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Wizards of the Coast News Round-up

Posted on Apr 05, 2020 21:17 by Taluntain

[​IMG]» Tiffany Smith & Random Character Generator with Kate Welch (Dragon Talk - 04/02/2020)
» Maude Garrett & How To DM with Noah Grand (Dragon Talk - 03/26/2020)
» Spells and Magic Tattoos (Unearthed Arcana 2020 - 03/26/2020)
» Play Safe. Stay Safe. (Remote D&D Tips and Tricks - 03/20/2020)
» Krystina Arielle & Sage Advice on PHB Rules (Dragon Talk - 03/19/2020)

Note: You can purchase most of the books, manuals, accessories etc. mentioned in the news here via Amazon's online stores (US, CA, UK or DE).

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Windbound - 3rd-Person Survival Adventure Coming to PC...

Posted on Apr 05, 2020 14:53 by RPGWatch

[​IMG]TheGG reports that 3rd-person survival adventure game Windbound is coming to PC and Console August 28th.


Reading, 3rd April 2020 | Deep Silver has announced new indie IP "Windbound" will be available digitally on the PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system, Xbox One, the all-in-one games and entertainment system from Microsoft, Nintendo Switch™ and PC on 28th August.

Created by Australian developer 5 Lives Studios, Windbound is a beautiful rogue-like 3rd-person survival adventure, fueled by hunting, exploration and crafting.

The player assumes the role of Kara who has been shipwrecked on an unknown land and must learn to adapt and survive, while solving the mysteries of a series of forgotten islands.

Windbound takes the survival genre in a new direction, focusing on nomadic hunting and exploration, together with custom boat building and an immersive tactile sailing experience. The game provides endless replayability options thanks to the procedural world, dynamic wildlife and modular boat crafting.


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The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV - PC...

Posted on Apr 05, 2020 02:43 by RPGWatch

[​IMG]The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV will be released for the PC in 2021:


Trails of Cold Steel IV - Announcement Trailer (PS4, Nintendo Switch, PC)

The end of a saga approaches with Trails of Cold Steel IV! With the nation on the brink of war and their greatest light now missing, heroes from far and wide must stand together in the face of emerging threats. The fight for a brighter future will be decided here!

Coming first to PS4 in Fall 2020, NSW and PC in 2021.

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Non-RPG General News - RPG Codex's Top Non-RPG PC Games

Posted on Apr 05, 2020 02:43 by RPGWatch

[​IMG]The RPG Codex voted for the best Non-RPGs:


RPG Codex's Top Non-RPG PC Games RESULTS!

Who's ready for some sweet nostalgia?

The results for our RPG Codex's Top Non-RPG PC games voting are out!

We had 203 codexers voting on 1,092 different games! It's a small number of people for such large number of entries, so I kept only the Top 200 visible on the result sheet visible, as bellow that games have 10 points or less, so 2 votes could already rank it.

Getting started, here's the RPG Codex's Top 50 Non-RPG PC games:
  1. Heroes of Might & Magic III
  2. Thief: The Dark Project
  3. Thief II: The Metal Age
  4. StarCraft
  5. X-COM: UFO Defense (aka UFO: Enemy Unknown)
  6. Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri
  7. Doom
  8. Half-Life
  9. Quake
  10. Age of Empires II
  11. S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl
  12. Master of Orion II: Battle at Antares
  13. Crusader Kings II
  14. Warcraft III
  15. Master of Magic
  16. Civilization IV
  17. Heroes of Might & Magic II
  18. Max Payne
  19. Silent Hill 2
  20. Portal
  21. Sid Meier's Pirates!
  22. Civilization II
  23. Half-Life 2
  24. Unreal Tournament
  25. Blood
  26. Duke Nukem 3D
  27. Star Wars: TIE Fighter
  28. Freespace 2
  29. Civilization
  30. Dungeon Keeper
  31. Doom II: Hell on Earth
  32. System Shock
  33. Star Wars: Jedi Knight - Dark Forces II
  34. The Secret of Monkey Island
  35. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
  36. Dwarf Fortress
  37. Dishonored
  38. The Curse of Monkey Island
  39. Rome: Total War
  40. Star Wars: Jedi Knight - Jedi Academy
  41. Portal 2
  42. Europa Universalis IV
  43. Star Wars: Jedi Knight II - Jedi Outcast
  44. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
  45. Hollow Knight
  46. Counter-Strike
  47. Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War
  48. Tetris
  49. Dark Messiah of Might & Magic
  50. Grim Fandango

