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Tricks & Hidden Stuff

NOTE: Press the L key while playing to see the coordinates of your mouse (x, y). Then move your mouse to get the exact location of the items.

Crazy Mage

If you want a good fight you can go to the temple in Nashkel and look at one of the tombstones (X: 2924, Y: 1284). Every time you do this a mage will appear and if you do it 3 times he will summon some Phoenix Guards. Warning! When you kill a Phoenix Guard they will explode like a fireball. The reward for the fight is not big though, 100 exp for every guard and the only stuff the mage has on him is some money (not much).

Export Trick

We all know about the export cheat, but this makes it even better. Take your character to the training episode in the first scene (you are approached for a training opportunity by someone near where you meet your "father"). Go in and begin the battle. Instead of fighting, select the characters (right click) you are given to control and begin transferring their inventory to yourself. Keep the battle going until you have all you want. Don't exit or you will lose it all; instead, select your character while still in the training area and export him/her. Begin a new game and import your character. All the inventory is still there!

*** Ring of Wizardry ***

Map: Friendly Arm Inn

Coordinates: x = 2552, y = 3760 (if you have the patch installed, the ring won't be there)

Effect: Doubles the amount of spells a mage can memorize

Another ring of wizardry can be found in the city of Baldur's Gate. It is on a mage on the same map as the Flaming Fist headquarters in a house in the southwest corner. Be prepared for a tough fight when you enter, but the reward is worth it!

*** Ankheg Armor ***

Map: Nashkel

Coordinates: x = 186, y = 2744, AR4800

Effect: Armor Class 1 and weight of only 25.

*** Wand of Frost ***

Map: Nashkel Mines

Coordinates: x = 165, y = 177

Effect: creates a column of Ice

Damage: 8D6 (save vs wands for half)

Range: 100

Area: 1 Creature

*** Ring of Protection +1 ***

Map: 1 map south of the Friendly Arm Inn

Coordinates: x = 1004, y = 1114

Effect: Armor Class + 1 Bonus and Saving Throws +1 Bonus

*** Ring of Fire Resistance ***

Map: 1 map east of Nashkel

Coordinates: x = 1955, y = 2372

Effect: Fire Resistance +40% (+ a star saphire (1000 gold) and another gem)

*** Scroll of Cloudkill and Chromatic orb ***

Map: 1 map east of the Nashkel Mines

Coordinates: x = 1793, y = 414

Effect: 2 nice spells (level 1 and level 5)

*** Gauntlets of Weapon Skill ***

Map: Near the Umberlee Temple in Baldur's Gate city (in a crate)

*** Cloak of Protection +2 ***

Map: Candlekeep Crypt, Southwest of the empty room

*** Ioun Stone of Luck (joke) ***

Map: 1 map west of Nashkell

How to get it: Kill the squirrel on one map to the west of Nashkel. (Kill every squirrel you meet, one of them will be carrying it.)

Effect: +1 Luck

*** Algernon's Cloak ***

Map: Beregost, Feldepost Inn, first floor.

How to get it: Pickpocket the fat guy. Yes, his name is Algernon.

Effect: It will give you +2 Charisma if you wear it, but it also gives you a special ability. You can charm anyone at any time by clicking on the special abilities button and then on the cloak. Especially early in the game, when you don't have the charm spell yet, you will be able to make good use of it. You can use the charm spell on enemies (some have resistance) and they'll fight on your side then for a while. Especially when fighting those annoying sirenes at the lighthouse area, the charm spell is very useful, simply cast it on on of the carrion crawlers by the coast and you can let them attack the sirenes.

They won't cast invisibility nor try to charm any of your party members if you keep distance. Even if you have the charm spell already, this cloak will help you out too. Beware: When you use charm on someone, you're sometimes not able to talk to a neutral person in a game. There is no way to remedy this, so talk first, charm later.


A tome will raise your stats by 1 point permanately

To use it, place it in your quick item slot and then (in-game), use the tome to get the benefit. The tome will be consumed.

*** Tome of Dexterity ***

- It's in a barrel behind Black Lily in the Thieves' Guild in Baldur's Gate.

*** Tome of Constitution ***

- It's on the lighthouse screen, in a cave behind the last sirens (on a strange coloured kind of sand, very yellow).

*** Tome of Wisdom ***

- It's on a priestess in Tymora's Temple in Baldur's Gate. Another can also be found in a tomb in Candlekeep.

*** Tome of Charisma ***

- It's in one of the three caves under the Gnoll Fortress.

*** Tome of Strength ***

- It's in a tomb in Candlekeep.

*** Tome of Intelligence ***

- It's in a bookcase on the top level of the mage Ramazith's tower in Baldur's Gate.
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