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Relevant to the NWN Final Version, cont.

Stewie Soundset 4.6MB Download (Ext.)
This is a soundset based on Stewie from Family Guy. contains the sounds, and the dialog.tlk is optional - it contains the written versions of Stewie's ramblings.
Sander Philipse Soundset Collection 34.2MB Download (Ext.)
Includes: Annah (PS:T), Dak'kon (PS:T), Edwin (BG1/2), Edwina (BG2), Male Fighter 5 (IWD2), Morte (PS:T), Minsc (BG1/2), Vhailor (PS:T), Xan (BG1).
NWN Tool 1.1MB Download (Ext.)
NWN Tool is a MacOS X and Windows Application which lets you do various things on Neverwinter Nights' files (modules, haks, .erf files and .nwm files):

- show information on the file
- edit the different conversations
- edit the different Journal entries
- edit the different Creatures name and description
- edit the different Area names
- edit the different Item name and descriptions
- export all the different strings in a Text file, to let you edit them and reimport them back with the changes
- localize all these strings for specific languages, using the Export/Import feature
- edit a character (.bic) file
- view and export all the minimaps of a given module
- export a character (.bic) file to a text file, based on user-customizable export template file
- minimaps of the NWN campaigns are viewable/exportable

Leto 1.69 4.3MB Download (Ext.)
An application particularly useful for server admins and players of single player modules, as it allows users to view and edit virtually every aspect of NWN characters. Whether fixing descriptions, viewing XP totals, adding wings, or changing the colours of equipped armour on characters in a saved game, Leto makes it all possible.
Wild Shape Hack 9kb Download (Ext.)
When you use 'Wild shape' with a druid, you can choose to change into a certain creature. The author changed it so you will change into *MUCH* cooler creatures then the normal ones: Badger=Wererat, Wolf=Werewolf, Panther=Werecat, Bear=Yuan-Ti, Boar=Penguin. To install, just place the file into your Override folder. Remember to backup the original Polymorph.2da file in case you want to use the normal one again.
NWN OC Chapter Unlocker by Team Fairlight 40kb Download
This program will unlock all OC chapters and allow you to jump into any of them when starting a new game.
Money Trainer by diVine 3kb Download
As you would except, this dirty little cheating tool will enable you to bathe in gold pieces. Figuratively, of course. Please note that the trainer might not work with the official patches installed.
Henchman Inventory & Battle AI 975kb Download (Ext.)
This highly configurable modification of NWN improves the intelligence of friends and foes, both inside and outside battle. The mod works with or without the expansions. You can use it to play the Official, SoU, and HotU campaigns, as well as compatible fan-made modules. Prominent features are: 1) Improved battle tactics for all NPCs, especially with regard to weapon switching and spell casting; 2) Random roaming capability for monsters in the module; 3) Access to the inventory of familiars and animal companions; 4) Improved yet still legal feats and spell selection for the six standard OC henchmen; 5) More useful behavior (buffing, item-gathering) for henchmen outside battle. Most features can be turned on or off during installation.
Familiar Replacement Pack 161kb Download (Ext.)
A replacement for the imp, bat, raven, panther and pixie familiars. These familiars get additional powers and feats as they level up.
Auldar's Henchman Replacement Pack 218kb Download (Ext.)
The author made changes to all OC henchmen - Sharwyn, Daelan, Boddyknock, Grimgnaw, Tomi and Linu's feat, spell and skill selections. Sharwyn, Boddyknock and Linu can now cast the Summon line of spells, as well as other significant changes.
Opaque Blue or Brown Ingame Menus 8kb Download (Ext.)
These files will make the ingame menus appear opaque with either a blue or brown scheme.
Epic Difficulty 12kb Download
The pack contains 7 files which can boost all monster stats by 4-30, depending on which file you choose to install. This should keep those who think that NWN is too easy even on the most difficult setting on their toes.
Samurai Character Class 1.7MB Download (Ext.)
This is a new character class, the Samurai. Currently hak packs do not correctly take precedence with 2da files, so they are inserted as overrides. They were tested pretty extensively and should not cause harm to your NWN game. This is all new content, not overwrites, so you should have no trouble with existing characters and such.
The DM's Helper 35kb Download (Ext.)
The DM's Helper is a fan created tool designed to assist Neverwinter Nights Dungeon Masters. It is capable of many functions that are not provided by default in the DM Client and should be an invaluable tool for any DM. It selects its functions based on the target chosen (Player, Creature, Door, Object, None) and presents conversation options to the DM for its interface.
Soundset File Editor by DDraigcymraeg 20kb Download
An editor used for editing/creating Soundset (Voiceset) .ssf files.
NWN Viewer by Zoligato 1MB Download
This program allows you to extract and preview some file formats from the final version of Neverwinter Nights. Note that this is *not* a cheating tool, you cannot change anything with this program.
NWN Packer by Zoligato 309kb Download
This program allows you to pack, unpack and edit MOD, ERF, and HAK files.
DialogTLK 100kb Download (Ext.)
This is an editor for the dialog.tlk file in NWN. It differs from others by allowing the user to load/store only the changes needed to display the desired strings. This allows quick restoration of the file when patches overwrite your changes.
NWN TLK Editor 72kb Download (Ext.)
This utility will help you to edit the dialog.tlk file which contains the texts found in the game. You can create new texts or you can modify the existing ones with this utility. For example: you can add new spell names, spell descriptions, etc.
Hakedit 52kb Download (Ext.)
A command-line hak-editing utility. For now it just puts HAKs together and takes them apart, allowing you to pack, unpack, add and remove files from HAK archives.
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