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Regions of Ruin - Free to Keep

Posted on Apr 05, 2020 02:43 by RPGWatch

[​IMG]Regions of Ruin is an adventure/RPG game that is currently free to keep until 7 Apr @ 6:00pm. There is only a limited number available through.


Ever wonder what would happen if Kingdom met a broad, skill based open world RPG? Welcome to Regions of Ruin.

Regions of Ruin is a 2D side-scrolling RPG with town-building where you are introduced to an open world that progressively challenges your hero and settlement the further you delve into the vast continent.

You will discover a foreboding land ravaged by hundreds of years of hardship. Where, kingdoms have risen and fallen, settlements have been laid to waste and overrun by warring groups, and great mysteries lay hidden and waiting to be unearthed - assuming you can defeat their jealous guardians.

Main Features include:
  • Styled combat system with stats and levelling
  • Skill tree to focus your fighting style
  • Extensive loot and rare items to discover
  • Forge your own equipment or smelt it for resources
  • Open world exploration with a hand crafted environment, no randomized maps or levels, everything you see has been made with care
  • Customised town building and expansion
  • Rescue and recruit dwarves for your township (save them from extinction!)
  • Send workers to harvest resources from explored regions
  • Hire Mercenaries to help in battle
  • Multitude of Quests and a main storyline

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Outward - Dev Diary #6 The Soroboreans

Posted on Apr 05, 2020 02:43 by RPGWatch

[​IMG]Dev Diary #6 focuses on The Soroboreans which is an upcoming DLC for Outward.


Guillaume Boucher-Vidal, CEO at Nine Dots Studio takes you through some of the fresh and exciting new content in the latest OUTWARD Dev Diary!

You have battled your way through the landscape, dedicated yourself to your favourite faction and died countless times. Allow yourself to be immersed in Aurai once again and see what's coming in the new, hard hitting DLC for OUTWARD, "The Soroboreans".

You do remember where you left your backpack, right?

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Skullstone - Level Design

Posted on Apr 04, 2020 02:23 by RPGWatch

[​IMG]The latest dev diary for Skullstone explains the level design going into the game.



At one point, it became apparent that a script can also be used to set a particular property of an object and not only for operating on states. In this way, we attach texts to the signs on the wall and we configure altars (you will see what they are in the game).

What about if we wanted to define a more sophisticated behavior? What if we need to store some data and run a sequence of events? Memory cells are needed and we have them. Each of the two-state objects can be such a memory unit that can accept 0 or 1 value. We hide them in some inaccessible place so the player does not need to see them. Those strikethrough cells are such "memory objects". They have no special logic to them nor interaction, they cannot even be seen! They simply remember the state and can be addressed. A suitable sequence of state-transfer instructions that conditionally lock the state (change of the state is locked if a particular state occurs in another object) has given us the door, which we can open and close only a few times before they are lock for good. Nice trap, isn't it? Especially, if there is a pack of bloodthirsty creatures waiting behind the door.

Some time ago we recorded a video in which we presented our solutions. I think it will be a nice addition to the above article.

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The Lays of Althas: Sundered Order - First Look at Caves

Posted on Apr 04, 2020 02:23 by RPGWatch

[​IMG]The Lays of Althas: Sundered Order explains its take on caves and cave systems. Screenshots at the link.


A Showing of natural cave system that has been around for centuries, with only mild human modification and tunneling done in that time.

