Scott Warner was one of the designers who worked on the Brothel. I asked him what the original purpose of the Brothel basement was and this is what he said (July 20, 2003);
The basement was originally (as a I remember it) an area of an intended elaborate puzzles and exposition, but as time starting running out, it was an area that we initially went choppity-chop to. However, the artist who handled that level (Chris Jones) did such a wonderful job on it that it was painful to let it go, and we (Dave) finally found a way to shove it back into the game.

When I was designing for the Brothel, I originally wanted to have characters actually taking patrons down to the basement so that we could use the level more effectively, but that proved to be beyond what we could do with the scripting language at the time (and too much lower-level work for what it would have been worth).

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