of the Smoldering Corpse would look at Ignus' grill and say "That looks like it really hurts." even if Ignus was no longer there. 402PTN1.BCS
Platter Hamrys experience loop. DHAMRYS.DLG
Platter Some of the Hive Thugs' scripts were not being assigned properly. 0000NT.BCS
Platter You could still get into the Siege Tower if you had already given Coaxmetal the Cube or had been banned for not giving it to him. 0500TRG1.BCS
Platter A bugged stat check in Ghysis the Crooked's dialog if your Wisdom was below 13. During the part where you recall a memory you would get "Try and recall the memory" as dialog option #1 and #2, where #1 was the correct option and #2 was the option you should have only gotten if your Wisdom was 13 or higher. DGHYSIS.DLG
Platter Sometimes all Godsmen in the Foundry would ask you to leave and refuse to talk to you even if you had done nothing wrong. Caused by a bug in Thildon's dialog during the murder investigation quest. DTHILDON.DLG
Platter The Hammer would cause a slight trail when moving it in the inventory screen. II091.BAM
Platter Very rare bug that could occur when having Dak'kon translate for Fell, in which he would go through his "joining the party" dialog again. DDAKKON.DLG
Platter The game would sometimes freeze when you decided to become the Silent King. 1501ATTA.BCS, 1501HARG.BCS, 1501CS1.BCS, 1501CS4.BCS
Platter Several dialogs had a specific stat check bug that caused the check to be ignored and therefore you would never fail it. So expect a few stat checks where it seemed there were none before. The dialogs of the following characters were affected; Mochai, Barkis, Barr, Mantuok, Radine, Shaddeus, Raimon, Quint, Bedai, and Thildon. DMOOCH.DLG, DBARKIS.DLG, DBARR.DLG, DMANTUOK.DLG, DRADINE.DLG, WDRGUARD.DLG, DRAIMON.DLG, DQUINT.DLG, DBEDAI.DLG, DTHILDON.DLG
Platter A minor bug in the Practical Incarnation's dialog. It would go back to the main question tree instead of ending the dialog one of the times you say "Let me get my bearings, and we shall speak again." DINCAR1.DLG
Platter A bugged stat check in Nordom's dialog when upgrading him using your Charisma. DNORDOM.DLG
Platter A bugged stat check in Sandoz's dialog that closed off certain solutions to the quest involving him unless your Intelligence was exactly 14, instead of 14 and above. DSANDOZ.DLG
Platter A bugged stat check in Yi'minn's dialog that prevented you from figuring out his offer to help you is a trap unless your Intelligence was exactly 14, instead of 14 and above. DYI'MINN.DLG
Platter Two bugged stat checks in Eli Havelock's dialog that occur when he is training you as a thief if you've never been one before. DELI.DLG
Ash McGowen The Negative Token wouldn't work on the skeleton-like Shadows in Ravel's Maze. NTOKEN.ITM
Platter Couldn't get the upgrade for Nordom where you suggest that his "separation from the Source is what caused his perspective shift" if both Morte and Fall-From-Grace were in your party. DMORTE.DLG
Platter Turning on "Creative EAX" in "Audio Options" would cause party members' voices to be lowered/muted. REVERB.2DA
Platter Morte would sometimes constantly say "I haven't had this much fun since... the last time." This fix prevents that from happening, and also fixes it if it has already started. DREEK.DLG, DANGYAR.DLG, HAPPY.2DA, MRT011.WAV
Platter If you insisted that Aelwyn tell you of your previous meeting instead of waiting for her to tell you then it wouldn't let you use that info to tell Splinter that you were already a Sensate. DAELWYN.DLG
Platter Sybil experience loop. DSYBIL.DLG
Platter Wish Scroll "infinite use exploit." DWSCROLL.DLG
Platter Dialog with Marissa where you couldn't get her to stone your Lim-lim. DMARISSA.DLG
Christopher Nice Mochai infinite money fix;
This fixes an exploit regarding the NPC Mochai in the Smoldering Corpse bar where you could repeatedly threaten her with the line "You're not really a Dustman, are you?" and get 50 gold each time.
Christopher Nice Barr stats check fix;
This fixes a minor bug in the stat checks when trying to grab Barr's arm when bribing him in the Buried Village. If DEX was less than 10 and STR was greater than 9 you would get two choices that said, "Grab his arm and pin it." If both DEX and STR were less than 10 you wouldn't get the choice at all.
Christopher Nice Ravel conversation bugs;
First, one of the links was messed up if you had killed Marta and talked to Ravel about what shapes she has been. This wouldn't affect anything but was inconsistent with how that was handled if the other two people she had been were killed.
Second, the checks when Ravel teaches you magic weren't restrictive enough so you sometimes got more than one option that said "Close your eyes, listen." one of which was the one you were supposed to get and the other of which was a lesser reward.