Posted by gsyoung on Mar 17th, 2020


Welcome Back, I must tell you all the tale of the caves. A natural cave system that has been around for centuries, with only mild human modification and tunneling done in that time. During the time of Althas this cave systems houses a variety of people that regularly change. One may find brigands who move north and south along the feet of the mountains outside of the Thenodar patrols. Or you may find a group of refugees, slaves and prisoners escaped from Somstrynd Clan camps. Or one may even find wildlife like bears and wolves. This is one of the ways we want to keep out game world lively and full of diversity. As each of these different resident types presents a new threat or potentially a new side-quest or mission for you to do. While we continue to work on the game we plan to have multiple caves for our Prelude release, meaning many different possibilities of unknowns as some cave may have these features.


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Unsung Story - April Update

Posted on Apr 03, 2020 14:12 by RPGWatch

[​IMG]The April update for Unsung Story goes into how the coronavirus has affected Little Orbit and has this to say about the progress of the game:


We are now fully implemented on Missions 1-3. Everything from cutscenes, gameplay, dialog, and all the classes/abilities you get at that point. We have also completed work on the Hub environment, and implemented parts of the Job Menu screen. Progression and leveling are also in, and we have a basic Battle Results screen at the end of every mission that awards XP and items. At this point, we're only missing the final intro, world map, and mission selection to round out the Start of Game experience.

Cutscene System

A lot of back-end work and collaboration with the Programming team went in this month to give Design the ability to create cutscenes that work within the already established gameplay of Unsung Story. With the current amount of cutscenes we are planning on having we needed the ability to script them together, as opposed to hand animating them or tediously calling specific basic animations (like a walk cycle) every time we needed a character to move. The team now has a customized, expandable system that will meet our needs for the rest of development.

As I said earlier, the beginning, in-game, and end cutscenes for missions 1-3 have been implemented, as a trial run for this new system and it's been wildly success so far. These cinematics have started putting together our world of Unsung Story, and it's breathed character and life into what was previously just a series of gameplay missions.

Story and Timeline Consolidation and Revision

The story meetings you heard about back in February have given the team our final version of the narrative and its main story beats, as well as how we want to get there. The narrative is the tightest and most cohesive it's been so far, and this has allowed us to really dig deep and solidify the lore and world. We sat down in March and fleshed out characters, revised the world's timeline in small ways, and identified gaps in the lore that we discovered during our story meetings. This helped us write the first pass dialogue for the first chapter, which we have implemented in missions 1 through 3.

UI/UX wireframes

While Art refines and makes the UI look better than ever, Design has also been hard at work trying to stay one step ahead to wireframe screens for core game systems. We have completed a first pass on the Job Menu and Battle Results screen, which has been sent over to Art and implemented. Work is now shifting to the Unit Recruitment menu.

Tuning of player skills and job progression

Now that the core game loop, cinematics, and main flow of the game is coming together, Design revisited the starting Jobs and their skills. All Jobs available for chapter 1 have been given another tuning, with skill progression within these jobs coming online. Before, we had a collection of skills from varying levels available to play strictly for dev testing purposes. Now QA and other players have to begin the game with the real starting units.


Itemization has started to enter the design phase, with tiers, types, and stats of items being fleshed out and designed on paper. We now have an accurate estimate on the number of weapons and items in the game, including all variants. Art has begun work on some of the weapon models and needed UI to support the item and weapon systems going in.

System design

I'm not going to go into any detail here, but throughout all the work that's been done in March, we are still designing out and having discussions on gameplay systems that will be coming online in the next few months. Some of these you have seen in updates, the ones you haven't are still in the early stages of designing and will be shared in the future once they are fully fleshed out and implemented

The update comes with several screenshots and short videos.

