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Hints for Playing Torment

Posted by Chris Avellone - Black Isle Studios on Nov 28, 1999 at 13:34:39:

The team's been busting through the game over the past few weeks, and there's some common hints for some easier Torment playing we'd like to share with you so when you pick up the game, you can hit the ground running:

1. Be sure to examine *every* item you get on your inventory screen. Chances are, the description gives clues on how the item can be used effectively -- sometimes, an item's secondary power can be more useful than it's primary ability.

2. Be sure to talk to your party members once they are in your party. They can offer advice, be a good source of experience, and even train you in skills and abilities. Often, helping them with their problems can make them stronger.

The topics you can ask them about can change over time and based on what you do in the game - especially when you change your class. Chances are, any mage in your party can offer advice to your character when he becomes a mage, and the same holds true for thieves and fighters.

3. Your weapon experience is based on finding tutors and getting trained. You'll start out with moderate skill in daggers and fist weapons, but any other type of weapon you try and use will carry penalties until you can find a tutor to train you. So before you rip that heavy axe off the Mortuary wall in the hopes of cleaving some zombies, keep in mind that a dagger might help you live longer until you can find someone to train you in the axe.

4. You can RUN. Some critters can't. Use this to give them a bad day... from a distance. Running is also toggled on the Options screen, so if your thumb is about to fall off, just jump to options screen and toggle running on.

5. Some store inventories change over time depending on what you do in the game, especially the tattoo parlor and some of the weapon stores. Always head back there when you have a life-shattering event.

6. You will NEVER fail to copy a spell scroll if you can cast the spell and your Intelligence is high enough for you to learn that level of spell. This is done just to prevent reloading. However, there are a lot of spells in the game and your Intelligence determines the number of spells you can actually put in your spell book. So make sure you don't pump up your slots filled with spells unless you really want them -- or unless you have plans to raise your Intelligence later.

7. There are plenty of items and people who can give you stat points throughout the game. If a stat seems to be limiting you from doing something, try and accumulate items to pump up the appropritate stat and try again.

8. Save before talking to important NPCs -- some dialogues are more dangerous than combat, and you might want a second try at some of them.

9. There's a lot of combat in Torment, but you'll inevitably be rewarded a LOT more for not fighting in a number of situations. Don't be surprised if talking someone down or tricking them is worth three or more times what you'd get if you butchered them.

10. Torment favors role-players. Get into your character, play it to the hilt, and you'll find the game has rewards just for your type of character.

11. During initial character creation, you can't raise your stats over 18 (or in the case of strength, 18/00). When you start leveling up however and gaining more stat points, however, this cap is gone.

12. If you get stuck, read your journal -- within the journal entries are usually clues to what you can do next. If that fails, ask one of your companions what you should do next (especially Morte, Annah and Fall-From-Grace). They can help point you in the right direction.

13. Hold down the ALT key when you want to rotate your formations.

14. You can guard an area (like in Baldur's) just by selecting the shield and then dragging it out into a circle. This prevents your more over-zealous characters from running off the screen chasing a fleeing bad guy.

More Hints (collected by Sorcerer)

15. For those playing Planescape: Torment, be sure to purchase the small clockwork toy in Vrischika's Curiosity Shop in the Clerk's Ward and show it to the modrons in the Brothel of Slating Intellectual Lusts. The modrons' revelation will give you access to a brand-new dungeon and potentially a brand new party member.

16. Most of the walkthroughs on my site don't tell you what happens if you DO kill the beast from Moridor's Box on your return to Curst. The creature has 500 hit points (exactly 500) and is immune to cold and electricity. The Abysmal Fury spell has about a 1 in 3 chance of killing him outright... but if you use it you miss out on the 500,000 exp payoff you get for fighting it out. The creature leaves behind a ring called Aegis of Torment, 1000 coins and gives you 500.000 XP! The Aegis has the following stats: +3 to Con, +15 to hit points and +3 to to Armor Class.
(Thanks to Aaron Redden for this hint.)

17. Wondering what the Axe of the Jester does?


Base damage: 1-2 Slashing
Enchanted: +3
Special: see below (in parenthesis is the probability percentage of effect occuring)
THAC0: +3
Speed: 3
Weight: 2
Proficiency: Axes
Usable only by Nameless One (if fighter) and Vhailor


Wielder affected:
AC +2 (50%)
AC -3 (50%)
INT +2 (35%)
INT -1 (35%)
WIS +1 (35%)
WIS -2 (35%)
DEX -1 (35%)
CON -1 (30%)
Luck +1 (10%)
Beserk (25%)

Opponent affected:
Luck +1 (50%)
2-5 Acid damage (50%)
1-10 Cold damage (25%)
4-15 Electricity damage (13%)
2-20 Fire damage (7%)
4-25 Slashing damage (4%)
5-50 Magical damage (2%)
+1 Poison damage (25%)
Confusion (15%)

18. The Ultimate Cheater's Weapon - Spoil yourself at your own risk (Highlight the text below by dragging the mouse cursor over it)

(Unique, Artifact, Cheat)
Damage: 4-80 + 20
+20 to hit
+20 to Armor Class
Sets all Stats to 25
Weight: 0
Speed: 1
Proficiency: Edged

This unholy weapon is obviously intended for Quality Assurance to massacre any creature in their path as quickly as possible. The only way of getting it is to cheat using a hex editor.
Code for it is "EVISCERA".
(Thanks to Extremist for the last two entries).
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