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Icewind Dale II Solution by Bartholomew


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Welcome to the Icewind Dale II Online Solution. If you are playing Icewind Dale II and finding it hard to complete any of the quests or maps, this solution should provide all the answers you need. If you are just looking for general information about Icewind Dale II, read on for an introduction to the unique story, setting and characters of this stunning game. There will be no spoiler alerts, so that you can find the help you need with any given area or quest as quickly as possible. Proceed at your own risk if you don't want to spoil any surprises! Not every item, or opportunity for experience points, will be captured here, but if you think an important item or quest has been omitted, please use the Boards o' Magick Private Messaging system to send your comments directly to the authors.

At present, this is a work in progress. As the section for each new area and quest is completed, it will be posted immediately so that the solution will continue to grow at a steady pace. Check back on a regular basis for the next stage of the adventure! All additions and changes to the solution will be logged in the Solution Update section.

This solution may not be reproduced, in whole or in part, without the written permission of the author and of www.sorcerers.net.



All maps in this solution are screen captures. Click on the image of the map to see an enlarged version in a new window. Maps of the interior of buildings such as shops, houses, taverns etc will not appear in this solution unless the layout of the building is relevant to the resolution of a quest.


The authors of this walkthrough - sharing the single profile Bartholomew - can be contacted by private messaging or e-mail (bartholomew); or, you can post your questions and comments directly to the IWDII forum of the message boards and we will respond as soon as possible.

This solution has been produced by Bartholomew Scribes, Inc., a privately owned corporation providing communications and technical writing services. All staff writers are highly knowledgeable, educated to Masters' level or beyond, and skilled at communicating business and technology concepts to diverse audiences. Subject matter expertise is the BSI difference, ensuring prompt delivery of concise, readable documentation that meets all the needs of the target audience.

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