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Gamedec - Kickstarter Updates

Posted on Apr 03, 2020 14:12 by RPGWatch

[​IMG]There have been a few Kickstarter updates for Gamedec in the last couple of days. The ninth update is for those who like coloring. You can now download a small booklet with 4 images that you can color yourselves. You can also participate in a coloring contest. In that update there is also some information on new pledges.

The tenth update is about the Aspects game mechanic.


When we started working on Gamedec, the idea of transferring pen & paper roleplaying experience onto the computer screen was one of our most important goals. What we aimed for was simulating the fact that your character, during p&p sessions, is a work in progress, defined by choices, with character traits emerging in most unexpected situations. That's why we decided to go with the Aspects.

Aspects are elements of Gamedec's characterization that cover many different sides of a character - some of them are typical traits, some describe assets in possession of your character, Aspects can also tell you about Gamedec's background or skills. Think of them as tags, if you like.

Few of them we gain during character creation. After answering a set of questions, you are presented with a bunch of Aspects that seem to define your character best. You will gain most of them during your playthrough. Choosing a vicious answer during dialogue, or showing MacGyverish level of problem solutions will give you certain Aspects. Beware, because you may also lose an Aspect. For example: if you have the "Rich" Aspect, people from higher reaches of society will be more willing to talk with you. If you spend too much money, you will lose the "Rich" tag, and dialogue options available before will be greyed out.


The eleventh update is a shoutout to another Kickstarter game: Chinatown Detective Agency.

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Bloodlust 2: Nemesis - Released

Posted on Apr 03, 2020 01:53 by RPGWatch

[​IMG]Bloodlust 2: Nemesis has been released on Steam after some time in Early Access.


Bloodlust 2: Nemesis is a "Hack 'n Slash - Dungeon Crawling - Action RPG" experience that will allow players to explore the dark underworld of a forgotten society of Vampires and their disciplines, all while trying to solve the secrets to their bloodline's scientifically enhanced monstrous power.

"After the 'Hunter' killed an emperor to the east and destroyed an entire bloodline, the Council felt the playing field between the humans and the undead might be a little too even. They authorized the development of an experimental food source; a synthetic blood built from both alchemy and science. The project is funded and developed by the Taku Clan, under the codename NEMESIS; Neural Embryonic Morphing Experimental Synthetic Immune System something or other."

"I guess it's supposed to be better than the real thing. I don't really know... I never touched it, since I prefer my blood warm and dirty. But I've seen its strength, replicating and enhancing the cells of the undead, allowing our species to morph into even stronger creatures, making us more monstrous than we already are."

~ Vitalus, blood thirsty scavenger from the Dark City

  • Play as a Male or Female Vampire with Classes Including Witch, Thief or Warrior
  • Sire Others with your "Embrace" to Build your Family of Minions
  • Learn and Increase Vampire Disciplines, Skills, Talents and Attributes
  • Dynamic Loot and Procedurally Created Areas Create Infinite Replay-ability
  • Non-Linear World Allows Players to Follow Their Own Path and Quest Goals

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VtM: Bloodlines 2 - Side Quests and Traversal

Posted on Apr 02, 2020 07:43 by RPGWatch

[​IMG]Dev Diary #10 for Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines 2 talks about side quests and traversal.


Hello everyone!

February and March have been intense, for many reasons. Like many others in the US and around the world, the COVID-19 outbreak has changed how we work in the last few weeks. To help mitigate this unprecedented illness, our developers are all working from home. We have provided infrastructure and hardware support for that to happen, as well as provided more tools and procedures to help facilitate communication. The biggest challenge to us has been the separation. We shockingly like each other in this studio and have found it a little difficult not to be able to hang out during the week. But we also want to keep our developers and their families safe, so this is a small price to pay. The new working from home paradigm seems to be agreeing with people, and development is proceeding from the comfort of our own homes.

Speaking of which, we are seeing more and more of the game come together. On the road to "content complete" many features are getting locked including side quests, systems, and animations. We're getting to the point where the game you'll get to play at release is clearly recognizable through the construction dust.

