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Icewind Dale II Solution
by Modjahed

A few words from the author:

I will strongly advise you to beat the game on your own before you read this, otherwise you might ruin the fun of playing an RPG - the whole thing is an entire SPOILER.

While Icewind Dale I was mainly a dungeon crawl with little quests and NPC interaction, IWD2 has a good measure of quests and riddles that need to be solved; making different choices will affect the outcome of a particular quest or even of a game in a whole. Still IWD2 has retained a lot of combat.
This solution will deal mainly with the game's quests, and I will not focus on combat tactics.

Unlike BG2, IWD2 is much more linear, and you can just complete the quests one after another in a natural fashion (at least in the first chapters).

ARXXXX is the area code of the described area, and the number in parenthesis (XXXX,XXXX) is the X and Y coordinates of the object described. This info is obtainable in the game by pressing X.

In IWD2 it is important, which of your characters speaks to an NPC, because the dialogue options depend on different skills. In the solution, to save time, I will write "you" instead of "the character that initiates the dialogue with an NPC". It means that if you have a character with a diplomacy skill, and this skill is important for a conversation, you should start the dialogue with that exact character.

Now, lets get to the solution itself: Download (Last update: 02/11/02)

Current Status & Updates:

1. 02.09.2002 - Prologue covered.
2. 04.09.2002 - Good path for Chapter 1 covered, minor notes added to the Prologue.
3. 14.09.2002 - Complete walkthrough of Chapter 2 added, minor changes made and notes added to Prologue, minor notes added to Introduction and Chapter 1.
4. 19.09.2002 - Chapter 3 covered, a few notes added to Chapter 2.
5. 04.10.2002 - Chapter 4 added, MAJOR update of previous chapters - info added and changed in every chapter from Prologue to Chapter 3.
6. 02.11.2002 - Added two important notes in the introduction, Chapter 5 covered, fixed typos in the Prologue, added non-random items for both Normal and HoF modes (Pr, Ch 4 and Ch 5 for now).

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