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Dwarf Soundset by Frank M. (Submitted) 1.2MB Download
Sounds in this soundset were taken from the game Warcraft 3.
Banzai Soundset by Frank M. (Submitted) 128kb Download
Sounds in this soundset were taken from some game the author once had, possibly called Lamentation Sword or something weird like that. The soundset is best used for a completely insane character, like a mad raving monk. Extra fun if you don't speak Chinese (Japanese?).
Superfly Johnson Soundset by Frank M. (Submitted) 2.8MB Download
Sounds in this soundset were taken from the game Daikatana, from the character named Superfly Johnson. Typically suited for a good-natured, loyal fighter.
Elven Wizard Soundset by $ilvershield (Submitted)
3.3MB Download

These sounds were taken from Blizzard’s Warcraft III (The Frozen Throne) from various elven characters in the game, the Human Priest and Spell Breaker in particular, for use in BGII (or ToB). There are files for every sound required. This soundset works best with a PC who's got a taste for magic, though it would work just as well for any fighting protagonist! This character probably leans more towards a good nature though, chaotic even.

Yulaw (Jet Li) Voice Pack by Funsch (Submitted)
2.8MB Download

Jet Li as Yulaw, Gabe Law, Lawless and whatever Law sounds from "THE ONE" movie. Yulaw's alignment is Chaotic Evil, Gabe Law is Neutral Good, Lawless is probably Chaotic Evil and the other laws are up to you to decide.

Ulysses Everett McGill Voice Pack by Caradhras (Submitted)
871kb Download

This set uses sound clips from Ulysses Everett McGill played by George Clooney in the movie 'O'Brother Where Art Thou'. The set is appropriate for a roguish character and especially a Bard or any humorous, good natured, loud mouthed, charismatic protagonist obsessed with his hair.

Jack Sparrow Voice Pack by Caradhras (Submitted)
759kb Download

This set uses sound clips from Captain Jack Sparrow (portrait included), played by Johnny Depp in the movie 'Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl'. The set is appropriate for a roguish character and especially a Swashbuckler (even a dual classed one) or any light-hearted, easygoing, charming protagonist.

Nicko McBrain Voice Packs by Susipaisti (Submitted)
Varies Download: 1, 2

These are nutty mumblings and jumblings from the Iron Maiden drummer Nicko McBrain. The first set is mostly incoherent, humorous ramblings suitable for a loony male character, while the second set makes a bit more sense and fits a male character with a sound mind but a strange sense of humor. Thief skill related sounds are not included.

Metallica Voice Pack by Disciple of The Watch (Submitted)
2MB Download

This is a soundset made from various albums (Kill 'em All, Ride The Lightning, Master of Puppets, ...And Justice For All, The Black Album, Garage Inc.) and from a two-CD bootleg recorded during a show in Quebec.

Soul Calibur 2 Voice Pack by Freedan the Eternal (Submitted) 4.7MB Download

A collection of various SC2 soundsets:

- Ivy - "It's time to die."
Good for any quick to kill female PC. Particularly good for evil ones, though.
- Nightmare - "Shatter! Suffer! Die!"
Good for just about any evil male PC.
- Cervantes - "I will burn you to ashes!"
Good for any fanatical evil male PC, particularly for a mage.
- Rapheal - "No problem! This is all part of my plan!"
Good for the calmer, calculating evil PC. Also works for a really hardass good PC.
- Taki - "I'm through with words!"
Good for any good female PC. The tough girl with a soft heart.
- Cassandra - "Here I come!"
Good for any quick to fight female PC.
- Sophitia - "I didn't want to fight."
Perfect for a peace loving cleric or priest.
- Mitsarugi - "Fine. I accept your challenge!"
Works for any warrior type, though seems to be best with a paladin.
- Yunsung - "I can't wait to take you down!"
Good for a quick to fight male PC. Very energetic.
- Kilik - "No use in talking, huh? Fine!"
Good for a peaceful warrior type.

The Lord of the Rings Movie Voice Packs by dreary_epiphany (Submitted) Varies Download below

Six soundsets (portraits also included) using the voices of some of the main characters from The Lord of the Rings movie. The author submitted these because he thought it would be fun to play through Baldur's Gate II with a full six-person party that looks and sounds like it came from the films.

Download: Aragorn (9MB), Arwen (8.7MB), Frodo (7.4MB), Gandalf (9.8MB), Gimli (12.7MB), Legolas (9.1MB).

Worms Armageddon Voice Pack by Goro Nyudo (Submitted) 4.7MB Download
The samples for these soundsets were taken from the game Worms Armageddon. The original samples converted are: Angry scots, Cad, Drill Sergeant, Wacky and Whoopsie. Be warned that it could instill critical laughter and will sound extremely weird on a paladin or... an half-orc!
Rewdalf Voice Pack by Loki Nightflame (Submitted) 6.8MB Download
A voicepack consisting of sounds from the trash-talking midget Rewdalf (pronounced exactly how it looks) from the computer game Bandits: Phoenix Rising. A scottish voice the author found worked best with either an elf or a half-elf, or a halflnig with attitude. There's no swearing, except a 'bloody' in one line, and 'crap' in many more...
Hudson Voice Pack by Khufu (Submitted) 1.8MB Download
This set uses sound clips from the movie 'Aliens', in which Hudson (played by Bill Paxton in his most memorable role) is the comic relief soldier who gets all the best lines. The set is appropriate for a fighter or thief-type character, or any sarcastic, humorous protagonist. A few of the files use sounds from other Aliens characters, mainly Cpl. Hicks (played by Michael Biehn) and Pvt. Vasquez (played by Jeanette Goldstein).
Icewind Dale Voice Pack Converter by Greystar (Submitted) 11kb Download
This program will convert all Icewind Dale I or II's character voice packs to Baldur's Gate 2's formats (IWD1/2 and BG2 must be installed first).
Crypt Lord Voice Pack by Lord Prashant (Submitted) 2.1MB Download
This soundset is made from the sounds used in Blizzard's Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne (the Undead Cryptlord, Anu'barak and the Hero Crypt Lord) and is best used for male fighters, but can be used by nearly anyone. Mage lacks sound files, however.
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