Side quests are where you really get to meet the World of Darkness in Bloodlines 2, just like the first game. They're also one of the main rewards for stepping off the beaten path and exploring our version of Seattle. Most of our side-quests are written, scripted, and locked down in the game, and we are very excited to share them with you. The narrative design department has been hard at work making sure these side quests feel every bit as integral to the fabric of the game as the main quests.

The game grew in other ways as well. It always was central to our vision to make players feel like a vampire through gameplay. One side of it is to create this freedom in movements that a mere mortal could never experience. This led us to the decision to expand your baseline Thinblood abilities to traversal - you can use Chiropteran Glide, Mentalism Pull for specific objects or Nebulation through vents at any time, regardless of your primary Thinblood Discipline choice. We went through the game, particularly the hubs, and investigated all the ways we could make them even more exciting and seamless for you to use. These powers have been with us for a long time, and we can fully leverage their potential uses throughout all levels for puzzles, rewards, and perhaps some secrets for you to find.

We organized a mocap session in February, focusing on facial and dialogue animations. Our animation team has been polishing things like the feeding animations, combat, Discipline usage, and other vampire mainstays (no devs were hurt in the recording of this mocap session, proof in images).

Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Non-RPG General News - Mech Mechanic Simulator Announced

Posted on Apr 02, 2020 07:43 by RPGWatch

[​IMG]TechRaptor reports on the newly announced Mech Mechanic Simulator.


In 2121, the game takes place on the artificial island of Katwir, which is home to three of the world's largest and most innovative companies. Now that mechs are becoming a reality, the world is quickly becoming ruled by them. Cars are long forgotten, and the only thing that matters is mechs and how you can make money off of them. Good thing you are a mech mechanic, amirite?

As a mech mechanic, the player will be competing with the largest corporations. While doing so, they will be creating a company that will focus on deconstructing, repairing, and improving giant robots.


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Dark Souls III - Gameplay and Combat Overhaul mod

Posted on Apr 02, 2020 07:43 by RPGWatch

[​IMG]DSOGaming reports on a gameplay & combat overhaul mod called Champion's Ashes. Be careful of using it though as it could get you banned.


Again, its modding team has stated that Bandai Namco will ban you when using this mod. Therefore, you should make alternative Family Share Steam accounts. After you have set up another account, you can easily download and install the files onto your game, without fear of getting banned on your main account. You can find a guide for setting up a Family Share account here. Once Bandai Namco bans you, you can play online on the banned servers.

You can download Dark Souls 3 Champion's Ashes from here, and you can find below its main changes.


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Witcher 4 - A Prequel Starring Ciri

Posted on Apr 02, 2020 01:42 by RPGWatch

[​IMG]GamePressure reports on a rumor from a reliable source who states that the Witcher 4 will be a prequel starring Ciri.


Some few days ago, anonymous sources revealed to us the plans of the studio, and made it clear on the occasion that she was the team' favourite from the very beginning of work on W4. Reds are convinced that The Witcher must have a distinctive protagonist and Geralt's step daughter - in their opinion - is perfectly suited for this. Even if we remember about Cirilla's enormous powers, which made her an unstoppable killing machine in Wild Hunt, the devs have allegedly found a way to make it work. As the source reports, the action of the new game is supposed to take place before the events told in The Witcher 3, and that means that The Witcher 4 will be a prequel!

Let's be honest here, the idea itself sounds quite interesting. Given such a premise, the new game could not only focus more strongly on the events described in Sapkowski's books (we remind that recently both parties signed a new cooperation agreement), but also fill in the empty gaps left in Ciri's resume by the writer. Under no circumstances should we be concerned about the gameplay, as despite Ciri's aforementioned extraordinary powers and skills in wielding a sword, we could simply be developing them from zero up to the level known from The Witcher 3. Yet another interesting idea would be to lead the plot of The Witcher 4 to the starting point of Wild Hunt, including the development of her relationship with Avallac'h, but these are only our loose theories.


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