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Icewind Dale II Pre-made Parties

Lady's Lament

The Lady's Lament is a group of adventurers that hails from the City of Splendors, Waterdeep. They have a reputation for being soft spoken, reserved, and somewhat melancholy. However, they are also known for championing the underdog, and often accept difficult assignments that other groups pass up. Hearing of the beleaguered town of Targos, they quickly traveled to Luskan and joined the throngs of mercenaries heading for Icewind Dale. The group is named after their leader, Sheris Lyricist.

Sisters of the Blood Moon

Drawn together under the watchful and accepting eye of Selune, more-so for their differences than similarities, the young adventuring party known as the Sisters of the Blood Moon have made it their mission to help those that are oppressed, abused, and in dire need of aid. Their leader, S'feria Ranul, a drow Silverstar of Selune who normally resides in the city of Silverymoon, gathered her adventuring sisters together one day, and presented them the note of requested aid from the troubled town of Targos. The promise of gold from Targos was not the motivating factor for the party to go and help. It was their bond and their oath to help all those who asked, and they did not hesitate to charter a ship to take the Sisters of the Blood Moon to Targos.

The Winter Rose

Named for the Frostrose, whose petals remain crimson in even the harshest climates, this fellowship is founded on the unwavering commitment to duty. Just as it is the duty of the Frostrose to keep its scarlet hue against the snow-covered wastes, so too must the fellows of the Winter Rose hold to their covenant as self-proclaimed guardians of the North.

Annals of Halgren

This weary band has sprouted up in the shadow of Halgren Death's Head, a dwarf from the Bruenghor Clan in the Sunset Mountains, a mountain range far to the south of Icewind Dale. Their leader, Halgren, seeks enough wealth so that he may erase the stain of his family name from the bloody crimes of one his ancestors, a vicious dwarf known as Kaervas. The troop gathered in Luskan barely a tenday ago. Neither evil nor especially law-abiding, the group tends to honor their word and stick to their cause, which is furthering their own name... and erase the stain from Halgren's.

The Hands of Fury

A group of unpleasant adventurers from along the Sword Coast, the Hands of Fury have a tendency to bully and brutalize people they encounter in their travels. After traveling to Luskan with a group of pirates, their planned expedition with the crew fell through. Stranded in Luskan, they decided to seek out their fortune with the packs of mercenaries sent to aid Targos. Their overbearing leader, Makados, gave the group its name.

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