Symbol of Torment
-"The symbol that lies upon your left shoulder is the mark of torment."
-"It is *torment.* It is that which draws all tormented souls to you." Fell nods at your left arm, at your shoulder. "The flesh knows it suffers even when the mind has forgotten. And so you wear the rune always."
-"He says the mark lies upon you because the flesh *knows* that it suffers, even when the mind does not."
-Grace says softly: "Torment." She studies the symbol, then turns away, as if looking at it is painful. "Fell says..." She takes a breath. "That the flesh knows it suffers, even when the mind forgets." She looks up and meets your gaze, and her eyes are a strange shade of azure, a shade that speaks of sadness and tears. "Fell says that the rune acts like a lodestone, drawing other tormented souls to you."
-This strip of flesh holds the symbol of Torment that you have always worn; it peeled away from your arm when you realized your true name.
-Pain, Agony, Suffering, Torment. When the Rune is invoked, even the earth shall resonate its anguish. Torment of the mind. Torment of the body. Torment of the soul. All will be made clear when the Circle is drawn.

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