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Sisters of the Blood Moon

Drawn together under the watchful and accepting eye of Selune, more-so for their differences than similarities, the young adventuring party known as the Sisters of the Blood Moon have made it their mission to help those that are oppressed, abused, and in dire need of aid. Their leader, S'feria Ranul, a drow Silverstar of Selune who normally resides in the city of Silverymoon, gathered her adventuring sisters together one day, and presented them the note of requested aid from the troubled town of Targos. The promise of gold from Targos was not the motivating factor for the party to go and help. It was their bond and their oath to help all those who asked, and they did not hesitate to charter a ship to take the Sisters of the Blood Moon to Targos.

S'feria Ranul (Chaotic Good, Female, Drow, Cleric - Silverstar of Selune): STR: 14, DEX: 12, CON: 10, INT: 12, WIS: 18, CHA: 14, Skills: Concentration (4), Diplomacy (4), Feats: Simple Weapon - Mace.

Oagla'ta (Chaotic Good, Female, Half-orc, Barbarian): STR: 20, DEX: 12, CON: 14, INT: 8, WIS: 10, CHA: 10, Skills: Intimidate (4), Feats: Martial Weapon - Axe.

Nyzeil Nighthammer (Chaotic Good, Female, Gray Dwarf, Fighter): STR: 18, DEX: 12, CON: 16, INT: 10, WIS: 12, CHA: 6, Skills: Intimidate (4), Feats: Bullheaded, Martial Weapon - Hammer.

Nevae Quar (Neutral Good, Female, Half-elf, Ranger): STR: 14, DEX: 16, CON: 12, INT: 10, WIS: 12, INT: 10, CHA: 12, Skills: Animal Empathy (4), Wilderness Lore (4), Feats: Martial Weapon - Bow.

Hylei Shadowhand (Neutral Good, Female, Rock Gnome, Illusionist): STR: 8, DEX: 14, CON: 12, INT: 18, WIS: 12, CHA: 12, Skills: Alchemy (4), Concentration (4), Hide: (2), Knowledge (Arcana) (4), Spellcraft (4), Feats: Combat Casting, Courteous Magocracy.

Kylei Shadowhand (Chaotic Good, Female, Rock Gnome, Rogue): STR: 8, DEX: 18, CON: 14, INT: 14, WIS: 10, CHA: 12, Skills: Bluff (4), Disable Device (4), Hide (4), Open Lock (4), Pick Pocket (4), Search (4), Feats: Dodge.

This isn't a proper place for a band of ladies." How many times had S'feria Ranul heard this phrase, and those like it? More than she cared to count. But those that uttered such phrases of warning knew little of S'feria, and her Sisters of the Blood Moon. Born in the Underdark city of Sshamath, but raised by Moon Elves within the surface city of Silverymoon, S'feria Ranul grew to be a sophisticated, driven, and caring priest of Selune - also known as a Silverstar of Selune. She is able to push aside most people's discriminatory comments, and change their minds in favor of acceptance and tolerance. It was these qualities, and her strength of leadership, that brought together other women of similar thinking, tenacity and strength, to form the Sisters of the Blood Moon.

Oagla'ta is a half-orc barbarian female of great size and strength, even for her male counterparts of the breed. Her female gray dwarf companion, Nyzeil Nighthammer, is equally formidable for her kind. However, neither shared the dark hearts that their heritage usually elicited. They both joined the Sisters of the Blood Moon when S'feria showed an act of kindness by interfering with the Silverymoon guards' intolerable, and discriminatory behavior towards the two women. Oagla'ta and Nyzeil are both extremely proficient with axes and warhammers, and usually exceed any male warriors of their race.

Nevae Quar is a female half-elf, a gifted archer, and a young ranger who was befriended by twin female gnomes; Hylei Shadowhand, an illusionist who favors deception over harm, and Kylei Shadowhand, a rogue with a propensity towards pick pocketing. The three women had a chance meeting with S'feria and her troupe when S'feria, Oagla'ta and Nyzeil were ambushed by a dozen goblins in the forest outside of Silverymoon. Nevae and her friends did not hesitate to help the ambushed women when they came upon them. Thanks to Nevae and the Shadowhand twins, the battle was over before it really had a chance to begin, much to the disappointment of Oagla'ta and Nyzeil. However, S'feria was enthralled with how well all the women worked together in the battle with the goblins, and knew that the Sisters of the Blood Moon would be complete with Nevae and the Shadowhand twins - who were overjoyed at the chance of joining an official adventuring party.

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