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Icewind Dale II Bonus & Coll. Ed. Merchants
by Taluntain

Technically, there are supposed to be two merchants available only to those people who have installed either the bonus CD that came with the EB store version of Icewind Dale II, or with the Collector's Edition of the game only available from Interplay's store. Later it has been established that the Tower Store merchant (see description below) is available even in the normal versions of the game, so the only thing left that is of interest and not attainable normally is the Avarine Decanter.

Tower Store

To find the new store, head to the town of Kuldahar. There you will see a tower in the northwest corner of the map. After entering the tower, you will go into dialogue with an NPC. After you finish this dialogue, go to the air elemental in the the western part of the room. He has all of the unique items for sale, except for one...

The Avarine Decanter

In the Wandering Village, you will meet up with an NPC named Nym. Nym has the Avarine Decanter for sale in his store. It is a very unique item, but it is up to you to decipher its mysteries.

So, how to enable the extra merchants for those that don't have the EB or Collector's Editions versions of the game? The solution was discovered by Modjahed, our team member, and is the following:

1. Enable the cheat console using the Icewind Dale II configuration program.
2. Press CTRL + TAB in-game to open the game console.
3. Type in ctrlaltdelete:setglobal("IWD2_BONUS_PACK","GLOBAL",1) and hit Enter.

This will enable Nym in the Wandering Village to sell you the Avarine Decanter.

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